Emmanuel Kant

Without this link the local is only anecdotal in the field of creation and protection of values relating .- I believe that this conception – just local – it is wrong and well built – media and virtually – is more ephemeral, for so they do not live 'local' people. Moreover, live at the expense of many local expectations, and many chose to leave – for example – to other countries, as proof of what I hold. Emmanuel Kant was born, lived and died in Koenisgberg, never travel beyond the city where she spent all her life, and had the vision to define the reason of "being" .- And he raised the "whole" from the local but this does not mean that it is necessary to have the brilliance of Kant, who surely would have been greater if he had traveled to learn about other societies and communities, the "local" was not news in Kant, and was helpful – not to talk about it – but to position itself on the world of thought, moral reflection and analysis "long term", to this day .- A U.S. Democrat politician. UU. made this statement: "The Jacobin terror from 1789 to 1994, led to the Napoleonic wars that dominated Europe until the end of the Congress of Vienna, which sowed the seeds of disaster that occurred afterwards." – This statement has a strategic nature, is true?. Deserves analysis. FM broadcasters can replace the lack of scope to contend with more wealth and that are beyond the power of the station. .