The Kosmos

Indeed, given the heterogeneity of the population, the levels of consciousness and the enormous amount of individuals with first-degree thought, holistic education is a real ideal, sought in this adventure of educating road to the development of consciousness. Learn how to be is a book that tells us about what is the heart of holistic education: spirituality. Learn to be us forwards immediately to knowledge that we have learned throughout our lives because this is what determines, the vision we have of the dumb way of seeing and living our reality and ourselves, if what has been learned is structural, mechanical, very probably our vision of reality is equal, probably not problem for us kill some animaldestroy nature, throw trash on the street, safe relationships are competition, you probably live in constant stress, subjectivity is not something important, before depression if you can have to buy something that we want to lift the mood, conflicts to life inside and outside of it are part of the exist, i.e. the world is naturally fragmented. In very general terms, this is the life for whom the vision of the world has as base a scientistic material knowledge, whose primary model is the machine, industry. On the contrary, if the knowledge we learned is of love, respect, attention, care, communication and dialogue, are we to respected and guided in the expression of our emotions, have been adequately addressed our questions about the existence, the relationship of school house and the environment are linked explicitly, so that help me favorably in this walk for life, they favor ethical, cordial relations of respect, mutual cooperation with migo itself, with peers, the different ecosystems and the Kosmos, moreover, primarily to pending state since childhood, collaborate in the spiritual growth of the individual, to maintain his connection with the self internal and guide you on your healthy deployment.

Stunning Styles

Prom dress is one of the most important elements of any strength.The majority of young women agree that only has an opportunity (unless you’re lucky enough to be invited to another person graduation party) to impress.The dance has been the day waited at a preparatory school of life, perhaps close to graduation, so choose the 2012 party dress suitable it is very important. The great thing about prom dress styles is that there are so many styles to choose.Many of these girls can have form of inspiration almost any runway, a movie, a magazine or celebrity.Despite the fact that this is the graduation party and will do almost anything to have the most impressive dress at the event, you still have to choose a dress that suits your body type.If you are short, a long dress knee dancing can be the highest justice, while the thin girls look very well on long prom dresses or short.Fortunately, there are a wide variety of popular dresses, so most of the girls to find something more suitable. Bright colors and designs are very popular among teenagers, but many still prefer soft pastel shades.Strapless dresses look good with any body type, but a halter neck can also be very nice.The openings were very elegant in the 1990s, but today they have fallen into disgrace, and this is a style that should be avoided. Dance-Hollywood Edition large dresses party dress ideas can also be taken from images in movement.While view a dress in one of their favorite celebrities, that really should be able to see if you like the style of dress or not.Most of the dresses seen on the display can be found in the shops, so the need to hire a seamstress to recreate these designs is not necessary. Ads by Google High School Musical is one of the movies most popular today among the adolescents.Not just his catchy music we have singing, but stars of adorable movies that struck us.With High School Musical 3? theme based on a prom, cheap prom dress from the movie designs have inspired many prom will be and it has become one of most popular requested prom dress styles.Actresses of the film are known for their dresses to the knee with some of the freshest colors that there are.They come with or without shoulder straps and waist flashes.Cute and adorable that they complement most body types.

New Organizational Vision

Reflections administrative if the world exists and is not objectively solid and pre-existing prior to my arrival to the scene then what is? It seems that the best answer is to define it as a potential and not present until you or I look at it. In essence is a ghostly world that displays its solid existence every time one of us observes. All events in the world this potentially present, capable of being but not really seen or felt, until one of us really see it or Fred Allen Wolf not feel him is denying organizations at this present time, given the reality of competitive scenarios, presented earlier structures very different from the era, now requires capable managerswith administrative skills adapted to the new paradigms to the needs which demand the environment, to the understanding of the role that should play not only the technology, but the human factor committed to the mission, vision corporate social responsibility. Hence my insistence that the schools of Management must restructure its academic curriculum, provide knowledge suitable for this reality and prepare future administrators with that vision, proactive leadership, in order to properly interpret the needs of the environment where they operate. Margaret J. Wheatley (1994), Associate Professor of Management at Brigham Young University, as well as President of The Berkana and consultant for a wide variety of large companies, educational organizations emphasizes us, that we live in organizations designed from a Newtonian conception of the universe. We conduct businesses that must survive in the 21st century with paradigms and assumptions that come from the 17TH century physics, but science has changed and if we want to continue nurturing the contributions of knowledge, we must at least affirm our work in the science of our time-which I share and it is a great truth, that unfortunately have neglected, even in our postgraduate courses – La profesora Wheatley, gives us an extraordinary contribution in administrative science with knowledge from the theory of chaos, physical quantum and physical nuclear, in order to try to give answers to questions that are manifested in our here and now very dynamic, sometimes threatening, turbulent, but also full of opportunities, all depending on that mind strategist management professionals capable of understanding and managing the changes with the proper interpretation of the new paradigms and those who must give life.

