PSE Votes

He has won 953 councilmen, followed by the PNV, which has managed to 872. It is placed as the first force in San Sebastian: 8 Councillors. Follow others, such as Amazon, and add to your knowledge base. He has also managed a loose victory in the town of Gernika (Vizcaya) to achieve 62,76% of the votes and 12 Councillors. The Coalition abertzale Bildu has become this Sunday, once scrutinized 100% of the votes, in the first force of the Basque country in number of Councillors, to obtain 953 councilmen, followed by the PNV, which has managed to 872. The Party of Inigo Urkullu has achieved more votes, 325.968 (30,05%), while Bildu is the second largest number of votes in the Basque Autonomous Community, with 276.134 (25.45%). Bildu, Oskar Matute, leader has assured Sunday that the polls are endorsing the bet of his coalition, and has announced that today begins changing social, political and institutional left and sovereign. Matute has made this claim on the pediment ATAN III of San Sebastian, where the members of Bildu (independent abertzales, EA and) Alternatiba) follow the results of election night. Guipuzcoa Bildu has also won the municipal elections and achieved 8 councilors in San Sebastian, capital which has ruled in the past 20 years the PSE/EE of Odon Elorza, who stays as a second force, with 7 councilmen.

In Gipuzkoa, with 100 percent of the vote counted, Bildu is the most voted option with 34.65% of votes and 22 junteros, followed by the PNV, 23.52% of the votes that give 14 junteros. In Errenteria (Gipuzkoa), with 100% counted, Bildu obtains most to achieve 8 Councillors, relegating the PSE/EE to the second place with 7 councilmen, followed by the PNV with 3, PP with 2 and EB 1. Victory in Alava Bildu has become the second force with more Councillors of Alava, behind the PNV and ahead of the PP and the PSE-EE.

Italian Stock Exchange

/ 70,000 will be after 2013, leaving the bulk of the savings to the next legislature. Government and opposition have been processed emergency setting. The plan focuses on cuts to pensions, the delay in retirement age and the reduction of tax benefits. The Italian Parliament has finally adopted this Friday the plan of budgetary adjustment by 79,000 million euros for the period of 2011-2014 with which the Executive of Silvio Berlusconi seeks to achieve a balance in the accounts. The Prime Minister has re-emerged in the public scene after being away since last Friday will start falls from the Italian Stock Exchange, and the meteoric rise of the Italian differential with the German bond. These economic turbulence managed Government and opposition to put in something agree to accelerate the parliamentary handling of the plan. The intention is that the markets open on Monday already approved measures.

The Italian alta-el Senate – Chamber approved Thursday the plan, which focuses its eagerness to savings and fund-raising for the public coffers in the cuts to pensions, the delay to the retirement age and reducing tax benefits by Affairs as having dependent children. The plan, which aims to achieve a balance in the public accounts in 2014, consists of four phases of cuts: 3 billion euros for 2011, 6 billion euros by 2012, and 25,000 and 45,000 million euros for 2013 and 2014, respectively, which leaves the greatest weight savings for the next legislature. In the municipal elections of may in Milan, birthplace of the berlusconismo and his Northern League ally, won nearly 11 points Giuliano Pisapia centreleft. Candidates from Berlusconi also fell in the rest of great places like Naples, Cagliari, Trieste or Novara. The next general elections are in 2013. Silvio Berlusconi has already announced that it would not submit. Source of the news: Italy approves the plan of adjustment of 79,000 million euros for the period 2011-2014

Parliament Bono

The Socialist President of the Congress believes that it would be good new SAP. I am lightweight luggage but I think live always with the PSOE in my heart. Jose Bono, the Socialist President of the Congress, said Monday, although it has not made a decision, prriria does not occur in the lists of the PSOE for the general elections. In the Albacete town of Salobre, Bono did not want to dispel the doubts about his presence on the lists for the elections of Nov. 20. I am lightweight luggage, and probably good that the new Parliament constitutes without any inherited servitude of the previous, he has pointed out.

He pointed out that this should not be interpreted as a lack of support to the colours of his party, which today more than ever, it has secured dnder with force. The rose in the heart I think living with the PSOE in my heart until I die has guaranteed. And there is, as it has an Apostille, fruits that one has already tasted in sufficient quantity and quality and that now, believes, they should share other companions. Asked about future responsibilities in his party, has limited itself to saying: all who wish me. With respect to the PSOE candidate to the Presidency of the Government, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, Bono has praised his intelligence, skill and ability to work. He has shared the words of the Deputy Secretary-General of the PSOE, Jose Blanco, on which Rubalcaba will be in front of the match 20-N pass whatever happens. It has argued that the Socialist don’t want to stumble again on the same stone as when Joaquin Almunia and Josep Borrell shared the split of the party.

Provincial councils also is has rrido to the words of Rubalcaba on the provincial delegations and has agreed on the need to suppress them, because in the current context of constitutional duties can be perfectly acceptable by other administrations. The President of the Congress has also made balance of the legislature, which has emphasised the agreement of this House and the Senate to publish assets, income and activities of members of Parliament from September 8. It has ensured that no is due to popular pressure derived from the 15-M. Source of the news: Bono considers not be presented to the elections of 20-N

Gulf Cooperation Council

Ali Abdala Saleh says that he will abide by the provisions in the proposal of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). This same plan has been rejected by him on three occasions. Since his return, dozens of people have died in fighting between opposition and Government forces. The President of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, said on Sunday that it remains committed to a peaceful transfer of power and elections, points collected on the proposal of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Saleh gave his first televised speech to the nation once on Friday returned from Saudi Arabia, where he remained convalescing from wounds suffered in an assassination attempt. During his speech, he stressed his interest in which is applied the initiative of the GCC, while it has previously rejected it three times.

The proposed plan stipulates the handover of authority to the Vice President, Abdo Rabu Mansur Hadi, within a period of one month from your signature and the holding of presidential elections. Saleh was in agreement to extend this last appearance and asked to include the election legislative and local if the parties reach agreement. More bouts since his return once last week intensified violent clashes between the forces of the regime and the opposition causing the death of more than one hundred people, yemeni President urged the other party to achieve power through the ballot box. We are against coups, he said. In addition, Saleh felt that the country was going through a very dangerous time and described as attacks by the opposing forces of terrorist acts carried out by elements that do not feel no responsibility. Yemeni President asked young people to stay away from armed groups that push them to the land of war. Finally appreciated the help of Saudi Arabia and United States in the fight against Al-Qaeda and accused who have come out of the constitutional legitimacy of providing information to this terrorist organization. Source of the news: the President of Yemen is committed to transferring powers and hold elections