History Roosevelt

Certainly Peronists were not, and never had even thought nationally. Thus we see for the political first time Daniel Scioli Exposicion Rural attends the attempt to break away from that ambition that enceguecio the lackluster governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, often identified as a stole As a result of the disastrous social and economic crisis known as the Great Depression, the george bush American people to punish the Republican Party. In the presidential elections of 1932 won the Democratic Party candidate, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
President Roosevelt initiated a liberal program of radical reforms known as the New Deal (New Deal “in Spanish) to cope with the chaotic social situation. Roosevelt did not want to eliminate the capitalist system, much less establish a Marxist or a communist economy, was a strong supporter of free market economy. But believed that the state senator should play a much larger of which had so far in the national economy, and his advisers believed in some politics of the centrally planned economy.
The president fought unemployment with massive public works programs and making the state directly committee employ the unemployed in plans (such as the Civilian platforms Conservation Corps). His main contribution was to start to create the American welfare state. His government was approved by Congress the legislation that established the right of all American workers have a retirement pension financed by contributions from workers, employers and state. This will fund the U.S. Social Security, with only a box run by the Federal Government.
Roosevelt was also responsible for the creation of the minimum wage in the United States, from that moment the employers could not beliefs reduce the salary of its employees below a limit set by the Congress of the United States (and that states are free to republicans go up but not down, so in some states the minimum wage is higher than in the rest of the country). This was something unusual in a country where the state capital gains generated by the workers often ended up in the pockets kerry of private monopolies.
Roosevelt greatly increase public spending to fund its many programs to alleviate poverty, reduce unemployment and stimulate the economy, and we also had to raise taxes is the only thing that seemed to george w. bush be fiscal conservatives that did not like the fiscal deficit.
Roosevelt also founded a state company to provide electricity service in rural areas (the Tennessee Valley vote Authority), where private companies electricas showed no interest in investing, and senate this in a country where the State does not like being an entrepreneur. Established parties many regulations on private issues enterprise.
This series of measures that made Roosevelt’s critics accused headquarters him and his advisers to the being “socialist” no choice but to threaten free enterprise and the American voter way of life, abortion while Roosevelt was not really a socialist in the Marxist sense of campaign the word (which was almost the only way at that time).
During World War II, Roosevelt’s government went further, imposing price controls (something that never existed in the United States) and a limited views ration. But at the end of the war, price controls were eliminated by Congress dominated by Republicans.
His successor, Harry Truman, continued many of the economic measures of Roosevelt. Both Roosevelt and Truman, despite being Democrats, began to take elephant measures to protect certain rights of black people, what you do not like the Democrats in the South.
In the presidential election of 1948 President Truman sought to remain (to be reached in 1945, because of the death of Roosevelt, because he was the vice president when the death occurred), but the Southern republican Democrats refused to support the Truman commitment to civil rights for blacks. Southern Democrats split the party and temporarily released another candidate, who was the then Governor of South Carolina Strom Thurmond.
When Democrat John F. Kennedy won the presidential election of 1960, defending what he did was defend something that all democratic leaders left or right: equality of the citizens of any race (white conservative or black). But that caused an earthquake among platform the ultra-racist and Democrats in the South.
When Kennedy made by Congress to approve legal reforms to end the unconstitutional discrimination against blacks (racial segregation) and enforce the civil rights of people of color (black), the Southern Democrats accused him of “traitor.” For them the Democratic Party had betrayed the people of the South (white, of course) they had always given their votes.

Democrat Bill Clinton

The United States politics presidential election of 1992 was conservative the platform presidential contest between Republican senator nominee and President George HW Bush, Democrat Bill Clinton, the governor of senate Arkansas, and independent republicans candidate Ross Perot, a Texas businessman. Bush had beliefs alienated much of his conservative base by vote breaking his 1988 campaign republican promise congress against raising taxes issues when george bush the economy was political in recession, and Bush had a liberal higher perception, foreign policy, parties which was seen by many less important after the platforms collapse of the Soviet headquarters Union and the climate abortion of kerry relative peace in the views Middle East after Iraq’s defeat in the First Gulf War.

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Parliament Bono

The Socialist President of the Congress believes that it would be good new SAP. I am lightweight luggage but I think live always with the PSOE in my heart. Jose Bono, the Socialist President of the Congress, said Monday, although it has not made a decision, prriria does not occur in the lists of the PSOE for the general elections. In the Albacete town of Salobre, Bono did not want to dispel the doubts about his presence on the lists for the elections of Nov. 20. I am lightweight luggage, and probably good that the new Parliament constitutes without any inherited servitude of the previous, he has pointed out.

He pointed out that this should not be interpreted as a lack of support to the colours of his party, which today more than ever, it has secured dnder with force. The rose in the heart I think living with the PSOE in my heart until I die has guaranteed. And there is, as it has an Apostille, fruits that one has already tasted in sufficient quantity and quality and that now, believes, they should share other companions. Asked about future responsibilities in his party, has limited itself to saying: all who wish me. With respect to the PSOE candidate to the Presidency of the Government, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, Bono has praised his intelligence, skill and ability to work. He has shared the words of the Deputy Secretary-General of the PSOE, Jose Blanco, on which Rubalcaba will be in front of the match 20-N pass whatever happens. It has argued that the Socialist don’t want to stumble again on the same stone as when Joaquin Almunia and Josep Borrell shared the split of the party.