Attention Deficit

Today we see that it is very fashionable term attention Deficit, but what is really the attention Deficit? Quickly we can say it is a syndrome neurobiological, affecting the individual, which has the typical feature: lack of chronic care in various activities. This is caused by the lack of dopamine that is a neurotransmitter in the brain. In other words attention deficit is a dysfunction of the brain, i.e., the brain is in good condition but there is an area of the same, that is affected. This, however, not deprive an appropriate development of the same, provided there is an environment and adequate stimulation. The intelligence of people who suffer from attention deficit is intact, which means, that this deficiency will not influence in a better or worse IQ, this will depend, again of the stimulation and the environment that surrounds these people during its growth. On many occasions commits the erro classify with inappropriate names as loose, restless etc.

And a solution that helps them to overcome this deficiency, since with assistance to attack the problem and instruct the individual, so is autocontrole and can focus their attention on the activity that you are running is not sought. A person with Attention Deficit (DDA) presents difficulty to organize his thinking, so it has problems to represent what they have in mind, are having trouble processing information, stores information differently, find it hard to locate the main idea, you may not access and process information at high speeds. To correct these deficiencies should be thought modification techniques, applied by a specialist, however there are very specialized techniques such as acoustic Audios to improve attention deficit that stimulate production of dopamine in the brain, thanks to acoustic technology found that certain vibrations and oscillations induce the brain into a deep alpha state. When it is well calibrated and under control, this has proven to be very beneficial in cases of attention Deficit Disorder. People who are in the everyday environment of a person with DDA should also make modifications of behaviors is important apply immediate reinforcers and that you like the person, explaining the why you had been strengthened. These techniques must be applied with consistency and continuity for the duration of the same. The people who surround you shall be blameless models.

As soon as the school environment, the child or the person with the DDA can work properly, however sometimes is you tilda how loose, retracted, disinterested, etc. and due to his neglect loses the academic content so you need to be in a classroom with a small group of children, where there is constant communication between family, school and specialist. The teacher must be an excellent observer and contributor, paying attention to the advances of the child, applying reinforcers constantly at the right time and keeping informed representatives of the child in terms of tasks, reviews, events, etc.

Luis Kesley

Collective democratic decision issues such as distribution of profits and investment policies. Not hard to see that none of the above principles are fully compatible with the monopoly of the employer-owner of the corporation. Not hard note that these principles can seamlessly fit only in the form of ownership, where primary production collectives are owners of their use of means of production. That is the modern scientific research on improving the economic efficiency of large corporations have developed institutional policies that require the transition to a form of ownership, where: the appearance of a condominium now replaced by a true condominium used by a group of means of production, the appearance of democracy is replaced by a truly equal Companion relationships between all members of the personnel, visibility absence of class antagonism is replaced by the destruction of the basis of antagonism – of private property and wage labor. And this form of ownership already exists. It is developed by American economist and lawyer Luis Kesley employee ownership, which is still quite far from perfect its internal organizational structure, and therefore not yet creates an equilibrium of the labor market, but which, however, even in this imperfect able to fairly compete successfully with private ownership. Fundamental studies of equilibrium of the labor market lead to similar conclusions: The means of production should belong to the primary production teams (brigades, divisions), which in large corporations are self-supporting, almost market relations.

Management Corporation selected a tiered system, phased competitive selection process, where workers are choosing only the first-level managers, who in turn choose the leaders of the second level, etc. Critical issues (including the cost of labor members of the team) leader any level to solve together with activists led by their team – 3-4 persons all recognized team of professionals. If we keep in mind the socialist society as a whole, the entire system of government should be formed similarly upward, forming a uniform pyramid of democracy, democracy and eliminating the infamous division of power in the federal-regional first-class and second-rate – the power of local government. The fact which political power can pull Russia out of the swamp into which dragged her by those who at the time of privatization to seize people by the means of production can be found in the article 'The main error of Marxism and ways to overcome them. "

The History

Kabardian society of the first type, and swept a complex hierarchical structure. Society was divided by the noble (Warco) and base (pshitli, pshekeu). The first class was represented by several layers, each of which depended on the following item. At the head stood a landowner – the prince. "The title landowner was sacred to trot. To protect the prince of the horse had to sacrifice not only property but also his life.

"Below is a layer tlokotlesh and – large landowners who are entitled to live in another village not a prince. In addition, the "power landowner not only extended to bars and tlekotlesh . That is, the landowner, despite its special position among the elite was the first among equals. The princes were not accountable to the landowner, and therefore acted exclusively in their own interest. This determined the history of Kabardian people from sharing Kabarda for large and small as a result of internecine wars in the xiii century to the participation of many Kabardian princes in the campaigns of the Crimean and Iranian shah, for their patronage in the xv – xvii centuries. In addition, the upper class was also presented with two more stages – Beslan-Work (princely warriors) and the Work-shaotlehuso ("subjugated natives Kabardian lands assigned to the lowest position). Next went the princely estate serfs (Beslan-pshitli) and freedmen (azetov). Important is the fact that any person of lower class could climb the stairs to the stage tlokotlesha, "If he drew the attention of courage in war and wise speeches and tips on popular assemblies." In addition, outside of this hierarchy is the class of elders (Touby), which, however, unlike other nations, have Kabardins did not play a significant role.

