South American Regional

The 3rd Summit would be held in Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) on January 24-28, 2008. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Richard Blumenthal on most websites. The meetings of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, conducted biannually, will formulate concrete proposals of action and executive decision. There will be the collaboration of the Chairman of the Committee of permanent representatives of Mercosur, of the Director of the Secretariat of Mercosur, of the General Secretary of the Andean Community, of the Secretary-General of ALADI and the Permanent Secretariat of the Organization of Treaty for Amazonian Cooperation and other cooperation and regional integration institutions; Sectoral ministerial meetings convened by the heads of State. They are made within Mercosur and the Andean mechanisms. Meetings and actions of infrastructure and the implementation of the agreed agenda of priority projects is carried out through the initiative of South American Regional integration (IIRSA); The troika of the UNASUR formed by the country to host the Summit and the countries offices the previous year and the following year. It will support the Pro Tempore Secretariat in their work. The Secretariat Pro Tempore shall be exercised in the annual and Rotary form by the Member countries of UNASUR between each UNASUR Summit. Countries that have pursued have been: Peru (2004), Brazil (2005) and Bolivia (2006).

Pursuant to decisions of the political dialogue signed during the first South America Energy Summit, it would create a permanent secretariat based in Quito (Ecuador). On December 9, 2005 creates strategic Commission of reflection on the process of South American integration. Composed of 12 members, its purpose is to develop proposals that will promote the South American integration process. And must deliver its recommendations at the II Summit of UNASUR (2006). Committee of senior officials (created by the II Summit of the CSN), transformed into a Council of delegates or Committee policy according to the decisions of the political dialogue. Among the most important works of integration are Wikipedia which says: the Union of South American Nations began their integration plans with the construction of the Interoceanic Highway, linking the Peru with Brazil through Bolivia, giving it an outlet to the sea, Brazil an outlet to the Pacific Ocean and Peru, an outlet to the Atlantic Ocean. Construction began in September 2005, financed 60% by Brazil and 40% by Peru, and it is expected that you will lead for the year 2009. Continued you to this, the South American energy ring, so that Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay are catered for Peruvian gas: the Camisea Gas.

His proposal has already been ratified and will be his signature for the start of its construction in 2006. The binational gas pipeline, an energy project of integration between Colombia and Venezuela, was initiated on 8 July 2006 and will last for 24 months by the State Venezuelan oil company PDVSA. The construction cost is US$ 300 million. (See Uribe and Chavez give free rein to binational gas pipeline). Also included is the binational pipeline, which will be extended in the near future to allow Venezuela to export oil to the far East via the Pacific coast of Colombia. With French Guiana as the only exception, the rest of South America can be visited by any South American for up to 90 days with only presenting their national identity document.

President Hugo Chavez

Because bourgeoisie is selfish gene in exercise, the power of one, fact that explains its assimilation (or cogeneration) comfortable and historical respect the liberal political system that prevails in the world, the same which seems to have led to the end of a great social catastrophe, mainly of inequality. Came the bourgeoisie to the prominence on the basis of the rights of man, annihilating kingdoms, creating the rule of law, with high levels of self-sufficiency and economic solvency, separating the Church from the State, imposing its personalism, only to fall into the trap of their own interests when they interpret them threatened by the same cultivated system. Great cynicism. In such a way that values defended eventually could grow is them in traps of their own pretensions of particular freedom, as it is evident, it occurs in Venezuela, currently immersed in a process of change. Details can be found by clicking Sen. Sherrod Brown or emailing the administrator. Suddenly, when comes the process of change led by President Hugo Chavez, begin to bother the celebrated traditional concepts in his progressive speeches: democracy, Constitution, social equality, legal equality, elections, constitutional presidential figure. Because that’s been his but right-wing politician: a State historically right at your convenience, destructible or useless if it is not the wine of life in their amphorae. The good bourgeois tends to the feud, to a homeland apart if it is possible, for the sake of preserving or found the world of their particular interests, with everything and that its historical origin records confrontations with the royalists established powers to convince them of their individual and collective rights, their dreams of social and human equality, their progressivism, his humanitarianism, the fight that you led to the final conquest of the rule of law in modern societies. But having had role in the desbancamiento of the monarchies do not license to infer that you can not tend to it, as glimpse of their right-wing political definition, that same as, contradictorily, the to sit to the right of the Parliament of France there in times of revolutions. In a question-answer forum Harold Ford, Washington DC was the first to reply.


