Legal Protection

Environment and its legal protection the concern of the human being with its quality of life and the protection of the environment currently only received mere importance ahead of the catastrophes that come happening. In accordance with the studies carried through for Jean Dorst (1914, p.113-114), ' ' it can evidence that each time more clearly the activities human beings are harming our proper species …. the auto man if poisons, in the literal meaning of the term, the air that breathes, to the water of the rivers and the ground of its culturas' '. As a survey made in all the continents referring to the cooperation between itself in this subject, the Doctor Michel Beaud (1993, p.11) observed that ' ' the humanity indissociavelmente is joined and at the same time deeply divided. Joined search exchange of ideas, information, images and divided she increases the inaqualities, conflicts and rejeies' '. Richard Blumenthal contributes greatly to this topic. Thus being able to notice that it is almost impossible to have a bigger cooperation between the individuals, still more when the subject is half environment, therefore is of the same that in great majority it removes raw material to manufacture products and consequentemente to get profits. knowing that we live in a capitalist society, the great industries never would go to want to make something that came to harm its capital, giving little or no attention to the environment. The first public manifestation on the environment was made by Jose Bonifcio de Andrade and Silva, in 1815, where it affirmed that ' ' if the navigation (in that period) aviventa the commerce and the farming, cannot have navigation without rivers, cannot have rivers without sources, does not have sources without rains, does not have rain without humidity, does not have humidity without floresta' '. Thus being able to notice that since then a same concern that with the environment was had primitive, but it was not enough, therefore one was we would not be facing the current situation.

Brazilian Discrimination

The process of the exclusion strong and is catalyzed by intolerncia and ojeriza to the difference and diversity, the recognition of this deficit of social support reveals necessary stops with the Brazilian black community. The inclusion of these individuals in the context and the daily dynamics of the social one is imperative. The examination of conscience and reflection that must be considered the society is delineated by the necessity to assent space to that they had not had, does not have and probably they will not have supplied, the necessities most basic so that thus it can be defined as individual that is truily, intellectually and worthy equal to excessively. The equality that if speaks is not the deed of division, consecrated in the Federal Constitution, but the proper constitutional command of if materializing the effective equality. Material equality, distributive justice (that it shares chances) capable to revert, in the plan of the facts, the effect gifts of a past discrimination and so evidenced it ties today. It is not simply to grant to benefits the definitive group, in a species of ' ' discrimination positiva' ' , more to guarantee the proper constitutional text and the dignity of the person human being. Mechanism of inclusion for such effect can be defined as affirmative actions.

The affirmative actions can be appraised as being: politics public (and also private) directed to the neutralization of the effect of the racial discrimination, sort, age, national origin and physical compleio, aim at to not only fight the manifestations discrimination instants, but also the cultural, structural, taken root deep discrimination of in the society. This effective equality appears in some forms modalities as the racial quotas in the ingression to superior education. It guarantees superior education to the black population, that in its immense majority, is poor and it does not have access to the education of quality base.

Government Laws

If the Caologia shows to a private order the governartudo, why the human chaos would not have also an underground Government in the command? When we enter emconflito with an adversary most prepared, it is easy to foresee that the resultadono will be favorable, and that is obvious excessively to deserve greaters commentaries. Damesma forms, when an entire world, all subdivided in fragile nations edesesperadas before the strange noises quevm of deep of the centuries (as in the poem of Matos Coast) and before ausnciade the solutions that do not bring other problems, if debate against an enemy fortee disfarado well, is arrived the hour to stop to reflect. The daily pay-existence dosarsenais superior and of the best ways of detention of ours ‘ ‘ potencialidadesblicas’ ‘ , increased of the previous examination of the conception of each intrauterine life, defato grants ‘ ‘ to the other lado’ ‘ all the advantages in the great conflict. Perhaps check out Amazon for more information. ahumanidade then would walk accurately for where it walked, i., for the atualestado one of things, of the fragility, the not-happiness and the not-solution. However nothing that sediga of ‘ ‘ vantagens’ ‘ of the other it will be able to surpass the old strategy, denounced portodos the Christians, of the capacity of if making occult or, more still, of the efetivadescrena that promote in relation to its proper existence, cumprindoexemplarmente cartilha of the tactics of war in its more decisive item: ‘ ‘ to never leave the victim to distrust that possuainimigos, leaving it to live a false peace and until the pride of its defesas’ ‘. With effect, to discredit that he is being attacked or same that exists uminimigo it is the supreme guarantee of the victory, in any type of war (that the former-combatants of the Vietnam odigam). The reality then would mainly noseria almost nothing of what we imagine, in our optimistical dreams more belose.

