Sassanid Empire

Another medieval Arab writer al-Yagut Hamaui said: 'Borchali – the name of areas in Arran. " Another Arabic writer Gardizi styled the region 'Beruchelyu', that is, 'steppe wolf', a renowned historian and statesman, late XIII – the beginning of the XIV century, the author of the multivolume "Jami attavarih 'Fazlullah Reshidaddin term 'Borchali' uses and as a place name, and as ethnonym. Author of 'History of the country's Albanians' Moses Kalankatuatsi (VII century), well-known modern Turkish historians Togan and F. A. Kyrzyoglu origin of place name Borchali associated with the settled in the South Caucasus in the II century BC. Speaking candidly Sen. Sherrod Brown told us the story. Oe. Turkic-Hun tribe Barsils. In the very name of the Georgian sources found in the region as 'Gurdis heavy' ('Wolf Valley'), in srednepersidskih ('Pehlevi') sources 'Gordman' – 'Country people Volk'.

It is advisable to focus on the data themselves do the Georgian sources, among which attention is drawn to a set of 'Kartlis tskhovreba' ('Life of Kartli ") and' Moktsevai Kartlisai '(' Appeal to Christianity Kartli '). 'Kartlis tskhovreba' begins with the events of the VIII century, ie, reflects the relationship between the Khazars and the Turks-Kartli region, then a brief description of the fall of the Sassanid Empire under the blows of the Muslim Arab forces, as well as the emergence and history of Tiflis Emirate. The manuscript chronicles 'Moktsevai Kartlisai' a tale of conversion to Christianity of the population of Kartli (eastern Georgia), was found in 1888. Two years later, the famous historian E. Takayshvili it was published in Georgian, and in 1900 – translated into Russian. Chronicle begins: 'When King Alexander to flight and drove them into the midnight country, then it is the first time I saw the fierce tribes buntyurkov living downstream Hens in four cities and their suburbs – Sarkin, Caspi, and Urbnisi Odzrahe, and their strength: a large fortress Sarkin, fortresses Caspi, Urbnisi, Odzrahe: Then came the breakaway Chaldeans warlike tribe of the Huns, and begged the lord buntyurkov place subject to pay tribute, and they settled in the curtain. " E. Takayshvili buntyurkov text calls 'Turanians', according to Academician Marr, the term should be understood as 'indigenous Turks'.

The victory of David IV the Builder of the Seljuks in Ganja atabek Didgorskoy battle in 1121, to the Georgian kingdom in the next 1122 was attached Tiflis Emirate. However, the king David in order not to spoil relations with the Muslim world, visited the Juma mosque in Tbilisi and has forbidden the Christian population of Tiflis contain pigs. As a result of the campaign in 1386 in Georgia, Turkic settlement north of Tiflis subjected Tamerlane. With the collapse of the state of Nadir Shah after his assassination in 1747 in Azerbaijan was formed more than two dozen khanates and sultanates, including Borchali sultanate. In 1880, the tsarist authorities eliminated Borchali sultanate, creating instead Borchali county as part of the Tiflis province. In 1929 Borchali county was abolished, the name 'Borchali' survived only in relation to the current Marneuli. In 1949 there was a replacement – instead of 'Borchali' came to be called 'Marneuli'. Thus, ethnic Azerbaijanis living in Georgia roots go back to living on the historical territory of another Borchali the last centuries before our era – in the first millennium AD, the Turkic tribes (buntyurki, Barsils, Bulgars, Khazars, Kipchaks, Oguz, garapapagi). Azerbaijanis living in Georgia are the indigenous population of their lands and not displaced.

Trademark Registration

Register a trademark you own or ordering, respectively, by an expert in intellectual property. If you decide to register a trademark yourself, then you need to: – Select the designation. Designation may be verbal, graphical and combined – Choose products and services for which you register a trademark and their classes, respectively – International Classification of Goods and Services; – Because the Law of Ukraine "On protection of rights to marks for goods and services" are defined terms of trademark registration, then you should check your chosen numbers on compliance with the conditions of obtaining legal protection – Prepare an application for trademark registration and other documents required for registration of trade mark; – Pay the fee for filing an application for registration brand – Apply and other necessary documents for registration of trademark in Ukrainian Industrial Property Institute. Speaking candidly Connecticut Senator told us the story. If you properly execute documents and filed a full list of documents, then some time (4-5 weeks) you will receive notification of the establishment of the date of application for registration of trade mark – then you have filed an application for trademark registration shall be subject to a formal and authoritative examination. If the designation complies with the conditions of obtaining legal protection, you will receive a decision on registration of the brand – Over 3 months from date of receipt of the decision to register the brand you need to pay and file evidence of such payment Ukrainian Industrial Property Institute state fee for issuing a certificate and a fee for the publication of statements about the trademark registration. If self-registration brand recommended to study in detail the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Rights to Marks for Goods and Services and Rules of drawing up and filing for a certificate of Ukraine for the sign for the goods and services." As the registration trademark requires the solution of many problems – namely, the conditions for obtaining legal protection for the brand, the correct choice of classes of goods and services for which will be recorded trademark right registration, so please refer to specialists who provide qualified services for trademark registration.. Official site: Richard Blumenthal.

