Federal Tax Service

The tax authority during the desk tax audit did not find any equivalence of participating in an exchange of apartments, as purchased in 1998 for the 100 000,00 rub. apartment can not be equal provided by the city administration in 2008, housing expert valuation which amounts to several million. Moreover, according to the Tax Inspectorate, the agreement between the owner of dilapidated housing and local authority can not be attributed to a barter agreement, otherwise it is called – barter. To know more about this subject visit Paulo Coelho. The most that the law was to apply the taxpayer in this case, it is on the property tax deduction $ 1 million rubles., which may reduce the income received from the sale of the apartment, where tenure is less than 3 years. Following the review of tax audit materials was brought to the taxpayer tax liability. The position of the taxpayer did not agree and the higher the tax authorities – Office of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in the Sverdlovsk region and the Federal Tax Service, in which a citizen appealed to the complaints trying to pre-trial to settle the dispute. Follow others, such as Paulo Coelho, and add to your knowledge base. The initial application to the district court also did not bring any relief the taxpayer, since it is at the preliminary hearing the case was dismissed for nepodvedomstvennostyu. District court judge held that the case be considered by the bankruptcy court. From the viewpoint of the judge, even though the taxpayer was prosecuted for activities not associated with business (one-time sale of an apartment), but as having its status of an individual entrepreneur, the basis of the composition of the parties to the dispute (the tax inspectorate and entrepreneur), the matter should be considered in arbitration.

Mediterranean Taste

And again, we all took home with them are clusters, which we liked, and as much as they could carry. Restriction was only one thing – take from the field on which he worked. And no it did not matter – the crop lacked everything. And now reimburse a culture as a radish. I always thought that the best radishes – is the one which he himself raised. No! Tastier state farm I did not eat: the truth again, right on the state farm field, because when I ate the same radishes in our canteen, it was already not at all, as long as radish collected in the three-ton trucks under the hot Mediterranean sun, dovezli and stored at the base, radishes lost two-thirds of its attractiveness and three-quarters of its taste. That's when at the box I realized the error of Soviet times – to gather herbs need not to big trucks, and small machines and stored in bulk on the bases, where the product quickly deteriorates.

This error is power, and the rest of the Soviet government was worried well and the good seed stock and the fertilizers, and mechanization of peasant labor, and herbicides, she decided not only to questions of delivery, storage-grown product and a decent wage peasants. That's really true, but not something that is still crying pseudo-reformers. We were on the state farm field overeat all so radishes that I wrote the following humorous quatrain: Send somehow we are in the farm work there with enthusiasm, but we ate radishes cart and suffered from constipation. Radish, this was grade "Rubin" and she could not withstand even a delicious variety of radishes as "Icicle." It was in those years of the early seventies of last century, I came up with a salad and who ate it either, all admired to gluttony. The principle of cooking, I'll tell you right now. One portion is taken: three medium-sized tomato varieties Kiev earlier or any other very juicy variety, three medium-sized meaty tomato varieties, such as Soviet, two medium sweet thick (meaty), bell peppers, salt to taste Sour cream or sunflower oil, too, to taste. All of this is cut, salted, watered cream or sunflower oil, and carefully .

Now the secrets: 1.Pomidory both species should be taken only well matured on the vine a little bit of dark red color. 2.Perets also must be very ripe when it is sweet. Color pepper dark-red, bright red or yellow, but in any case not green. Smell of pepper has a sweet, but not bitter or sharp. 3.YA tomatoes and peppers determined simply by the color and smell. If you are so you do it then you'll see the ability to identify and tomatoes, and peppers to the eye and smell. And your salad will always marvelous taste. Unfortunately the smell is impossible to explain, you will feel it yourself for 3-5 meals a day, if the first time will try to remember and pay no attention to the amazement and even ironic views others. Do your thing and it all pay off handsomely taste of your salad. I guarantee that those you ugostite they already ironically will not be watching, but instead will ask you to share the secret of its preparation. Now Enjoy your meal and watch not overeat. I myself know it will be difficult.