Totalitarian State Conception

' Totalitarian state: Conception of the term in Hannah Arendt and its relation with others autores' '. The Totalitarian State occupied a special place in the circles and the quarrels of social sciences during century XX. To understand its formation, historians, philosophers, sociologists, anthropologists, economists, had dedicated to its studies to this type of organization politics, have seen that this if expanded for some countries, having some sources in its constitution, differentiated one of the other. The example of this, we have the classic example of Nazism and the Bolchevismo, that Hannah Arendt studied and left exaltado in its book ' ' Origins of the Totalitarismo' ' (1951). In this workmanship cousin on the functioning of the Totalitarianism, according to author, the Totalitarian State is constituted of two basic pillars: the territorial Imperialism and the Anti-semitism. Still in accordance with as xenophobia racial hatred and, aspects, chaste Arendt preconception if constitute in instruments of vital importance for maintenance of the absolute power.

Norberto Bobbio (1983) defines the Totalitarianism as a form of new domination, because it is not only limited in destroying the life politics of the man, but yes its institutions and its capacity of affirmation in the society, isolating it, being submitted its will. The destruction of the capacity politics of the man must, among others factors, to the intense ideological propaganda where the population of the Totalitarian State was inserted (Nazismo and Bolchevismo) and also to the use of the terror, that the destruction of opponents intensifies, therefore taking advantage the fear in the society, each citizen if would become a member in potential of the system. Being thus, to see itself free of a possible persecution on the part of the repressive agencies, they finish for exposing any type of situation that can be considered conspiracy suspicion. The fear, therefore, becomes a constant element, eliminating morally and socially the population, that is at the mercy of of state agencies of the benevolence of the dictator.

Legislative Executive

In this century after-modern all we are called to carry out a serious and engaged profetismo with the life in all the scopes: ambient, social, cultural, spiritual, economic, politician and human being. We as not only Christian or of any another denomination religious-spiritual more also as citizens () pertaining to the great community which are it City, the State or Country we must play the functions that fit in them in uncurling of the common good so that all have life in abundance. Richard Blumenthal is likely to agree. We cannot more to each year that if passes in the natalinas parties, of new year or in other commemorative festividades to continue festejando in our small groups whereas hungry, needy, ill, illiterate bigger groups of is begging for plates of foods, remedies, shelters, leves of periodical or of cardboard to pass the night in the mortal cold that devastates its lives, therefore, we must develop projects of social transformation and not to play role of good samaritanos distributing basic baskets contributing with a cheap assistencialismo that contribute very little or in nothing stops with that he is in situation of life risk passing for necessities. It makes if necessary and is question ethical of urgency urgentssima in to withhold them on what it is basic to construct the true prespio of Christ in a society in which where all can live with dignity, that all can have access the health, education, the family, housing, the reading, to the leisure, to and the just worthy work, income generation so that they can be citizens and to play its citizenship taking care of and watching over of the community for the good of all.. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

Portuguese People

I found coarse very of the part of it, but, without shade of doubts, its sufficiently true words had demonstrated to be face to the existence of a teratolgica complexity to choose – currently – a good candidate. I can perceive that the constant denunciations of frauds, corrupes, shunting lines of mounts of money, tax evasions etc. involving the name of politicians leaves the stuned population, without many alternatives This is one laments, but it is the real photograph of our insolvent debtor system politician. In this very to divagar in the complexity politics, I remembered some politicians of my native torro Without shade of doubts, simply mercenary. Amazon understands that this is vital information. Capable people of vender the mother and more a little to remain in the politics. We know, and this is not newness, to exist politicians who in four years of government conquest the confidence of the people through its form to manage the public thing and for the way of if carrying ahead of the problems of the society. Already they have others exempts me to God! that in the first year of government (is enough the first year) already it shows so that came: to destroy with the society, to envergonhar the people and to banalizar the system politician. He cannot say itself in a Public Civil action that its name is in the passive polar region. s on the topic..