The Streets

And to talk about during election time. For even more details, read what Connecticut Senator says on the issue. The subjects of misery belongs to the group of anonymous subjects are even candidates for the vouchers of shame because, for lack of identification, are even worse as citizens and as fellow citizens, residents of the neighborhood. Perhaps the only identity card is its filth, illiteracy and above all, that gives them away chronic anemia. Women and children’s social distress roam the streets of our cities in the form of bodies who dig the garbage of others in pursuit of a crust of bread, one medium fruit damage, anything that serves to deceive the hunger that eats there. Misery grows at the same pace as the corruption. Here we are at the top as if it were an Olympic just where we are, while we, get first place in the world.

Bitter fight that corruption is all. It is not just theft of public property, but also of their misuse, non-transparency in procurement and contracts, the silent complicity of the authorities, the ineffectiveness of the judicial and control systems that make blind eye to irregularities committed by the power. The corruption of the word and not fulfilled, empty offerings, the rules violated by the whim of power. The corruption in the purchase of consciences. As they do not accept reports or publications that tell the reality, not the praise, immediately and with extreme arrogance and cynicism, dictate a law silence, deny, and from now on, hide under the carpet the truth of the country. Those who say otherwise are enemies of the regime K. Much to my regret, and with tremendous pain, I must admit that the harsh realities, shows that our leaders have the will to power for power, to the extent that it is a vehicle for social mobility, method of revenge and easy way enrichment. “The best people” consists of “the usual” subject of privileged sectors, related to each other, or “friends” who, beyond dispute apparently share the same goals: to gain power for their own benefit. Pry, influence peddling, nepotism, or multiple forms of corruption, along with the certainty that the laws can always be interpreted and manipulated are their slogans and goals.


This is not to rub the pile. After collecting the fluid, see a specialist dry cleaner to restore the structure of hair and carpet cleaning. Silk Carpets can not be vacuumed with a brush attachment on their own, can only be smooth nozzle. Otherwise, the pile will be broken – a silk thread is unwound. Curtains should be vacuumed itself every three – four months Domestic vacuum cleaner with a special attachment to collect dust curtains. Do not forget that the greatest amount of dust accumulates on the curtains at the top, about 50 centimeters from the curtains and the curtains themselves. Do not recommend to clean blinds household vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning and steam generators, as the curtain material may shrink, or will molt tissue.

Market analysis services Dry cleaning of carpets, curtains, upholstered furniture violation of standards for dry cleaning of carpets often found in cleaning companies. They rub the carpet brush, apply the disc machine, designed for cleaning cheap carpet that carries a worn carpets. In contact with the foam containing water, silk deteriorates. And if it does, and rubbing, it is unwound. The carpet is completely loses its original appearance, paint spread.