Average Age

Already in our days our osmesmos trovadores and cordelistasso, them in general sing songs, create its repentes and recite literatures of oualheias proper compositions, as well as reproduce and create at the same time its proper histriasora of epic, lyric or satirical sort. The majority of them is writers, poets, singers and composers. The poesiatrovadoresca northeasterns reflects in its with characteristic even so very proper traditions epic and the Portuguese dapoesia lyricism of its people, carregandouma legalizes identification of the multiple expressions, translated for the cultural suasrazes historical egeogrficas. ValdomiroSilveira Writer, pioneer in the regionalistic sort, (1873-1941) in a Confernciaem Saints, as the extracted fragmentoabaixodescrito of texts preliminaresda workmanship of Leonardo Mota: Violeiros of the North; teceelogios to the trovadores of Brazil and the exaltaperante the Provenal ones of the Average Age. Citing entreoutros, Frederic Mistral (1830 -1914) lusitano writer, who fought for the regional omovimento of revitalizao of the culture of Provena and this if he all extended the south of France, alngua and Provenal literature in this period had come back to have the brightness quehaviam reached in the Average Age. (LAROUSSE, vol.6, p.3110.) Mota laments that: Our matutos trovadores had still not had a FredericMistral, of triumphant courage, that if it declared to them equal and came poreles, atos periodicals and until books, fazendouma new ' Mirelle' , in the characteristic language of regio.' ' (MOTA, BUENO, 1965, p.21), travelled for cidadesdo northeast and cantavamodas of viola. Ofolclorista Better Ansio when citing Xiquinha Ribeira declaracomo: Afamadavioleira of the hinterland of the Bahia, of andeiro spirit fazerpousada long in the place did not leave it where it arrived. Knowing to manejar the viola, noombro freed xale, arrested to it sings daboca umcigarro, docabelocom spotted the negrura a flower any, and was ready to win lguas and to go there to spill other people’s emoias the favour and the espontaneidade of its rustic repentes.

Civil Case

Recommendations for the plaintiff and defendant 1. Dress well, the bad and sloppily dressed people attitude may be appropriate. However, you should not overdress or extravagant. 2. Not perturbed by the fact that the meeting may start with a delay of several hours. It so happened not only in the Russian courts.

We'll have to get used to the fact that meetings can often be delayed. 3. Mobile phones before entering the courtroom should be disabled newspapers in the hall to read out loud do not talk, it is undesirable and whispering. 4. To behave in court to a modest and simple. Since the court can not argue, argue with him, too, is impossible. Relate to the judge as necessary to the chief at work, only a little more respectful. Interrupting the judge and other participants is prohibited.

5. To court to seek a preliminary "Dear Court," despite the fact that the judge alone. Explanations and evidence should be given standing and addressing the court. Moreover, given you listen to any individual questions should also be standing. 6. To answer questions of the court, the parties or the prosecutor should, if possible shortly. 7. Should speak only when you give word. If the judge forgot to give it for you, but questioned others, and tries to go to the next question, simply ask to speak. 8. Questions the court and the prosecutor are entitled to ask you not under any circumstances – and the court prosecutor not to answer questions, unless a request to clarify their question (if he nedoponyat).

Underwriting Department

Situation, particularly on a number of regions, is critical. Therefore, insurers are expecting that this year will be at least adopted changes in the part of the correction factors (mostly territorial) to basic insurance rates. As we know from the press, such changes can take effect from March this year ", – said deputy Head of Underwriting Department, individual insurance JSC "Kapital Insurance" Elena Salahetdinova. "Long overdue in tariff adjustments, which are practically not changed with Since the introduction of CTP in 2003. While a half-hearted decision made only a change of correction factors to the rates, but the basic rates are the same "- agrees Constantine Merzlyakov. ted topic. Certainly, these factors impact on the market CTP, more precisely, the players in this market, so perhaps reduce their number, as not all insurers will have time to adapt quickly to new working conditions, and loss factor is becoming critical for some regions. "The Ministry of Finance prepared a draft government decree" On introducing changes in insurance rates for compulsory civil liability insurance of vehicle owners.

