European Parliament

Curiously outsiders of the EU or the hallowed Yes afford, even if they have just arrived in this city, but not the more than half a million latinos who are not yet citizens, despite the fact that many of them live there since the last millennium. The shift to the center-right seen in England can finish doing that the hard left does not come to the Assembly but allow Yes that, for the first time, the neo-Nazis of the BNP (British national party) leguen to this. Without having this time an election to the European Parliament (as there was in May 2004, at the same time that the city of London), which benefited to the Party of the independence of the United Kingdom (UKIP) – a force that only takes in this kind of election votes pose reject to the EU – and taking into account that UKIP has been divided, it is likely that the BNP, strengthened in certain local elections, in its organization and capitalize on the white working class unhappy with labour, is a surprise. If Brown and Livingstone had tried riding the pro-socialista wave that came from Spain and France his chances had improved. Instead Brown gave Sarkozy the best reception London has given to a French President in decades, which can not channeling that wave anti-conservadora. At this stage it is very difficult to prevent the Conservatives manage to be the first force within the London Assembly or to become to win in most of the 15 London areas where a representative is chosen directly before this. However, Livingstone still can give a fight and give the surprise to regain the Mayor’s Office.

He has said that this is the most difficult of his life battle, is a master at tactics and is possibly the most popular labor that there is. A possible tory London victory would do that for the first time the Mayor of this city, created in 2000, pass into the hands of the right. Livingstone will say that this is a disaster because it would affect their programs since transport and housing and the modern and multi-ethnic character that wanted to impose upon London. Conservatives, for their part, will see that triumph as an escalation to undermine and depose the labour and make a Government who wants to stimulate the economy by promoting lower taxes but more privatizations and concessions to investors and also try more to control immigration and crime. While for Brown is a positive thing to be so close to the French President and for Livingstone be within the ruling party, the truth is that new Labour’s Alliance with the European conservatives at the end finished working in favour of the tories and that Ken gobiernismo turn out to be its Achilles heel.

Ken Livingstone

While certain Venezuelan polls put Chavez below the opposition, others in London put his Dhaka first mayor being surpassed by the conservatives. Not only Chavez has as allies to the Presidents of Nicaragua, Cuba, Ecuador and Bolivia, but also to Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London (a city richer than the sum of all those Nations). If Ken is a staunch defender of the Bolivarian revolution, Chavez is the great benefactor that guarantees subsidized bus tickets to the poorest Londoners. Tory Boris Johnson candidate 1st will seek to end the reign of Red Ken and account in his favour with the discredit of the labour. Ken, however, is the only leader that London has known since 1981y is popular by increase in bicycles and public transport, have alleviated congestion and urban pollution and for having made that his city is the headquarters of the 2,012 Olympics.

Argentine Finances

Serious are the problems that are afflicting the Argentine finances these days. After the virtual playpen to foreign currencies which the Government imposed through the AFIP, the greenback blue in Argentina has skyrocketed, reaching an exchange rate gap of more than 35% of difference with the official dollar. The greenback parallel is in the clouds, and how to buy dollar parallel is something that brings the dream to more than one. In this situation, such difference has begun to affect various sectors of finance, and to put nervous to the citizens of the country, accustomed to the Argentine economy economic cycles. So, the first sector affected is the market for properties, where already has changed everything.

The Government says that with this he achieved that for the first time in the Argentina operating in this market in national currency, be published, sold and purchased in pesos instead of dollars. But analysts doubt this assertion, since since 1975 there has never been more transactions that are not in dollars; You can publish those classified in pesos but to cover the operation that will be made in any foreign currency. Another latent danger in the rise of the greenback is inflation. In a country hit hard with inflation, according to private numbers is located at a pace of between 20% and 30% per year for the last five years, the risk of an acceleration of the IPC makes put with hair-raising government and workers, that they see as wages do not see changes in their increases with the rate of inflation. Culprits of the Crisis there are many opinions in Argentina in relation to who is to blame for this crisis. According to that side are (either Government or opposition), the guilty parties can be on whether Argentines (accustomed to save in dollars), companies, banks or the Government.