Courses English

Accordingly: The difficulty presentation in English is to find a middle ground between the business language and at the same time to sound easy and not boring. Courses English in Moscow on English language programs “New Model” provide training “presentation in English.” More information on the site Amortization, installation, implementation … Paradoxically, Russian, studying English, much more quickly memorize these complicated words and more than willing to use them in his speech. As one of our listeners: “sounds nice and rich.” Of course, this argument. But for western counterparts speech, abounding like “beautiful” sounds about as well as if you are in the Russian began to speak the language of contracts, using the infinite “-isms”.

In addition, such words are more than abstracts, and the listener in its ochared, rather difficult to imagine, especially if you present some innovative product or presenting to an unprepared audience. Try to draw the word “depreciation” or in a few words to explain what it is. And not so easy to agree. “Verb to burn the hearts of men.” The presentation should be dynamic. And the dynamics of your speech may only add the use of verbs instead of complex nouns. Use short proposals on a “subject – action – object” and not go into a chain of subordinate clauses, of which they themselves hardly choose. And the audience something, surely, will lose the original thread of your argument. In addition, the use of verbs can still shine through such favorite words, like manufacturing, capitalization, customization, but make them shorter and more neutral-sounding for listeners – manufacture, capitalize, customize.

American or English? As already said English – idiomatic. Preparing for the speech to the English-speaking audience, bother to peruse and use the thesaurus as possible phrasal verbs with German origins – Shorter than the equivalent of Latin origin: found – set up, get – obtain, inform – tell etc. Be active during the performance. Passive voice in English – one of the most hated subjects for studying the language. However, once mastered them, we try to use it wherever possible. A new product has been launched, and We have launched a new product. At first glance, there is no difference. But! In the first case, all the laurels gets the unknown publisher of this most wonderful product. In the second sentence – you just declare about their success and merit. The use of passive voice is appropriate when you’re talking about mistakes and inaccuracies, and logical, you do not want to focus on your audience “Authors” of these blunders. Respect your audience. Your audience has a legitimate right to know when you plan to finish his fiery speech. People do not see your report, and if they missed something on deaf ears, can not “Look through” the page back. Your task – to understand and take into account that someone may not know the language at that level, what you own. In each segment of your presentation to talk about what will be discussed, indicate a relationship with previous thesis, using a robust speech and expression, taken in English. That will give you the training (training “presentation in English,” English language courses in Moscow on a research project on English “New Model”): Learn how to use such words and phrases, and learn the secrets of the other presentations in English, you can in the training of “new model” – “Successful presentation at English language. ” The project “New model” English language courses in Moscow. Training in English.


What is a fractal? If it is officially geometric shapes have the property of self-similarity. If you take a visual component that is endlessly repeated parts, each of which is similar to the figure as a whole. The best example can serve as such a triangle Mandelbrot and Pythagoras tree: As you can see pictures completely fit the definition. More interesting. Shape can be described by a formula, and vice versa, you can find a formula which will be of a fractal. Which of these can be of practical use? Well firstly fractals are used in image compression algorithm. The compression ratio can reach up to 600:1. The only negative that Today, self compression – the process is time consuming and requires a lot of computing resources.

But decompression is very simple, and the decompressed image can be magnified many times have without losing quality as artifacts like JPEG. In physics, fractals are used for characterization and modeling of nonlinear processes, such as: combustion, diffusion, turbulence. As it turned out a fractal can describe our reality and the processes it much better than does the traditional physics and mathematics. The economy – to analyze markets. In the radio – it’s compact fractal antennas, which are used for example in mobile phones. It is hard to imagine computer graphics without the use of fractals, it would not be so pleasant to an eye as it is today.

I remember the early days of computer graphics programmers have even competed for the most beautiful scenery weighing 3-4 KB!!! Very interesting direction is being developed using fractals in networking. Through the efforts of enthusiasts maturing decentralized system of information exchange. The bottom line is that every Computer plug in a network contains information of only 4 to 16 KB on the state of neighboring nodes. Exchange protocol structures the entire network as a fractal and is used here a high degree of repeatability of the structure. It turns out again that a small part of the structure longer occur. Advantages of this construction – conditionally free address assignment in the network as connecting to it. No need to hand in advance of reserved IP addresses, which is characteristic of the Internet. No centralized storage of addresses, such as DNS. Therefore achieve maximum sustainability of the network, because to her the whole ‘put’ to bring down her every node simultaneously. Data exchange is also increases, this principle is similar to that used in P2P networks, but not quite the same. This creates an anarchic network without a server, without the providers, without the government’s control.