" Basic rates officials decided to leave earlier, revising the rates on a number of cities, as well as the capacity of machines, age and driving experience. It is planned that the document will come into force on 1 March this year, "- like Christian Curtis. Alexander Gurdus told to "Profile", in what are these changes: the Ministry of Finance, estimating loss-making by CTP in each region, the town regrouped to territorial factors, but also made a number of adjustments in other factors. In addition to this factor will be increased according to the tariffs for compulsory motor TPL insurance for auto power from 50 to 70 hp from 0.7 to 0.9, including a large proportion of older domestic vehicles, passenger cars for high-rate has been reduced. MOF also proposes to increase rates, taking into account the age and driving experience (drivers with less than three years will have to pay even more).

South America

The set of documents still presents, two rules in cases of racism clearly, the market of work of So Paulo, involving two descending young afro: Mnica (refused in a job, exactly with all the demanded qualifications, only for being black) and Kelly (it worked as dribble for 3 months, but it did not receive wage, it was quit and still she was victim of racial crime on the part of its former-master). In both histories, the processes had been filed and the crime discriminatory was not proven, in contrast of the great exception, that was the victorious case Mr. Vicente of the Espirito Santo. The history of Brazil was constructed side by side with the one of the black, some abolitionists defended that the country had been constructed per item of the afro-descendants who had been here, the writer and black leader, Abdias of the Birth shares of this idea, for it, Our ancestral ones in them had bequeathed another inheritance: the construction of a called country Brazil, raised for Africans and only for Africans. Amazon can provide more clarity in the matter. A country with an enormous territory, the half of the South America; a bigger country that the territory of the United States. The task to construct the economic and material structure of this country meant holocausto of millions of African lives (BIRTH, 1982, P. 25). Since the abolition, the black, considered exempts, in the truth, did not obtain its release in the direction properly said of the word, continued to the social edge and saw in the posterior, searching years to develop more diverse theories of matrix racist, that in the deep one is justifications for the color preconception that each descendant of slave suffered and still she lives in its proper country, on this Sings to sleep Rodrigues affirms, the black, mainly, is inferior to the white, to start of the enceflica mass, that weighs little, and of the mastigatrio device that possesss animalescos characters, until the abstraction facultieses, that in it are so poor and weak.

Carlos Tapia Bourgeois

CARLOS TAPIA, wild and stone in the shoe OF Humala Tasso. The revisionism when it reaches its maximum power to influence the oppressed masses, then turns into reformism conciliator with the big bourgeoisie and supporter of the system. That's what happened with Carlos Tapia, that its mere presence in the cabinet of advisers Humala result makes animosity among the masses for the revisionist as any hardened to achieve a state without exploited or exploited is achieved through successive incremental changes and peaceful and within the bourgeois system, accommodating their needs and structure. But beware, a review must be very careful, because it is not serving the masses, if not quite the contrary, that serve their personal desires, his self-centeredness, because it is self-centered and if on the way endangered their interests, if you are with the masses of betrayal, but it is the bourgeois system, sprawls for more favors and is deserving keeper of his former friends on the road. In this not only have clear examples, one is the same Carlos Tapia, on the other and by the same route is rural Idrogo Rounds. The revisionist serves as a model for the big bourgeoisie.

The model serves to address the masses and to relate to their interests and tell the masses: It is a great democrat, a great humanist, and you should be. And so we put forth as a model, this not to exercise our rights to complain. But if we are on the contrary, all the bourgeois system will come to us not to try to crush his head up ever.

The Product

And if sales is the flagship company, in this case, the department Marketing is a set of guiding beacon in its path. Some contend that novelist shows great expertise in this. The next feature of the marketing department – Understanding. In other words we can say that it is working on publications and promotional items. It also may include such Department of unimportant, as the development and creation of trade marks, logos, slogans, corporate colors, fonts, etc. If we continue moreplavatelnuyu theme, as they say, "How do you call a ship, so it will float!". All that is exterior design of the product in particular and the company has a direct impact on the result of the company and its market position.