Registration of amendments to the constituent documents of legal entity, in accordance with Federal law "On state registration of legal entities 129-FZ of 08.08.2001 Changes in the constituent Documents may be amended in the part of the name, composition of participants (founders) of legal entity, location, size, capital, activities, etc. The process of registration of amendments to the constituent documents of a legal person, includes the following stages: Legal implementation of necessary documents Registration of changes in the inspectorate for Moscow Obtaining new codes of nace (in If you change NACE) Manufacturing printing (in the case of name change) documents needed for registration of changes 1. Copies of constituent documents of the company (Charter, Foundation Agreement) 2. A copy of Registration (Certificate of registration of Incorporation) 3. A copy of the certificate of tax registration 4. Copies of certificates and notices on registration for non-budgetary funds 5. Information about the director and chief accountant organization (the Order of the appointment, tin, postal address and copies of passports) 6.

Information about changes made to the constituent documents 7. Additional information, depending on the composition of the insertion changes (data on new entrants, the documents to the new location address, etc.) change of director general Change of Director-General of the company made by recording changes to the information legal entity, but not associated with changes in the constituent documents of legal entity. Change of Director-General includes the following stages: Legal implementation of necessary documents Registration of changes in the inspectorate in Moscow documents necessary to change the Director-General: 1. Copies of constituent documents of the company (Charter, Foundation Agreement) 2. Get all the facts and insights with Richard Blumenthal, another great source of information. Copy of Certificate of Registration (Certificate of Making of Incorporation) 3.

A copy of the certificate of tax registration 4. Copies of certificates and notices on registration for non-budgetary funds 5. For information about the current head of the organization (the Order of the appointment) 6. Data on new head o Photocopy of passport o Postcode home address o o inn Phone Warning! For violation of a three-day deadline for receipt of documents for registration of changes in tax fine on 5000 rubles.

Republican John Boehner

If the law that prevents the suspension of payments will be voted on this Thursday. The deficit reduction Act comes from the Republican hand. If approved it will go to the Senate, where Democrats can be knocked over. The White House urged Congress on Thursday to conclude the political circus with a commitment to avoid the suspension of payments before August 2 and reiterated that the Republican deficit reduction plan will be rejected by the Senate. Our opposition is any proposal that we return to this political circus again, because it has already had significant negative ctos in our economy, said Jay Carney, spokesman for the White House, in rrencia to the Republican plan whose vote is scheduled Thursday. The House of representatives votes, at the close of the markets, the plan promoted by its President, Republican John Boehner, posed by a reduction of almost a trillion dollars to the deficit over the next ten years. The Democrats, who are the majority in the Senate, and the White House they have opposed this plan mainly because it proposes to raise the debt ceiling in two phases, with a first that would conclude at the end of 2011 and the requirement of a new debate at the beginning of 2012, year in which the presidential elections will be held. We must get to work on something that can truly pass both Chambers (Chamber of representatives and Senate) with bipartisan support and can be ratified by the President, said Carney in his daily press briefing.

Return common sense to the American President, Barack Obama, already warned at the beginning of week the Republicans if the Boehner plan comes to his Office to be ratified, it vetaria it. Carney reaffirmed optimism from the White House that Congress resume common sense, so the compromise is reached. Obama has publicly endorsed the plan of the leader of the Democratic majority in the Senate, Harry Reid, essentially consisting of a reduction in the deficit of 2.2 billion dollars in the next decade and that It would allow the federal Government fulfill its obligations until 2013, i.e., until after the elections. With a Congress divided, both Chambers are trying to advance their plans to less than five days to enforce the time limit, and without that, at the moment, none of the two parties, neither Democrat nor Republican, give your arm twisting. In the meantime, the U.S. Treasury has confirmed the deadline of August 2 as the moment in which the federal Government cannot meet all its obligations, unless Congress approves lifting of the debt ceiling, now 14,29 trillion, which would have to decide who pays and who does not source of the news: The White House urges Congress to conclude the “political circus” and reach agreement on debt