Moreover, many put you name and surname to blame for the crisis: Guillermo Moreno, become the black monk of the Government. Some experts repeated conservatively that this crisis is not being handled by suitable persons. They describe that the measures were taken and is still taking with in relation to the US dollar not only are not turning the fire but that are fuelling. And the reason for this is that, today, the reins Economics of the country are not in head of the Minister of the economy, but the Secretary of Commerce, commanded by Moreno. So, in a scheme where the arrogance and the vale everything the Secretary of Commerce (according to words which are vox populi in Argentina and also the same Moreno undertakes to assert), diplomacy, consensus and discussion have been shelved. What the average Argentine wondered is: do is a person suitable? Most already has a response for some time, even before this crisis desmanejo: no, it is not.

Congress Plan

It went forward in the House of representatives. Approved it by 269 votes in favor and 161 against. The proposal must be ratified by the Senate. The House of representatives on Tuesday approved the bipartisan agreement that will raise debt ceiling before the limit on August 2 in order to avoid the suspension of payments of EE UU. The proposal, which must still be ratified by the Senate, includes a plan of the EE UU of at least 2.1 trillion deficit reduction over the next decade, exclusively through cuts in public spending and was approved by 269 votes against 161 votes against. Despite the majority approval, since it needed a simple majority of 216 votes in favor, the vote reflected the division within the Democratic Party, where there was a tie at 95 votes. Some Congressional Democrats showed their opposition throughout the day to the plan because it did not include a tax increase for the most high incomes, as it had been raised at first.

By party Republican, however, the plan was supported by the vast majority of their representatives, despite the reticence shown initially by the more conservative wing of the party, the Tea Party. A joint plan the bipartisan Pact, announced last night by the American President, Barack Obama, was designed by the leader of the Democratic majority in the Senate, Harry Reid, and the leader of the Republican minority in this Chamber, Mitch McConnell. Reid said that the Senate will vote Tuesday the plan of lifting of the debt, currently of 14,29 trillion ceiling. The vote of the House of representatives was considered the most complicated obstacle for this measure come out ahead, so it opens the way for final approval and is cleared, for the moment, the shadow of the suspension of payments in EE UU. Minutes before the vote, the White House issued a statement that asserted that President Obama would ratify it if arose after passing through Congress. Source of the news: The plan to avoid the suspension of payments in EE UU overcomes his greatest obstacle

Labour Organization

List and explain the sectors in which economic activity is divided. Put two examples of companies belonging to each of them (June 2009). What is and what is the share premium in a capital increase? (September 2009). Explain how they affect the bargaining power of a company: to) the merger of some of its main suppliers. (b) the merger of some of its most important customers (Septiembre2009).

Point and justified if the following characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises are advantages or disadvantages for their competitiveness: qualification and training of personnel, funding, flexibility of organization and proximity to the customer (2010 model). The NISER company presents a project to settle in the community of Madrid. What four variables and more relevant location criteria should be considered to make the right decision? Justify the answer and point to an example in each case (2010 model). Point and explain the classification of enterprises according to the ownership of its capital (general June 2010). Defines mercantile societies (0.5 points) and expose two examples thereof (general September 2010). Point and explain four features of the individual entrepreneur (2011 model).

THEORY unit 3: Area of organization Define the concept of organizational structure and describe the different types of organization chart who knows. (June 2003) 2 Cite three incentives influencing labour motivation (June 2004). Explain what is the function of the organizational structure in an organization. (September 1004) 4 Jorge, Sonia and Carlos work on the TREK company, S.A. Jorge is the director of the production department, Sonia is the Director of the commercial Department and Carlos is an employee of this last Department. Explain the different types of internal communication can be established between these three workers (September 2005). 5 Explain the scientific Labour Organization school.