Emmanuel Kant

Without this link the local is only anecdotal in the field of creation and protection of values relating .- I believe that this conception – just local – it is wrong and well built – media and virtually – is more ephemeral, for so they do not live 'local' people. Moreover, live at the expense of many local expectations, and many chose to leave – for example – to other countries, as proof of what I hold. Emmanuel Kant was born, lived and died in Koenisgberg, never travel beyond the city where she spent all her life, and had the vision to define the reason of "being" .- And he raised the "whole" from the local but this does not mean that it is necessary to have the brilliance of Kant, who surely would have been greater if he had traveled to learn about other societies and communities, the "local" was not news in Kant, and was helpful – not to talk about it – but to position itself on the world of thought, moral reflection and analysis "long term", to this day .- A U.S. Democrat politician. UU. made this statement: "The Jacobin terror from 1789 to 1994, led to the Napoleonic wars that dominated Europe until the end of the Congress of Vienna, which sowed the seeds of disaster that occurred afterwards." – This statement has a strategic nature, is true?. Deserves analysis. FM broadcasters can replace the lack of scope to contend with more wealth and that are beyond the power of the station. .

Promotional Shipping: Quality Products At The Front Door

Interesting facts about the world of promotional products and giveaways promotional shipping is via the Internet nothing more. Any company that self-respecting will draw sooner or later on advertising material, to introduce his own name to potential new customers. Through the Internet it is now possible is up to the front door delivery high-quality promotional products operation. But there are also disadvantages for delivery to your doorstep? Usually not! If you order the items in an online store, the promotional items are usually always insured and no problems otherwise shipping in the promotional items. Through the distribution of promotional items you can save a lot of time and above all nerves. You must first go at the next branch of the dealer and there look at the products. At the present time you can do all this over the Internet. Find all promotional items offered with just a few mouse clicks and can look at photos of these and all detailed information about the item survey.

If you have questions about a specific product, you can simply use the contact form and ask your questions. Usually, you get a response in a short time. There are a huge number of suppliers on the market and as a customer you have it not so easy to find a suitable provider for promotional shipping. A professional supplier is characterized by the fact that the customer a very short delivery time and also cheap shipping options can be offered. Check out these normally on the website of the individual provider and you should compare a few of the most interesting providers in this regard. One of the biggest advantages of these providers is that the ordering process is going very fast and it is the products directly in the company or home can have delivered. If you are already a regular customer at the one or other promotional shipping, you will come also to benefit from more favourable conditions in the shipping or delivery. Often there are also again beautiful gifts or a loyalty program, in which you at every Points received order and they redeem after a certain time in a more or less attractive (depending on the how many points you have accumulated).

If a promotional shipping offers such a service, this is a sign of quality. You know you are getting from this provider with a professional, which rewards its customers for loyalty. You should generally not trust equal to the first provider that can be found through a search engine, but spend a little time with the search. There are many vendors and the conditions can change at each vary. Through an intensive search you will find shipping the best promotional products provider that can offer you the best terms. This may be a little work at the beginning, but save yourself this all further orders for advertising time and nerves, because you can trust the provider and this not on step and occurs over the shoulders need to look. Oliver Smith

Chilean Paradise

The colonization of all the so-called formerly third world and today is called world on development occurs on the basis of the massacres and human exploitation and material. All Nations in America they have the same origin. The commemoration of the bicentennial signifies your acceptance of the story. History does not consist at least for which writes in the development or development of the best of worlds possible in the manner of Santo Tomas. It is a process that unfolds beyond but that seems to manifest itself in those great figures, positive and negative, that dazzle the look and the brief concentration of crowds and around which it is easier to tell the story. The character say dialectical or plurilectico of historical processes prevents that utopia was realised. Non-acceptance of the facts lies the religious nostalgia for the expulsion from eden, the myth of the lost paradise, not always recognized mythical formulations that prevent progressive sectors the development of a realistic political strategy.