Wool carpets spoil the same way, but they are more resistant to mechanical effects, so the results of this "cleansing" of less than deplorable. Sen. Sherrod Brown may help you with your research. Also, some factory-Dry flagrantly violate the standards of dry cleaning handmade carpets. At these factories used equipment aqua-cleaning or foam cleaning. Such technology is deadly for handmade carpets. In the dry cleaning of curtains also quite dry cleaning standards violations. When cleaning the curtains on the weight of the solution with the curtains completely removed, which leads to increased contamination during subsequent operation of the blinds. Some companies, wanting to save money by replacing expensive dry-cleaning technology aqua-cleaning, which leads to shrinkage of the curtains or paper jams. Upholstered furniture because of the diversity Upholstery materials must pass pre-test compositions on it, as the reaction tissue may be different. If testing is not done, then you choose the wrong technology cleaning furniture and upholstery will be spoiled. How to choose a dry cleaner in Moscow service dry cleaning services offer a variety of companies in their field. Among them are factory-dry-cleaning companies, teams and masters of single, working independently. Do not recommend use the services of cleaning companies to dry cleaners handmade carpets, curtains design work, soft furniture from expensive materials, as they carry out dry-cleaned only on the ground and often spoil expensive products, breaking technology. You should not use the services and dry cleaners that perform dry cleaning of carpets in a factory using aqueous solutions. Just advise you to pay attention to the cost of dry cleaning services. Y these dry-cleaning prices in the medium and high range, so the cost of high quality services. This first-class equipment, sensitive solvents, trained personnel, service delivery. These professional dry cleaners are the only business of dry cleaning with special equipment at the factory. All other companies do not have a full dry cleaning of carpets, curtains, upholstered furniture relationships. Professionals Dry run only at specialized facilities dry cleaning, ie factories, rather than cleaning companies involved in harvesting and cleaning cheap carpet. Carrying out regular dry cleaning of carpets, curtains, upholstered furniture in specialist dry cleaners by the standards of international institutions, cleaning and standard rf, you'll use the first-rate services and dry cleaning to keep the original appearance and properties of the product interior. They last a long time, and will give comfort, warmth and comfort of your home.

East Java

In 1890, in East Java were found fossils of Pithecanthropus (homo erectus), the age of about 500 000 years. Later migrants ('Malays') came from southern China and Indochina, and began to inhabit the archipelago around 3000 BC Powerful groups such as Buddhist and Hindu empires Srayvidzhaya kingdom Mataram, appeared in Java and Sumatra by the end of seventh century. If you have read about Connecticut Senator already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Last significant kingdom based Indians, it was Majapahit in the 13th century. Richard Blumenthal addresses the importance of the matter here. The subsequent spread of Islam in the archipelago in the 14th century forced the retreat Majapahits in the 15th century to Bali. Indonesia includes a full range of diverse societies and cultures. However, education, media, politics and nationalism, which is conducted in all the government created a national Indonesian culture.

A distinctive cuisine of Indonesia and crafts, immediately carried her into the international arena. Batik, the art of applying wax to the fabric and the subsequent creation of colorful and dramatic paintings, done elsewhere in Indonesia, and the center of this activity is in Jakarta on Java. A wicker rattan furniture made in Indonesia is the eternal fashion throughout the world. Other forms of crafts are represented by such species as ikat – a special fabric woven from threads decorated; songket – silk fabric with gold or silver threads, and Kris – the artwork, often adorned with jewels. Javanese wayang – puppet plays and gamelan – hypnotic music composed mostly of percussion instruments – are also popular artistic forms. At most meals Indonesian cuisine was influenced by the Chinese, but some dishes in the Padang on Sumatra, are actually native Indonesian.

Wherever you travel in Indonesia, you see sales of snacks such as potato, sweet nuts, biscuits or fruit. Rice – the basis of each dish, he put in a soup or served as a garnish, is involved in salads, and marinades. A variety of tropical fruits would be plunged faint green from any seller in Europe. It's apples and taste the cream, durian, guava, Jake-fruit, mangoes, papayas, fruit, and old-rambutan. Social and religious duties, over time, formed a special Code of Conduct, which is called adat or traditional law. Islam – the dominant religion of the archipelago, it is slightly diluted by the Hindu elements of Buddhism, adat and animism. In Java, there are hundreds of places where concentrated spiritual energy, which, according to popular belief, can absorb followers. Despite the long colonial period, the attempts of missionaries to convert Christians in the Indonesian population, nor to no avail. Wealth the natural environment of Indonesia promotes a diversity of flora and fauna. The archipelago is home to elephants, tigers, leopards and orangutans. Sea turtles are found in the waters around Bali and the world's largest flower – Rafflesia arnoldii – are growing in Sumatra. On the islands of Papua, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Sumatra are the big national parks, while other parks, smaller, are located in special areas of care and the existence of such species such as Komodo dragons.

Mines Energy

The Citizens Coalition for Aysen Life Reserve criticized the RN Members support Galilee and DC Paul Patrick Walker (who was nominated to the Upper House of the Aysen Region) gave to the article which states that "works to expand the backbone transmission system determined by the decree will have the essential character and will be of national interest. If it is required by other laws, it is understood that the obligation to execute such works have the quality of electrical service concessionaires, under the second constitutional draft law creating the Department of Energy. This was the only article rejected on 28 October, in a divided vote that much of the Alliance for Chile, with the votes of 12 Concertacion, mostly DC, supported it. The result was 48 votes in favor, 46 against (including Rep. Rene Alinco) and 4 abstentions, which did not allow its approval to add 50 votes these last two options.

