Verona Politics

The monarchy is a government form where the individual governs as state head. Therefore having two or more people living in group they are needed rules to organize, to manage the convivncia getting the balance enters the people favoring the general collective and individual of each member, this process can be defined as politics. Dante lived at a time of transistion exit of the average age for the renaissance and can even though observe the creation of the Inquisio Saint for Inocncio Pope, at this time the power of the church was unquestioned, an extremely authoritarian period where the monarch exerted its power fully. Word-Key: Monarchy, transistion Average Age and Renaissance, absolute power of the Church. Students of Philosophy in the Bagozzi College. In this work we intend to present the thought politician of Dante Alighieri through its workmanship the Monarchy, for thus, to provide to the reader an understanding of its thought in the field politician in time where the author lived.

I the universe of Dante Alighieri. Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) was born in Florena in the seio of a family of noble origin. With great activity politics in the party favorable to the Emperor (guelfos whites), it arrived to be, in recent years of century XIII, member of the advice and prior of Florena. He received its education from religious orders (Dominican and franciscanos), a genuinely scholastic formation, not representing a clergyman or neither a lay illiterate person, but before an intellectual and a writer who knew and used the philosophical, canonsticas arguments, theological legal experts and knowing to tie them enter itself in independent and effective way. He was pursued by its performance condemned politics and to the fogueira for corruption, extortion and legal opposition to the Pope; if he took refuge in diverse Italian cities, as: Verona, Pdua, Treviso, Venice and Ravena, always under responsibility of on noblemen to the Emperor.


Moving away itself from shows, Chico Buarque took care of of what really it considers its work: to write and to compose. The popular poet defends the idea that during the period of shows and turns is not producing, therefore is not working. Currently the composer undershoot seasons without if presenting to be able to take care of of the compositions and another art that is each more present time in its workmanship, literature. 1 In the recorded albums during its sabtico period, songs with fort I appeal politician not only reveal to gifts, illustrating the period and marking its opinion as creative artist, but as citizen wounded in its rights. The content politician can appear camouflaged in other subjects as love songs, songs of I appeal simply ecological or in ironic sambas. In the album ' ' My Expensive Amigos' ' , of 1976, the song ' ' Passaredo' ' , composed in partner with Francis Hime, is example of a supposedly ecological song, and was received as one I appeal ambient, but that it brought in its space between lineses messages and you denounce on the panorama Brazilian politician of its time.

Political Parties

The humanity in each stage of its history says to live at a time of chaos, and we are not the exception. We are living times where the philosophy becomes very utopian in relation to the real facts, in relation to the application on those theories. In this test we will analyze to the political parties and its reality like representing assumptions of the town. Perhaps they continue being the political parties the system ideal? We can do without them? In the normative definition to the political parties one is clear like the connection between the town and the State to them, so that this system assures the clear citizen participation in the subjects government as ideology and decision making. As the society changes, the government also does being in a relation that constantly evolves in time and space. Since this relation becomes all along, also it makes the institutions that represent these bows as they are it the political parties.

The political parties are born in a specific time and in agreement east it happens, must change and in case of not doing it they can get to disappear; the theory of the darwiniana adaptation definitively also is applicable to the policy. It is case that the parties did not adapt to the needs of the town, this it can do without him and direct to the search either of another party or another system; it is as well as the parties must strive always to agree with the demands of the citizens and to obtain a good adaptation with the socioeconomic and political atmosphere. At present supranational phenomena are appearing, the most named and recognized of them it is the Globalisation. The Globalisation is defined by the Spanish Royal Academy like tendency of the markets and of the companies to extend, reaching a world-wide dimension that exceeds the national borders, this international phenomenon has created an ideological, economic, sociological revolution and definitively political, at present a nation no longer can make decisions without considering to the others.