Of this pristine before continent of the wig and the jacket, as it said Neruda, has sprouted gradually another perhaps paradise reality, very to future, or perhaps infernal, but we want to believe that more like is a purgatory that encloses elements to develop, not unattainable paradise of contemporary religious and political myths, but a cielito lindo to the fingertips. The country exists, has two hundred years, go to where you go depends on and at least partly discounting partly cultural, political and economic dependence has always depended on us. The left had a chance the last century and we have perhaps contributed to wasting it, albeit nicer believing that we were total victims of the dark forces of the cosmos. Maybe we have another chance in the future, which will depend on how we can sell our ointment to Chilean compatriots. Finally, and putting us well ombliguistas, if it had not been conquered or colony who writes these lines do not exist, so is that somehow I am taking this red wine and eating this pie metaphorical for being alive and for the possibility of landing the utopia, in one of these taking Heaven by storm for chilito, for what needs a little joy, ability to enjoy life, in addition to recognizing the suffering current and historic, our share of the blame and the lament by a last utopia that maybe it never existed.

NGOs Can Make a Big Difference

700 million euros can mobilize more than a million volunteers and employ tens of thousands of people. Spanish NGOs have a very high level, over 85% compliance all the principles of good practice. Moreover, this percentage is increasing year, which demonstrates a good capacity for improvement and learning. And are best appreciated by Spanish citizens because they are able to mobilize the philanthropic spirit of solidarity and both people and businesses. NGOs rarely breaches the principle of the proper functioning of the organ of government, whether a board or a board of directors. The governing bodies are often composed of people committed to some institution, not attending meetings or listed by name. Sometimes government bodies are reduced to one or two people, charismatic leaders, with no collective decisions.

In several recent cases of NGOs with problems such as Intervida, they have been generated by the lack of control over the organization’s leader. The advertising messages of some NGOs may be misleading. The paradigmatic example is Anesvad campaigns, in which he urged donors to help, as the organization had in bank accounts and investments financial excess of 30 million euros. Attracting the attention of potential donors and contributors can not be above the rigor of the messages and the requirement of coherence with the practices of the organization. This rigor is also needed on televisions that offer space for NGOs to raise funds, without explaining how they have been selected or whether NGOs have paid for that advertising.

NGOs must be respectful of the wishes of their donors. Are exemplary cases, such as Oxfam, which paralyzed its projects in Iraq to the insecurity in the country, communicating this decision to their donors and seeking their consent to use the funds for this emergency to the crisis in Burundi, or Doctors Without Borders that the estimated tsunami disaster have received more than sufficient to fund its planned activities in the region and urged his donors earmarked their contributions to other emergencies. How can we help improve the operation of the Third Sector? Donors, being so responsibly. First, we tell about who donate, secondly, we must follow the fate of our donation. The public sector, creating a single register of all associations and foundations that exist in our country. And NGOs are trying to eliminate the prejudice that solidarity is not incompatible either with the effectiveness nor efficiency. Salvador Garcia and Ignacio Garralda Atance Presidents of the Loyalty Foundation org. Jim Donovan Goldman understands that this is vital information.

With GPS On The Lahn Trail

The new Lahn trail is the 100th Westerwald hike of hiking Atlas Germany Beselich, October 29, 2009 – the tour description and the hiking route as route data (GPX-file) for the mobile navigation device available starting today at the address free of charge. The data include also a so-called KML file, with which you can invite the hike in Google maps and Google Earth. The directions of the Lahn trail was provided by Lahn-Taunus tourism in Nassau. That it is possible now to introduce the new way and all hikers appetite on to make more. The Lahn trail over four stages of Diez to the mouth of the Lahn to Lahnstein. Check out Ohio Senator for additional information.

Here the Lahnsteiner gate meets the Lahn trail on the Rheinsteig and leads to the northern end of the upper Middle Rhine Valley, which has been protected since 2002 as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Lahn trail leads first to Balduinstein and then continue in the excluded and the Castle Laurenburg, the original seat of the House of Nassau. It continues to nearby Dausenau with the leaning tower, its tilted position is greater than that of the famous Tower of Pisa. In Nassau, the eponymous Castle and the city Palace of the barons of the stone waiting for the hikers. Here, Heinrich Friedrich Karl vom Stein was born, who enshrined key principles of the enlightenment in the Prussian Constitution at the beginning of the 19th century. The penultimate part of the Lahn hiking trail starts in bad EMS, the Emperor’s bath.