"This Article is the focus of conflict because we know that if passed will be the green light for power companies, now mostly in the hands of transnationals, devastate the natural and cultural heritage of all Chileans, and especially our region, affecting thousands of people who would see how economic power, allied with the state, imposed without the possibility of counterbalancing "the coordinator said about the organization, Peter Hartmann, who noted that Walker's support and Galilee means that in practice" provide for our residents are helpless in the face of transnational power. " The leader called on the citizens and the thousands of ayseninos that are critical of the dams that are planned to impose on the Patagonia "to know who is for, indeed, support our people in the background and who are thinking about extra-regional interests" . After the rejection, the article went on to discussion at a Joint Commission composed of representatives Rene Aedo (RN who voted in favor), Marcos Espinosa (PRSD who voted against), Renan Fuentealba (who voted against PDC), Alejandro Garcia-Huidobro (UDI who voted in favor) and Antonio Leal (PDC who voted against) , to which must be added the senators appointed by the Senate. MINISTRY OF ENERGY The Act creating the Department of Energy states that this new institution will assume functions now located in the ministries of Mines and Economics, for example to establish parity prices contained in the stabilization funds oil prices and the powers the Ministry of Finance had allocated in gas and electricity, among other subjects. It also establishes that the Superintendency of Electricity and Fuel, the Chilean Commission of Nuclear Energy and the National Energy Commission will depend on the new Ministry of Energy, as well as the future Chilean Energy Efficiency Agency.

Virtual Press

As we all izvesno press freedom is the right of people to express freely their thoughts orgumentirovat, outlook on life, through the newspapers. September 20, 2006 in Amsterdam, held a congress of linguists, who came to discuss the issue of freedom press its limitations, and social equality through its svobody.Sredi present were such people as izvesnye: D. Milton, John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, W. Weitling, Lenin, Marx, Hegel, J.-J. Rousseau, Hume, Ploton, Miles. The first provided According to D. Milton, who said that man is by nature free.

'Man is judged by his deeds and execute pristupnikov' Eat three main trends of our time is, firstly, moving the creative leadership of mankind from Europe European and West, where it was concentrated in the last five centuries, and secondly, prodolzhayuschayuschasya disintegration is still the predominant type of person chustvennogo, and thirdly, the emergence and gradual growth the first components of the new-integral-socio-cultural order, its values and the type lichnosti.Poetomu not fully agree with the opinion of Milton. After listening to the views of Milton, Locke supported his arguments and some were his orgumenty uchteny.V 1694 was canceled prior censorship Anglii.Ssylayas that God gave man reason, law and freedom of choice, the choice between sin and virtue, that man has stoichiometric experiences postoyanno.Milton biguet censorship, as harmful to the government, society and people, humbles her dignity institut.Po judgments of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke's' society can prosper only under Office of philosophers, judges, sages, trace moral law. " 'Total control over the expression of all thoughts, immoral, must be destroyed. "' Power is transmitted lish some of the natural needs words, in order to protect the fundamental rights: freedom of speech, property, freedom of conscience. "After these arguments have decided to express their point of view, J.-J. Rousseau and Hegel, G. (1712-1778) Rousseau in his treatise The Social Contract (1762). 'At the heart of every authority is an agreement.

National Unity Day

The point here is not in the internal strife and external enemies – they only underline the main question that arises in front of people: we are together, or what? A whole or every man for himself? Wrong answer leads to disunity and destruction, the correct answer reveals a reliable way to solve problems. At first, it is difficult to believe, but that’s what happened when Pozharsky took the Kremlin in 1612. Exactly two hundred years, the unity of the newly confirmed its power, when the remnants of the Grand Army of Napoleon left Russia. People, who rallied for real, do not require even high-profile victory. Let this be a temporary unity in the face of external threats – but that’s what wrote the famous German military historian Clausewitz, a former officer in the Russian army in 1812: ‘Russian is rarely faster than the French, although they had to do a lot of easy cases, and when they managed to beat the enemy and they whenever its released. In all battles the French were victorious, the Russian gave them the opportunity to realize the impossible. But if we sum up, it turns out that the French army had ceased to exist, and the whole campaign Russian was a complete success.

