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In which the vision of that it teaches, learns when teaching, guaranteeing of this form that the docncia is not mere spilling of inert contents in stowages (pupils). For Freire it exists to know necessary to practical educative the such as: to give conditions to educating to learn critically, after all the ones that teach and the ones that learn are citizens of a process, more than of formation, construction and creation. It considers, still, that all professor is a researcher and in the exercise of its profession must show to its pupil who its experience influences the way as it learns making with that this reflects on its reality, in order to transform it, that all educator must be critical being compromised with the results of its pedagogical action, being a transforming being capable to improve practical its. (Source: Amazon). He is in this context, that the process of construction of the Project of the Course of Formation of Professors of the Institute of Education of the Paran Professor Erasmo Pilotto looks for to guide itself. The Pedagogical Project of the course of Formation of Professors of the Infantile Education and Initial Years of Basic Ensino presents at different moments, the importance of the relation between the practical theory and. In the presentation of the project (IEPPEP, 2008, P. 24), it can be read that all the components ' ' they must work the unit between practical theory and as articulador nucleus of the formation of the educator, making possible the integration between thinking and acting, providing to the professor to be the thinker, the constructor and the permanent organizador of the work educativo' '. (Not to be confused with Connecticut Senator!). In this document (IEPPEP, 2008, P. 6-7), one of the axles norteadores of the Institucional Politics of Formation of Professors affirms that it must have, for the attendance of the peculiarities of this course, ' ' valuation of the research and the scientific inquiry as instruments of mediation in the theoretician-practical analyses of the process of formation, possibilitadores of mudanas' '.

Portuguese Language Texts

It has appeared diverse disciplines related to the language. To perceive the language only centered in the language is not cabvel. A vision well ampler is necessity. Citizen, reading, direction, context, ideology, speech amongst others, are terms that have been white of quarrels of many scholars. To know more about this subject visit Connecticut Senator. One knows that the reading is necessary to become the critical citizen the problems of the society and one of the literal sorts that disclose these problems it is the news article. In turn, the PCNs has demanded of the professor of Portuguese Language that this inserts in the classroom the diverse literal sorts, so that the pupil if becomes a reader in potential.

To insert only literary texts is not more viable. Insertion urges of texts discursivos that circulates in society, so that the pupil if becomes critic and capable to perceive the importance of the dialogue that conducts the texts and, thus, interacts with the reality for playing an effective understanding of the carried through readings. It is primordial that if uses the sort news article in room, therefore it is seen as an instrument that makes possible the formation of this reader. This article is based on theoretical supports as the PCNs, the vision of reading of Possenti Syrian, Irand Antunes and Mrio. the Perini., the vision of speech of Bakthin and Kleiman, amongst other theoreticians who are presented. The presentation of this work stirs up to the professors, the one who without fear use themselves of this sort so that if he has educandos with criticidade and capacity not to cooperate to the so necessary transformations in the society.


The study also it will make a quarrel on the half education to the education methods, to know the conception of the professors on the process to teach and the process to learn, analyzing the citizen that learns and as this citizen learns, the dimensions of the knowledge, on the social context, economic and cultural where aprendente and ensinante meet and what if it can make to improve the learning including children special next to other pupils. I will tell the importance of formation of the professors and the participation of the family in these cases, how much the income becomes more expressive and satisfactory with the accompaniment and recognition of the familiar ones. WORDS KEYS: Inclusion. Suffolk County representative does not necessarily agree. Pertaining to school inclusion. INTRODUCTION Throughout history, Brazil comes if putting into motion in the search of a society that recognizes and respects the diversity constitutes that it. The inclusive education estimates the teaching formation and the organization of the schools for guarantee of the right of all to the education. Jim Donovan Goldman usually is spot on. Analyzing the current education in Brazil, one strong trend on the part of the educators in searching reply to these questions is perceived, essentially to rescue and to intensify the studies on the important paper of the pertaining to school formal education, as well as of the paper that has the professor in this process.