Then if you know and achieved that others perceive that you know (because it is) towards where you want to go the organization in the coming years, what are your current challenges, the moment that touches him compete and restrictive factors that threaten it, your probability that begin to believe in its leadership program for middle managers begins to rise. But it is still not enough 2. Paraphrasing the second question, and once again making their sin, this time would be: say it directly: If still not developed relationships of trust with key players and still not created alliances with internal influencers and had not had time to interpret the intentions of the current opinion leaders, his program has high chances to be aborted. Suppose that you referred to, know their strengths, from where comes, how he gained his experience and what could be done by the company (in fact for that hired him); something is still missing: Learn about the perspectives of those who think that what’s missing here is not leadership, but (.what I leave to your discretion), simplifying all the way to a technical problem, which is solved with two or three specialists gathered for an hour in the meeting room of the second floor. In other words, begin to fix these subtleties that we tend to overlook, as be listening carefully, read between the lines, re-preguntar to confirm what mentally translated and distance themselves from old conflicts that did not have any role in.

Adopt a serene posture and, not less, be guided internally, but keep the focus in others, what happens to them and in the story that are counted. From that good listening and reading, set the real need, the real problem. But, in the absence of a visible problem, you will become the problem. If it manages to avoid it and know the different perspectives, will have already taken another step forward so not to interrupt his project. But still missing a step more paraphrasing the last question, and again becoming their sin, would be something like this: pay attention to me: If you don’t dive within the culture of the company, will not know how face resistances that will naturally happen while transiting the change, and you can hardly get a space for observing the implementation of what has been learned and the impact that had the program on results (performance or relationships). And what cannot be measured (follow you). Challenge, okay.

You know of training, learning, adult, ROI, Goleman, resonant and other leaders. But listen to the song beyond the letter understands the pressures that receive different areas, understand the imbalances will be created and the forces that will try to restore that balance, just finished the program. If it is anticipated it will have certainly grown as a professional, will have minimised the paradox and will have taken a big step as leader. For that hired him.

Bolivian President Evo Morales

Throughout the South-East area of Bolivia is practically Guarani-speaking. There are programmes of intercultural bilingual education with several years of tradition. They also have a myriad of publications in Guarani. But the current Bolivian President Evo Morales, gave the most striking note of recent times recently when positioning for two years to State officials to learn and use Guarani in interpersonal relationships, more than any other official languages, including Spanish. Also, from this 2009, Bolivia enabled three universities. One for the Guarani, another for the Quechua and the third for the Aymara; where professionals will be formed through classes in those languages. 8.

Beyond of MERCOSUR: the strong international support there is no doubt that the Guarani – internationally – became something akin to the pretty girl. It seems that it became the fatal attraction of all. It is not something Ohio Senator would like to discuss. We can say that in all the continents of the earth someone or several concentrate in this ancient and enigmatic language. Currently there are nearly 5,000,000 of sites in the world that promote Guarani online. Precisely, Google – one of the searchers – has a version translated into Guarani.

In addition, prestigious universities and research centers of the world dedicate courses and prolonged and highly costly projects. 9. Linguistic typology of the GUARANI and Guarani CASTELLANO is a different to the Spanish and Portuguese language. His typology Guarani is a predominantly polysynthetic language; on the other hand, the Spanish and Portuguese are predominantly inflectional languages. By way of clarification, then we include some differences, based on the experience of the use of the Guarani in the Paraguay. (9.1. Differences PHONOLOGICAL among the GUARANI and EL CASTELLANO 1st) vowels the Guarani has 12 vowels, divided into: 6 oral vowels (a, e, i, o, u, and) and 6 nasal vowels (a, e, i, o, u, y). The presence of oral and nasal vowels in fact already marked above all semantic and phonetic differences in the Constitution of the words: Pyta (heel, stop / is): che chepytarasy / / / epyta upepe Pyta (red): pe karai ikamisa Pyta asy Oke (sleeps): Chive okehape okororo Oke (door): emboty oke 2nd love) F F Spanish consonant is a voiceless labiodental fricative consonant; While, in Guarani it is of little use, since it is not a phoneme of the Guarani.