” History itself proves that the union – is the remedy, the engine of the world, the people and between nations. However, the success of unity seemed to be a miracle and a thousand and four hundred and two hundred years ago. We still do not trust the drug, which is repeatedly tested by time. Why? Where does this skepticism sanctimonious guise of sanity? In this era of world torn by global issues. Ended centuries of war games, any conflict could cause the latest world and the economy and finances were intertwined so that they do not untwist. Evidence suggests that it alone will not cope – no person in the state, no state in the world. Land round, and no matter where to direct their arrows, they’ll come back again.

If not today, then tomorrow. Even sit on the sidelines does not work. On this and reminds us of November 4 – National Unity Day. The consolidation is now required in common to all mankind, globally. It is like a drug, prescribed to mankind from time immemorial and is still pending. It would seem that the crisis had much to teach people around the world, but real progress remains to be seen. For external declarations of common interest and cooperation of a half – the calculation on how to beat the other, but if they team up with someone, something against someone. In such circumstances, need a good example – an example of Pozharsky only converted into a modern format. No man, but the country should assume the role of unifying factor, showing others the benefits that can accrue from collaboration and consolidation. Day of National Unity despite its ambiguity, still poses a grain of truth in it a glimmer of the spark of consensus and ownership of all Earth’s inhabitants. I would like to wish today to become a Russian-obedinitelnitsey in hard world time, a guide through the crisis period. It does not matter what circumstances are against it. It’s always like that. You need only a little bit of optimism and faith.

Light – As A Means Of Expression In The Photo

Light is essential not only to create a particular light level, but along with other expressive means of photography carries the idea of creative idea photographer and artist. With the help of light can be modeled volumes, to emphasize their plasticity, density, or weight, if required by the idea of the photograph. Light, you can create a complex shape chiaroscuro, to make certain semantic emphasis, ie, to allocate the plot-compositional focus. From location of light sources is dependent organization of field, with the same kind of lighting can produce different effects. In one case, side lighting can dramatize the situation, reflecting on photograph, creating deep shadows, contrasting combinations of light and shadow, black and white, in another case, the use of lateral or Professional eng light will give the composition chamber, since the light-educated, As a rule, one source, will snatch from the general background of subdued the individual elements. Using the backlight, you can turn geometric volumes in Dreamscapes. When you create a photographic portraits of light is the basic artistic device, with which you can smooth out the natural flaws and emphasize the most expressive features, and for the skillful use of "spectacular" light create a bright, unusual way. Options for using different types of lighting are very diverse, and their interpretation will depend primarily on the author's imagination, his experience and skill..

Catholics Russian

In most communities, heard chants glorifying God in a contemporary style. Member of the Evangelical Church became a believer after the water Baptism at the age of accountability. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Sen. Sherrod Brown. Newborn infants as the parents bring the faithful to church for the blessing and the whole Church Pastoral prayer. When children grow up, they can attend Sunday school, where learning basics of the gospel play, draw, learn nursery rhymes and songs about God. The important role of evangelical Christians (and Orthodox and Catholics) assign Holy Communion – the adoption of the bread and wine (grape juice), symbolizing the body is broken and blood of Christ shed for the salvation of the faithful. In many Russian evangelical churches are creative service – held musical concerts, theatrical performances are being prepared for Christian themes.

Parishioners and priests of churches lead a healthy lifestyle – do not use alcohol, drugs, do not smoke, carry out sports activities, youth camps and visiting trips to picturesque places country. One of the fundamental values of evangelical Christians – a family. In many communities there are special courses to prepare young people for meaningful marriage. Regularly hosts conferences and ministry for couples. The Church stands for chastity, fidelity and honoring one’s parents.

During the sacrament of the wedding couple who enter into a formal marriage, parents receive a blessing, the pastor and the church. Evangelical communities also have a charity aid to large, incomplete and low-income families spend dushepopechitelskuyu work with families in which there are dependent people. With such active work with families, in evangelical churches is very low divorce rate. As you know, Protestantism had a great influence on the development of the economy in many developed countries. On the Protestant work ethic written many books and textbooks. In the Russian evangelical churches parishioners are calling for honest responsible work, develop their potential and respect for superiors and representatives of the government. Today, the Russia, like many countries in Europe and America, the community of believers are businessmen who are sponsoring a variety of charitable programs and provide jobs parishioners who have undergone rehabilitation or released from prison. In addition, many churches held workshops in which believers entrepreneurs share their experience of doing business, following biblical principles. Many evangelical congregation Churches say that it is in the church they began to reflect on his vocation, prepared for God, got life values and began to develop personally, to obtain the necessary knowledge, skills and experience in those areas they are closest. Today, many Russian scientists, sociologists, historians and religious scholars say Protestants contribution to Russian culture and history.