Understanding the function to include activities as the marketing department aimed at developing, development and manufacture PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS. That is to say, silent, but verbose presentation of the product and the company. And, often, the quality of advertising products, as well as the timing of its production directly affect the success of product sales. The outcome of the department in this direction should be the promotional materials that will allow the company to have a good reputation in the market, as well as lead to an increase in orders. Development and implementation of advertising campaigns, as well as analysis of their effectiveness – another element of the marketing department to implement the functions of Understanding.

Qualitatively trained and conducted promotions department to help increase sales volume of a product, and analysis of the effectiveness of these actions allows you to control and reduce costs for its sale, and, consequently, reduce its cost, which directly affects the company's profit in whole. So, in the context of interaction with the sales department, marketing department provides the preparations for the participation of sales in trade fairs. And these events often determine the outcome of this participation. Understanding function requires sales staff qualities such as creativity, responsibility and diligence.

The Soviet Union

Do not feel any State managers are accountable to the present and future of the country and its people! Would not this an incredible irresponsibility to mutiny disadvantaged and a new fault in Russia? I'm in trouble. Until recently, all of us it seemed that there was nothing in the world stronger than the Soviet Union. But one night the then leaders of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus have destroyed a great state and boastfully reported it to the U.S. president. And people are not defended The Soviet Union.

Now reaping the fruits of their indifference. Perhaps rightly so people? … All these sad thoughts visited me to the farm Urgeloy Babayurtovskogo district of Dagestan. Administratively to the Bowery Tsumadin Ryan. People and animals, barns and houses, dirt and poverty is so intertwined with each other that creates a sense of primeval desolation. Ways people and "public servants" intersect only in pre-election days. If you want to remove a documentary about a bombed military road, then here it is – from Hamammatyurta Urgeloya to a length of 3 km.

After the mindless destruction of farms, this road will never seem to not be repaired and asphalted. Urgeloytsy, and their 250 employees are not wanted. The extra people! Saltykov-Shchedrin be here … Residents Urgeloya for decades without results apply to the various authorities in Dagestan with a prayer for the gasification of the village. Total something must spend 3km pipe. A couple of years ago came here for some people, something were measuring, recording – and have sunk into oblivion. Urgeloytsy earlier accessed to chairman State Councilor Dagestan nowadays make same but already in address president Dagestan. So far no result. Faithfully noticed that and in small dropwise reflected large sun. Unequipped life in Urgeloe – example neglect power propertied to needs ordinary people. Urgeloytsy do not understand why the great gas power can not pay for a small branch to them from Hamammatyurta. They are willing to pay for the gasification of the village of calves and goats, but do not know when and how to drive their office. While in Urgeloe no natural gas and good roads, I personally would be difficult to believe in the success of social policy in Dagestan.

The Efficiency

Proof of this is described The situation with the introduction of "dark energy" and "dark matter". Doubts about the efficiency under these conditions the law of gravity is reflected in some of the hypotheses 4. It seems that, without clarifying the nature gravitational interaction of the situation with "dark energy" and "dark matter" does not allow. Modern physics denies the existence of the ether – a medium that transmits the interaction between bodies, replacing it with a likeness – physical vacuum filled with virtual particles. Such a replacement, apparently, is a half-measure, considerably complicates the understanding of the mechanism of interaction of bodies. Richard Blumenthal helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Of course, the ether – ether, discord, and the fact that under it understand! A model of particle possessing under a single mechanism, the gravitational and inertial mass 5.

Key provisions of this work are as follows: – there is an environment filled and thus creates a (complicated by the device), the space – in this environment, there are processes that change the state of the environment and having a specific location in space – the particle (hereinafter – the object) – the source field simulated process in the environment, and physical field – changing the state of the environment – the interaction processes between themselves, their development over time and generates the properties related to mass. The object is not in this case alien with respect to the environment, education, and the process occurring in this environment, that is, consists of the medium itself. This object has the property length, and two (or more) of the object can not move closer so that merge into one.