Argentine Finances

Serious are the problems that are afflicting the Argentine finances these days. After the virtual playpen to foreign currencies which the Government imposed through the AFIP, the greenback blue in Argentina has skyrocketed, reaching an exchange rate gap of more than 35% of difference with the official dollar. The greenback parallel is in the clouds, and how to buy dollar parallel is something that brings the dream to more than one. In this situation, such difference has begun to affect various sectors of finance, and to put nervous to the citizens of the country, accustomed to the Argentine economy economic cycles. So, the first sector affected is the market for properties, where already has changed everything.

The Government says that with this he achieved that for the first time in the Argentina operating in this market in national currency, be published, sold and purchased in pesos instead of dollars. But analysts doubt this assertion, since since 1975 there has never been more transactions that are not in dollars; You can publish those classified in pesos but to cover the operation that will be made in any foreign currency. Another latent danger in the rise of the greenback is inflation. In a country hit hard with inflation, according to private numbers is located at a pace of between 20% and 30% per year for the last five years, the risk of an acceleration of the IPC makes put with hair-raising government and workers, that they see as wages do not see changes in their increases with the rate of inflation. Culprits of the Crisis there are many opinions in Argentina in relation to who is to blame for this crisis. According to that side are (either Government or opposition), the guilty parties can be on whether Argentines (accustomed to save in dollars), companies, banks or the Government.

Moreover, many put you name and surname to blame for the crisis: Guillermo Moreno, become the black monk of the Government. Some experts repeated conservatively that this crisis is not being handled by suitable persons. They describe that the measures were taken and is still taking with in relation to the US dollar not only are not turning the fire but that are fuelling. And the reason for this is that, today, the reins Economics of the country are not in head of the Minister of the economy, but the Secretary of Commerce, commanded by Moreno. So, in a scheme where the arrogance and the vale everything the Secretary of Commerce (according to words which are vox populi in Argentina and also the same Moreno undertakes to assert), diplomacy, consensus and discussion have been shelved. What the average Argentine wondered is: do is a person suitable? Most already has a response for some time, even before this crisis desmanejo: no, it is not.