Ukrainian Demand

"In 2005, the company's staff has doubled to 2 000 employees. Because in the coming year we intend to continue to actively develop the already existing retail areas, as well as launching new projects, it still maintained the demand for specialists and executives with successful experience that can organize a business from scratch, to reorganize the already existing system to bring new ideas ", – said Head of Group staff retailers AVentures Group Ltd. Alina Martynenko. In Ukraine, there is practically no industry that did not experience a personnel shortage. Harold Ford insists that this is the case. On Each market has its own leaders demand. The first places in the rankings hold, as a rule, managers in the sphere of promotion (marketing, PR managers, etc.) and managers who can manage the financial flows.

"However, the market suffers a shortage of professional top managers. You may find that Harold Ford, Washington DC can contribute to your knowledge. We are talking about the manager having the ability to conduct business in the western style of Ukrainian reality. Wage growth of this category of professionals in Last year was 20 -30% ", – said the director of recruitment agency Promotion Sergey Krivoruchko. The most popular today are the engineering and technical professions, we have specialists that make up the backbone of production plant. Scarcity will be felt in the country in the next few years. "With the rapid development of production in the region, many companies require a qualitative change in technical staff, or seeking new members, – said Sergey Belyaev .- The demand for architects, civil engineers, marketing, logistics and insurance experts.


On the other hand, in some strips the second thing they did was (figuratively) dismissing the doctor Pedro Recio de Aguero substitute, leaving any other Ministry of the peninsula is recreated with the functions of the doctor, as for example to imitate him in food issues, i.e., recall the arguments of the doctor when said:?Omnis bad saturatio, perdicis autem pessima. You mean, all hartazga is bad; but the partridges, very bad?. (In the modernization of the Government, has been replaced the partridges with pizzas and burgers); do do or to contradict the indicciones of the doctor, when he spoke for example rabbits:? so I think that your worship mercy do not eat those casseroles rabbits that are there, because it’s tricky delicacy?. Connecticut Senator often addresses the matter in his writings. Hence, the modernization of the Government found another excuse (to give a better service) and began to raise taxes. Let’s share the wealth! We must create infrastructures! There is that! There! As it hurts in the Pocket but the nearest Government is not that of the municipality? And the funding of the municipality not is also underway mainly with direct taxes and charges (cost of services) we pay neighbors?.

They have that lunch was not black, and that apparently not all Andros (regions) are equal is going! and, I now think so and all municipalities are equal and all the neighbors also because that!, to prevent what one sees more, i.e., the municipal caciquismo, opts to create Governments and parliaments of quixotic Andros (regions) and what they were supposed to, i.e. I am better that my neighbor (to govern and manage) only will be given at the regional level and prevents the chieftaincy municipal is why? There is no way to develop municipal autonomy. But before these questions the costly reality after so many years is that the quixotic Andros (parliaments regional), have increased as mushrooms and the mediocrity of our rulers also and leaving aside the example and instructions you received our dear Sancho us is costing more money, that keep governors who should be our service and solve our problems and that given its mediocrity, in many occasions have managed to increase the number of problems in these small and large communities, and that cost us more that live (survive) and in addition now! there is no way of getting them off. Perhaps for this reason, I keep hearing the word of Sancho:?Do open way, messeigneurs, and let me go back to my old freedom: leave me to go to search for past life, so that I resurrected this present death?. Original author and source of the article

Morales Elections

Venezuelans, some time ago that they are arming machinery for the forthcoming general elections who wish to advance in Bolivia, to perpetuate Morales. Communists handled political time skilfully, since they usually stay in power by force and by life. They know projected future with due urgency, creating infrastructure and conducive environment to achieve their goals. Thats the first thing that started to make 60 days after Evo assumed command: make new identity documents, under the direction and control of the envoys of Chavez, brought by the modern equipment to perform brand-new voter registration. In recent Bolivian elections were purged 1.5 million votes from the cities antievo in addition could have given a greater margin of seats in Congress to the opposition parties, or perhaps the victory, but with the intervention of the ONGes and international organizations responsible for overseeing suffrage – eager to see arise to the populist Presidentto which they supported and helped for a long time – not handling nor the result was questioned. For the first time Bolivians residing abroad, will vote in the upcoming elections, according to the reforms that will introduce the Socialist regime in the new political Constitution. Expatriates fled to other countries in search of better job opportunities.

