Licensing Activities In The Czech Republic .

Legal entity (LE) or a private entrepreneur, registered in the Czech Republic are obliged, after registration, obtain a permit to operate – the license (s), whose presence (s) allows the territory Czech Republic, one or more activities. License Czech Republic – a document issued by a state licensing boards (ivnostensky uad). It regulates the type of activity and determines the start date of this activity, which coincides with the date of issuance of the license Luik or private entrepreneurs, who (th) can use this document for the conduct of its business. When you register le to the Czech Republic, at the time of preparing the main document charter company (notasky zapis) at the point of "activities" shall include all permitted activities in the Czech Republic. At the time of this writing 267. This item should be given special attention and require performer who is engaged in registration of your legal entity entering into the document is not selected, and all activities for legal persons. This requirement is necessary to present the Czech notary public or lawyer responsible for the registration. In the future availability of these activities in the charter company will allow for the implementation of procedures for issuance of a license (see below) to obtain a permit (license) to any type of activity for business in all sectors (services, trade, manufacturing, etc.) The procedure for registration of license in the Czech Republic for a legal person requires the following documents and actions: 1.Ustav le (notasky zapis) 2.Registratsionny leaf le – a fresh extract (No more than 3 months from the date of receipt) of the Municipal Court of the Czech Republic 3.Pasport Director (editel) or passport 4.Doverennost trustee, if the interests of providing trustee 5.Zayavlenie (adost) established licensing Committee (ivnostensky uad) format 6.Oplaty state fee for receiving and processing.

Russian Sochi

According to the document, 'the use of wildlife by the use of tools and methods that meet international standards for humane trapping of wild animals. " Against the law on hunting were human rights activists, who believe that the adoption of the document would lead to massive destruction of animals and birds, disastrous impact on the ecological system of Russia as a whole. Ministry of Natural Resources plans to raise the fines last week Ministry launched an initiative to increase 10 times the penalties for officials for failure to comply with maximum permissible impact on environment, including water bodies and air. Environmental regulator considers it necessary to penalize officials for 20 thousand rubles for violations in the water sector and 50 thousand rubles for pollution atmosphere and has already sent the relevant amendments to legislation submitted for consideration in the Justice Ministry. According to the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation Yuri Trutnev, the bill would also allow uniquely identify instances of environmental harm, as well as objectively and fully assess its extent.

Environmentalists and the Public Chamber oppose the general plan of development of Sochi on Monday Russian ecologists have published an open letter urging the Russian government, state corporations 'Olympstroy' administration and city council Sochi refuse to accept the master plan, which in its current form, they view, lead to the destruction of the environment of the resort town and is a provocation against the 2014 Olympics. The danger of this document according to environmentalists, is that it provides for the removal of the Sochi National Park vast areas covering about 8,000 hectares of high ecological value. Another problematic part of the master plan environmentalists called the construction of the Transcaucasian highway, passing through the territory of the Caucasus Reserve. However, the general development plan of the resort city of Sochi, which envisages construction of the National Park, was on Tuesday unanimously approved by deputies of the City Council of Sochi. The Public Chamber of Russia are also dissatisfied with the new master plan of development of Sochi. Deputy Chairman of the Public Chamber (OP) of the Russian Federation on Environmental Policy and the Environment Michael Berulava believes that the general plan should take into account the suggestions of ecologists, public opinion and should not be taken in haste. Photofact week: The most nutritious foods on Earth, experts on the rational and healthy nutrition made a list of the most useful for human health products, regardless of its diet, or country of residence. The twelve most useful products in the world fell into an international rating, which was published in the magazine 'Forbes'. In our photofact we tell what as the products are most useful on Earth

Ukrainian Nationalists

One of the main strategies in the eastern campaign, the Nazis chose the dismemberment of a multinational state. For more successful implementation of policies to colonize the occupied territories of the ussr the Germans planned to build a series of puppet governments, fully controlled by Germany. Himmler as saying: 'The Slavic peoples have never themselves unable to cope with their problems '. Officials of the German Ministry for occupied eastern territories missed no opportunity transparent hint leaders of local nationalists in the future may restore their state as – 'independent' state, following the example of Croatia and Slovakia. Even before the outbreak of war with the Soviet Union in the Third Reich and the occupied countries of Europe began the formation of numerous organizations representing the interests of the 'enslaved peoples of Bolshevism'. For example, in 1939 in Rome, held a congress of representatives of the Georgian nationalist organizations in Berlin, Prague and Warsaw, where it was decided to organize a 'Georgian National Committee', whose main task which was to establish the common Caucasian fascist party in the future "liberated" territory of Georgia.

Indicators and a second example. Even before the Great Patriotic War, under the leadership of the head of Ukrainian Nationalists – Bandera, were created three hiking groups (about 40 thousand people.), which should form the Ukrainian administration in the occupied territories. June 30, 1941 with the help of these groups tried to Bandera to proclaim the independence of Ukraine, but the Germans certainly did not like such an initiative.

Guangdong Province

Violent floods have occurred in the U.S. and China Floods June 2008 U.S. states east of the Mississippi Delta, in its consequences have surpassed the flood of 1993, which is still considered the worst natural disaster of this kind. The authorities have taken all that was in their power to mitigate the effects of intense rainfall and river flooding. However, the population still continues to leave their homes, throwing part of the acquired property and move to relatives in safer areas of the country. In Iowa, floods killed three people, another 12 people were killed by a tornado this week. Declared a disaster area 83 of the 99 districts in the state. President George W.

Bush, the final European tour, was informed of the consequences of floods in the U.S The head of the White House assured that federal agencies have developed a detailed plan for providing comprehensive assistance to victims of disaster to people. No less than catastrophic floods observed in China. South China's Guangdong province threatens large-scale flooding due to incessant rains, which run from June 7. The Government of Guangdong Province issued an urgent order for carrying out control measures in the provincial towns and to prepare for mass evacuation from the area of possible flooding. Total May-June flood in China suffered 38.5 million people in 20 provinces country. Direct economic losses from the disaster, according to preliminary data, amounted to 3,3 billion dollars. Radiation may be useful for health? Everyone knows that penetrates the human body radiation is dangerous – in high doses it leads to instant death, and prolonged irradiation provokes the development of cancerous tumors.