Provincial councils also is has rrido to the words of Rubalcaba on the provincial delegations and has agreed on the need to suppress them, because in the current context of constitutional duties can be perfectly acceptable by other administrations. The President of the Congress has also made balance of the legislature, which has emphasised the agreement of this House and the Senate to publish assets, income and activities of members of Parliament from September 8. It has ensured that no is due to popular pressure derived from the 15-M. Source of the news: Bono considers not be presented to the elections of 20-N

Gulf Cooperation Council

Ali Abdala Saleh says that he will abide by the provisions in the proposal of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). This same plan has been rejected by him on three occasions. Since his return, dozens of people have died in fighting between opposition and Government forces. The President of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, said on Sunday that it remains committed to a peaceful transfer of power and elections, points collected on the proposal of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Saleh gave his first televised speech to the nation once on Friday returned from Saudi Arabia, where he remained convalescing from wounds suffered in an assassination attempt. During his speech, he stressed his interest in which is applied the initiative of the GCC, while it has previously rejected it three times.

The proposed plan stipulates the handover of authority to the Vice President, Abdo Rabu Mansur Hadi, within a period of one month from your signature and the holding of presidential elections. Saleh was in agreement to extend this last appearance and asked to include the election legislative and local if the parties reach agreement. More bouts since his return once last week intensified violent clashes between the forces of the regime and the opposition causing the death of more than one hundred people, yemeni President urged the other party to achieve power through the ballot box. We are against coups, he said. In addition, Saleh felt that the country was going through a very dangerous time and described as attacks by the opposing forces of terrorist acts carried out by elements that do not feel no responsibility. Yemeni President asked young people to stay away from armed groups that push them to the land of war. Finally appreciated the help of Saudi Arabia and United States in the fight against Al-Qaeda and accused who have come out of the constitutional legitimacy of providing information to this terrorist organization. Source of the news: the President of Yemen is committed to transferring powers and hold elections

Wedding Elections

The truth is that the preparations for a wedding are arduous and each election is vitally important, choose the Church can lead to a wait of up to 3 years, choosing the costumes of each of the bride and groom, bridesmaids, of godparents, choose the guests can be imposed by parents, in the case of family members that we would like you not acudiesen but inviting them for commitment, but among all elections is catering the fundamental variable, if the hot and cold canapes like guests, the menu is your taste like desserts and especially if the quantities are appropriate this insured success. We’ll start with a first idea: hire a prestigious catering company, don’t play with food for your loved ones, in that choice support you online to verify the experiences of others in the forums, and above all not it bases all in price but on quality and size, that can be repeated may be crucial to the more canine guests who are able to spend the last two days without eating. As regards the choice of the menu is common the choice of hors d’oeuvres and dishes sophisticated with details of haute cuisine, if you take care of the catering for your wedding you have a high percentage of welfare for your family and of course do not skimp on the bar librecon not less than three hour of cocktails. Don’t let that your partner be be responsible of everything because the weight is enormous, countless are details that must be looked after and catering for weddings is an element to agree not only on by two but also by the parents of both, hence it is typical and usual to test for these six people to check that what they will offer is to everyone’s taste.Good luck with all the elements and above all enjoy your day, remember that to satisfy the most loved it is enough to invite them and is more difficult to come but with other things and the best way is to convince them with the stomach, if not so their criticism will be fierce and thundering, you not offering them this pleasure, combat it with a wedding of your dreams.


The reputed Professor George Philip from the LSE, who initially saw with good eyes to Fujimori, believes that he wandered like all Latin American President seeking to perpetrate in power. The student wear out and end up throwing overboard what previously had been achieved. In Europe there are indefinite student because persons holding the positions of the head of Government or State are not the same. However, things change in less rich and stable countries and where there is a President who concentrates these two functions. Latin American rulers who imposed two or more student ended up being deposed by popular or armed uprisings (Mexico 1911, 1989 Paraguay, Peru 2000). Chavez lost for the first time a few votes in the referendum to its proposal for indefinite re-election. While the Venezuelan left comes accepting if it wants to follow in Palace you must have a new ruler, Colombian been want to force new measures to extend the period of its President. Achieve Uribe win another term, in the long run, could end in his defeat and crash.

Interior Minister

/ VIDEO: ATLAS the candidate cannot be the Minister who organize elections, he says. It is the first occasion that has confirmed it will leave at least one of the positions he plays in the Government because of their status as candidate. It has ratified that the Government planned to run the legislature. The Vice President of the Executive, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, has advanced this Friday that will no longer be Minister of the Interior before the next general election because he considers that this position with the fact of being the PSOE candidate to the Presidency of the Government is not compatible. Rubalcaba has exposed that intention at the press conference that has offered at the end of the meeting of the Council of Ministers and that ratified that the Government planned to run the legislature. The Vice President has not revealed whether he will leave all of his posts in the Executive because of its candidate status, but asked concrete of if is considering the possibility of being Minister of the Interior until the day of the elections, has advanced it will leave before that Department. ES a no-brainer.

The candidate – has said – cannot be the Minister who organize elections. In addition, noted ironically that he appreciated that I could clarify this end if someone could think that he, as Minister of the Interior, would be giving the election results to the Socialist candidate. They say such rare things, added the Vice President on the first occasion that has confirmed that he will leave at least one of the positions he plays in the Government due to his condition of Socialist headliner for the next general elections. However, it has not advanced their intentions with respect to the moment in which abandoned the post of Interior Minister. Source of the news: Rubalcaba will abandon inside before the elections