Happy Mother’s Day

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY By: Atty. Zambrano Martin Astudillo From the appearance of life on the planet does not have but two major theories that attempt on the one hand, from the dogmatic, uncompromising vision deeply idealistic, and, secondly, from the rhetoric of scientific logic – identify materials, “holding that human life was as peculiar as diverse origins. This open debate between dissimilar abysmally theories has allowed men and women, common and easy-on this planet only if we understand or confuse us to die in these ambivalence almost indecipherable. So we have to be human, according to creationism, as the result of a clay sculpture molded in the likeness of God and stemmed to life with the breath or breath of the Almighty, the appearance of animals in the face of the earth had a different connotation, whereas the Scientific theory of evolution, our kinship with one hominid species like the chimpanzee or ape that evolved the current single, is the man. So we are, it seems, with all due respect, “a true animal suits or political, social and emotional on stage existential unquestionably intelligent beings but little reflective. But anyway, before the intellectual initiative lead me to theorize about whether the chicken-egg preceded the final, as a body player, I must emphasize the single greatest forerunner of all the species known and unknown-hop apart from creationism and evolution-in this globe, mother.

The mother, as we all know and recognize but few appreciate, is the most perfect of nature-for instance existential God or the evolutionary leap to life pre and post-biotic-and thanks to her, all known species, especially man have been multiplying in the world. Unfortunately diminished by a decaying historical philosophy pro-macho women, from conception cosmogonist or divine, as a mother is an invaluable and priceless human being special, doubt. The great contribution of women matriarchal history of propagating human populations, primarily, from primitive cultures to the present-has been the cornerstone on which to settle moral and ethical precepts of the family in the world; the unique ontological and emotional sensitivity of women, as mother, has allowed mankind to advance and develop well in the different stages or sociopolitical and economic systems until now. She, on its own merits, has maintained with great zeal and safely, the vast responsibility assigned by their biological nature and emotional in favor of good morals and good living perfectible civilized society that we long to experience every day. Without their active social unit the family is unimaginable extremes unexpected collapse. Thanks to her, all forms of human socialization is also purposeful productive, thanks to it the common culture, artistic and intellectual blends new, positive, spontaneous socializing having been informed perspective on emotional development and the various positive expressions of human being. Our undying gratitude and support not only the mother but the woman as such, for the pro-macho culture uproot traditional patriarchal society and assigned its rightful space on their own. Happy Mother’s Day.