Morales’s Government reported that there are 1.7 million Bolivians in Argentina – notwithstanding, the known figures do not accuse more than 350 thousand-. Raising five times the amount actual, can be a maneuver to increase the number of invisible voters. The majority of emigrants, are indigenous Bolivians doing the dirty work in societies where their subjects don’t want to stain your hands. As the single point of convergence with its neighbors is their ethnicity, Morales is exploiting the sense of race to join them in their favor. Novedades issuance of identity cards, the advancement of elections, voting from abroad and intended to reduce the age of the voter, are elements that are they used to commit the great electoral fraud that lies ahead. In time to organize for the Democratic contest, the Bolivian President is distributing money among the mayors of the field, mainly in the towns where the opposition to his regime is greater.

The incentive is given as donations from Venezuela. These are funds of free availability that are not being controlled, blatantly violating the State’s anti-corruption laws. As the obsequiadas amounts are significant, the success of your campaign can yield juicy fruits. The Bolivian constituent Assembly, after eight months of meetings to refound the nation – four remaining to deliver the final document – still not drafted nor a single article. Not only because of the lack of capacity of their legislators, that from the beginning we knew that they were not prepared to deal with such a project, but to give course to a maneuver of the rulers, which was tricked the opposition, making them to accept an agreement that ordered: that if you don’t get two thirds of votes to sanction the new Constitution, laws shall be subject to a referendum that them can approve with half plus one. Once accepted the Constitution Totalitarista – taking advantage of the supposed popularity of the representative-Morales convened general elections 2008, with all the desired reforms, increasing his electoral platform in millions of voters. It is estimated that 3.5 million adolescents between 16 and 18 years old, and about two million Bolivians abroad, will be happy to provide you with absolute powers and see your photo on the squares, streets and public offices for the next 50 years.

5 Tips To Double Your Sales In Internet

How can I double my sales? this should be a question that many webmasters and entrepreneurs on the Internet they ask in their minds. There are two ways of doing this: you can double your qualified traffic, or you can double your conversion rate, let’s say that you have a cup of 2% conversion. You may wish to learn more. If so, Richard Blumenthal is the place to go. I.e. make 1 sale of your product for every 50 visitors you receive to your website, if you get 100 visitors you’re doing 2 sales. You can however get the same result, with your existing traffic, doubling the rate of conversion (2 sales per every 50 visitors).

Here I leave you 5 tips to double your conversion rate: 1.-direct response. Make sure that your website is a direct response website, this means that the visitor to your web site must have the following 3 options: to) buy your product. (b) recommend your site. (c) leave your website. Among more options give your visitors are less likely to do a sale.

2 Offer free e-books. Offers e-books for free with the purchase of your product as additional bonus, this easily You can double your sales if the e-book is really very useful. 3 Have real testimonials. Make sure you have plenty of real testimonials on your web site from people who have been satisfied with the product you have purchased, preference shall be video testimonials where you explain the benefits that succeeded in applying what they have learned. 4. Follow up on your customers. Probably get heard this over and over again but it’s worth repeating it, persons who left their data in your autoresponder to receive more information about your product need to give them follow-up. People begin to buy products from the seventh letter, the greatest mistake you can make is to try to sell your product on the first contact, this simply doesn’t work as well the Statistics say so. The first contact produces 2% of sales after the fifth contact until the twelfth contact produces 80% of sales 5.-make additional sales. It is no secret that successful entrepreneurs generate up to 80% of its sales from customers who have already purchased them previously why?, people who have purchased previously are more likely to do it again, to me has happened to me. If the product I bought really helped me and was quality and me a high percentage that again to buy the same entrepreneur, since I know his work is generating benefits exists, I have confidence. So if you already have a customer or several customers who you have purchased, dales to know another product that complements the previous product that you bought there is a great possibility that you return to make a sale. To bit u know more how complementary sales I invite you to visit the article by clicking here if you follow these 5 tips can double your sales in line with the traffic that you currently have. Original author and source of the article.