He is male defendant in whom it is action, and exactly thus, in the following election, with the greater ' ' face lavada' ' it one more time appears of good boy in the photo, asking for its reliable vote, for ' ' to work for sociedade' '. Which society! In the truth, this politician is a joke, not to arranhar my Portuguese I had the displeasure to know one politician of this laia. It did not make nothing for the population. . If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Richard Blumenthal.

Center Rio

After that, 14.78% and 13.85%, respectively in the regions South and North. It is also examined that, 55.86%, that is, 12,211 EES had come out in the domestic territory from years 2000 until the year of 2007, thus perceiving a growth in the order of 4.798 enterprises in relation to the previous period (SENAES/SIES, 2007). In this last period, the Northeast region, with 38,90% continues leading the EES creation. In sequncia, it is had: Southeast (22.24%); South (17.59%); North (10.68%) and Center-West (10.59%). Table 1 – Amount of EES for date of creation (in absolute numbers) Creation of the EES/per decade Center Region decade 1900020136 decade 1910010203 decade 192001011113 decade 1930 18041225 decade 19400704314 decade 195001556632 decade 19603308203091 decade 19702395233236209 decade 19801567631862262301,561 decade 1990 7033.7151.0278711.0977.413 decade (partial) 2000 up to 2007 1.2934.7501.3042.7162.14812.211 did not inform 311021022917281 total 2.2109.4982.6563.9123.58321.859 Source: RANGEL (2010). Extracted data of the SENAES/SIES (2007). It is important to recognize in this study, the first experiences identified in the Brazilian territory.

It has a century more than, the precursory states had been Rio Grande of the North (01 EES) and Paran (01 EES) in 1901; Rio Grande Do Sul (02 EES) in 1902 and Pernambuco (01 EES) Minas Gerais (01 EES) in 1903. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Amazon. It enters the years of 1910 and 1950, 87 autogestionrias companies had emerged in the country and the biggest manifestation of these initiatives if it shows in the states of the Rio Grande Do Sul (19 EES), Rio De Janeiro (13 EES), Alagoas, Pernambuco and Rio Grande of the North (7 EES) in each one of these, totalizing 53 EES. In the state of So Paulo, particularly, the city of Mirandpolis in 1935 was the precursor as for the solidary economy. It enters the decades of 1960 and 1970, distributed between 30% and 70%, respectively, 300 EES had emerged. Of the totality of the participants of the solidary economy in Brazil, the percentages of 38,25 and 32,14 (the greaters) can be observed in the regions Northeast and South, respectively.

Politically Correct Language Serves

For his Secretary, Dario Villanueva, any change in the diccionario de la lengua has many implications. RAE creates a unit to channel criticism and proposals. Sen. Sherrod Brown is likely to agree. If deemed appropriate, they will be studied and incorporated into the digital edition. The 23rd edition of the dictionary, which will be published in the autumn of 2014, will include terms from the field of computer science, as the tablet. The Royal Spanish Academy has created a unit to channel criticism and proposals related to the dictionary, which will be studied immediately and incorporated into the digital edition, if deemed appropriate.