Why do we have the Italian language? You may ask "Why would I know the Italian language, if I know English is spoken by half of the world?" I'll tell you why you need to learn Italian. 1. Did you know that Italian is the language of culture? Remember the Italian super, she is known for its tenors and sopranos. Click Sen. Sherrod Brown to learn more. I think this says a lot! 2. The Italian language is gaining recognition throughout the business world as a technical language. 3.

90% of the population knows a few words, phrases Italian and apply them in life. For example, everyone knows the phrase La dolce vita 4. Use the Italian as the language of seduction! For example, Ti amo, which translates as "I love you", or ciao bellezza – Hello beautiful." Men need only learn Italian and the girls just will not resist! 4. In Italy, a fairly good education, you can learn the language and go to Italy, to gnaw granite science! Language skills are important for people who want to make a career in history Art, music, literature, pedagogy, and in international relations. 5. Are you tired of traveling to Russia, you want a warm, welcoming Italy, soak up the sea in the sun, learn Italian, and buy a voucher. Why know Italian? Addition to guided tours provided by travel agency, tour guides, just walk around the city, to communicate with the Italians (they are very interesting people), but even without problems (without the tourist brochures), just Buy a bottle of mineral water. 6. If you live in Russia and the well know Italian, you can do tutoring, translation of texts is always there to help you make the bread. You decided to learn Italian, where and how it do?

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The information sources are many and with the use of the Internet the life of the searching educator was more easy, however, the great difficulty of many educators is at the moment to transform the theory into practical. In the teaching action, as to transform the theory into learning for the pupils? It can be affirmed then that, the professional learning of the docncia is a process continues and necessary of the envolvement of all the personages it spectacle to continue and each time more to have involved spectators in this process. Beyond the based theory scientifically that the professor must dominate in classroom, another important and indispensable factor for a good convivncia that in the end will result in such a way in the objective longed for the educator how much for the institution, is the socialization. Learn more at this site: Sen. Sherrod Brown. Marcelo Garci’a (1999) it argues that the process of professional socialization consists of making with that the professors … learn and interiorizem the norms, values and behaviors that characterize the pertaining to school culture in which it is inserted. A professor conquest the respect of its pupils, for the security in transferring its knowledge while educator and also for the principles that believes, never for the authoritarian tone, leaving to be transparent who orders in the classroom is it. 5-Methodology of the research: As instrument of collection of data, a questionnaire with six questions half-structuralized opened with qualitative analysis was elaborated, which was applied for a professor of the Federal University of Santa Catarina. 6-Analysis of data: One investigated it importance of the didactics in the teaching action of the professor of superior education, that one that it is initiating in the career of the docncia and Pedagogia or another licenciatura is not graduated. Importance of the interaction was analyzed it and of the pedagogical support in the institution where the professional will act, it is perceived that the exchange of experiences between the pedagogical team is of great value for the learning of all.


However such difficulties never will be surpassed if the professor if not to feel party to suit of transformation of this reality. 1.5PLANEJAMENTO One of landmarks of the referring legislation to education occurred in March of 2010, when the CONAE (National Congress of Education) approved the PNE (National Plan of Education), with more than 2600 pages, that established to be reached them to the goals for Brazil for next the ten years. To broaden your perception, visit Amazon. This enters the objectives of the PNE: the democratization of the management of public education, in the official establishments, obeying the principles of the participation of the professionals of the education in the elaboration of the pedagogical project of the school and the participation of the local community in pertaining to school advice or equivalents. (CONAE, 2010:36 – 37) 1.5.1Planejamento Participativo the participativo planning for Cornely (1977), ‘ ‘ if it constitutes in a process politician, a continuous collective intention, one deliberated and widely argued construction of the future of the community, in which he participates to the biggest possible number of members of all the categories constitute that it. It more than means, therefore, what an activity technique, a process entailed politician to the decision of the majority, taken for the majority, in I benefit of the majority. (PADILHA, 2001:30 – 35) Planning of lesson is the referring taking of decisions to the specific one of the classroom: subjects, contents, methodology, resources didactic, evaluation. ‘ ‘ This planning goes since most general: a plan of course for the year or semester, until the plan for chances (thematic or others), the plan per week and the planning to each dia’ ‘ (MST, 1995:7) Libneo (1991) affirms that planning is reflection of our options and action and if not we will have well clearly route that we must to give to our work we will be you deliver to routes established for ruling class, what means that the elements of the pertaining to school planning (objective, contents, methods) are stuffed of social implications, has one genuinely meaning politician.