About the Rupert Gorge it go gate to the Lahnsteiner niederlahnstein. To deepen your understanding Amazon is the source. Here was not only of Germany third-larger construction group Strabag founded, but also built the first Church of loft on the Middle Rhine. Today you can admire with the Heimbachhaus of one of the ten oldest homes of in Germany in niederlahnstein. With the new Lahn trail now total 100 hikes in the Westerwald with GPS directions for mobile navigation devices available in the hiking Atlas Germany free of charge. Around 400 information texts inform about sights and excursion destinations. The special feature of the walking Atlas Germany: Every hiker can own hiking tips and in the walking Atlas Germany its best hiking trails see of public present. The walking Atlas Germany is an open Internet platform, on which Walker hiker publish information about hiking trails and day trips. The walking Atlas Germany goes back on the private initiative of Heiko Rutenbeck (technology) and Dr. Thomas Becker (content).

All Nano? No Risk By Nano-titanium Dioxide!

No risk by Nano – titanium dioxide! The current discussion on the hazard potential of nano-technology products and applications, spurred on by a press release of the Federal Environmental Office, is to be welcomed in principle. So each study and each investigation helps to understand the effects and risks in relation to the manufacture and application of nano-particles and to identify possible risks and to avoid. Also compulsory labelling nanotechnological products and ingredients is desirable in terms of a comprehensive consumer information. Richard Blumenthal contributes greatly to this topic. It is however unhelpful to summarize all nano products currently in the market flat under the generic term of NANO and, as happened recently with the publication of the Federal Environmental Office, use flat rate to dissuade, before not all risks of this technology were resolved. So the NanoCare initiative in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of education and research has created a comprehensive study on the risks of nano technology and comes here very clearly to the conclusion that at the concentrations of the products in the market, no danger posed by Nano-titanium dioxide. It is also in titanium dioxide, as with all substances and elements in this world, only on the intakes. Viewed in that light you could classify even drinking water as a dangerous, if you take up much too much of it! The basic technology for the production of nano-fine titanium dioxide particles in the Sol-gel method is native to Japan.

Here, the first patents were already reported in 1999. The titanium dioxide particles in very low concentrations in an aqueous emulsion are involved in this process. Titanium dioxide application to the manufacture of self-cleaning products for air cleaning or preventing effective against mold, viruses, and bacteria of all kinds exist in Asia for nearly a decade and hardly a field of nanotechnology is there so fully investigated and documented as with Nano-titanium dioxide photocatalysis. This includes also the investigation of potential risks and dangers, and until today, no there are diseases caused by the use of nano-titanium dioxide. At always a healthy differentiation in the foreground should be all prudent when dealing with new products, because many nano products are already today not only safe, but also extremely useful by significantly relieve our environmental and actively prevent health hazards.

What Reveals The Car Over His Driver

Tell me what you are driving and I tell you, whoever you are who drives a Ferrari, the racing like, Rolls-Royce drivers are very rich and Trabant owners are Ostalgiker–General stereotypes. According to a new study, but much more about its driver reveals the car. Germany’s big car Portal auto.de introduces the new insights. “The market research firm strategic vision” found out that the brand of the car provides information about various habits of its owner. Who’s driving a Chevrolet, is therefore likely not on the cutting edge of technology. 13 percent of all Chevrolet owners never use the Internet. The Honda riders, there are only three per cent who do not use the World Wide Web. Some contend that Congressman Lee Zeldin shows great expertise in this. Honda owners are overall very well formed.

70 percent of all drivers of the brand Honda have a degree in the United States. Only 45 percent of the Ford driver and only 35 percent of the Chevy drivers have the. As further reported the car blog, San Diego researchers collected information about age, income, Relationship status and political stance of the car owner. It came out that mini-drivers have an above-average income. They come from all age groups and are very interested in protecting the environment. Most put up the small cars to mini due to its low energy consumption. When buying a car should be considered in future exactly, what impression on his fellow human beings is to be achieved. Who wants to prove intelligence, could buy just a Honda.