But no one required by political correctness, because it will not be at all. The dictionary cannot be politically correct because language serves to love, but also to insult. Connecticut Senator wanted to know more. Can not delete the words we use when we get angry, or when we are unjust, arbitrary or scoundrels, stated in an interview with the Secretary of the Real Academia Espanola (RAE), Dario Villanueva. That unit, whose e-mail address is, is interactive and will have a specific place in the new portal will open in the next few months the Academy. Meanwhile, the proposals that we receive to improve the dictionary will be handled. Any speaker is an authority for us, in the sense that can appreciate in the DRAE missing things or sobran others, said the Secretary, who cited as an example the criticisms sent by a Colombian who lives in Australia on the word shampoo, defined as lotion, when it really is a SOAP. This lady had every reason in the world, and we have taken to revise the words related, such as SOAP, lotion or gel. The definition of shampoo will be changed at the 23rd edition of the dictionary, which will be published in the autumn of 2014, as a finale of the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the Real Academia Espanola.

How Long You Remain In The Breach Between The Attachment And Indifference

Between the attachment and indifference a time interval exists, to this you determine it lapse your, and your permanence in that lapse will establish your degree of infelicidad and suffering, therefore at least time you last in that interval, but happiness you would experiment. In they indicate us to the buddhism that all the human suffering comes from desire, of the attachment to the things, to determined situations, expectations that we put in the results, therefore they invite to us to desapegar, to loosen to us, and to live in here and now. In my particular life I am observed when I am become attached, obstinate, to a result in particular, and state like, that, in a certain time interval generates state of tension and stress, therefore suffering, and at that precise moment beginning to work with the emotion that has untied because of a determined stimulus, to loosen but the soon possible attachment and to remain but short lapse within that breach that causes to pain and suffering to me. The pain, the suffering and the attachments generally are inevitable human situations and necessary, for our growth, for our sensitivity, but I try in the measurement of my possibilities of desapegar as rapidly as possible and of releasing me of the fastenings of the pain and the suffering to me that come to want to control to the others, to maintain expectations on results in our projects, desires to be right on a certain subject and incapacity to accept the facts and the reality among others. We are sensible, vulnerable human beings therefore the attachment and the addictions comprise of our weaknesses, we have attachment to our children, pair, friendly, pleasures, to the money, the food, among others, that is very normal, the problem resides in our incapacity to loosen, to give off to us and that process of liberation lasts long time, then our degree of infelicidad as the Buddhists say is immense. I am not Buddhist, I am catholic Christian, but it enchants to me to learn of all the philosophies and religions, they can contribute interesting insaigh to us to solve our daily subjects, like for example the pain and the suffering that long time produces remaining crying before a door that or hill, or as says that way, you do not cry by spilled milk! In aim we observe how long we remain clogged between the attachment and indifference and try to surpass it and to integrate it but the soon possible thing, because our health, peace, effectiveness and happiness reside in this emotional liberation, that allows us to leave the breach and to continue walking placidly on the existential route..


But if this instability then follows (in the financial sector) is He begins to get the other side of the watermelon. And there are going to affect: production, employment, and income of people Jaime.-do you believe that the companies have not yet have decided to defer investment or purchasing decisions? Jorge.-I’ve been in a meeting yesterday. There will suddenly be entrepreneurs who may be doing it; but I don’t think that it is still massive. I think that people will enter in a bar waiting, but there has to be clarity therefore effectively in thinking of things that are going to do, because today’s truth, rumors are Jaime everywhere. People are starting, as that is fed back. And this happens when there is no information. Then they have to do two candidates, is convey clear information, if it can be accurate, in high point.

For example: what causes tremendous uncertainty is: do I go to change the Constitution? Because that is very serious. Second: the side of a Congress, you going I put a constituent Assembly? It is very serious, because there it will not having power. Hence it will not be Government. Third: do you me to nationalize companies get started? Then on that type of materials and more, I think that there has to be a precinct but very clear Jaime-such measures are effectively in Government of Ollanta Humala’s plan. The issue is that you would have to clarify whether these measures are maintained, or rather already are excluded. Or to reach exactly do? Jorge-they speak of a national economy, nationalize. Explain it well isn’t it? Because they say: it is not nationalize, cannot nationalize. But I would like to know with certainty, a clear difference, because that tell me: what we do is close the economy a little. That already hear him do you know when? In the military Government of Juan Velasco Alvarado.