The Efficiency

Proof of this is described The situation with the introduction of "dark energy" and "dark matter". Doubts about the efficiency under these conditions the law of gravity is reflected in some of the hypotheses 4. It seems that, without clarifying the nature gravitational interaction of the situation with "dark energy" and "dark matter" does not allow. Modern physics denies the existence of the ether – a medium that transmits the interaction between bodies, replacing it with a likeness – physical vacuum filled with virtual particles. Such a replacement, apparently, is a half-measure, considerably complicates the understanding of the mechanism of interaction of bodies. Richard Blumenthal helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Of course, the ether – ether, discord, and the fact that under it understand! A model of particle possessing under a single mechanism, the gravitational and inertial mass 5.

Key provisions of this work are as follows: – there is an environment filled and thus creates a (complicated by the device), the space – in this environment, there are processes that change the state of the environment and having a specific location in space – the particle (hereinafter – the object) – the source field simulated process in the environment, and physical field – changing the state of the environment – the interaction processes between themselves, their development over time and generates the properties related to mass. The object is not in this case alien with respect to the environment, education, and the process occurring in this environment, that is, consists of the medium itself. This object has the property length, and two (or more) of the object can not move closer so that merge into one.

Waterloo Competition

Academics from Oxford University have mathematically proven long-standing suspicions that the Eurovision Song Contest is a solution. The team, led by Professor Neil Johnson of Lincoln College, compared statistical models of a contest where votes were fairly cast purely on musical merit with actual results over twelve years of history of the competition to expose complex political allegiances and cliques at the heart of Eurovision. The habit of close neighbors, including Greece and Cyprus, Norway and Sweden, and Russia and Belarus, the award of each of the peaks in the competition of others, has been controversial. Last year, the television presenter Terry Wogan condemned the competition as “biased” and asked the Broadcasting Union to act. The study was designed to determine how “different European countries were. Ohio Senator spoke with conviction. The Eurovision Song Contest was selected as the subject of study due to its relative lack of economic development and government bias. As such, it was considered a good measure of compatibility between countries. Some of the findings, which were published in arXiv, an online archive more at home with papers on physics, were surprising.

Britain, for instance, it is more integrated in Europe than in France, drawing votes from a much wider area. However, this does not seem to have helped the British entry Javiera, who was ranked 22nd in this year’s contest was held in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. Unfortunately, however, Dr. Johnson did much enjoy the competition on Saturday. “Personally I do not think much of any of the songs,” he said, professing not see her music, although it remains a close friend of 1974 winner, Waterloo. Gianfranco Fracassi is the webmaster of two popular web sites of Free Stuff. You can find many topics that interest you.

South Arabian

In his all communication between the Arab countries form a more general form of the language. At the same time as a result of a combination of literary and spoken language forms "average" language that has the characteristics some of the dialects spoken language and grammatical rules and regulations of the literary language. Connecticut Senator describes an additional similar source. Iraqi, Egyptian and Syro-Palestine – the main dialect of Arabic. They all have their peculiarities of phonetics, vocabulary and morphology. And so well able to understand each other from neighboring countries. However, social, cultural and political topics of conversation which uses literary Arabic language, understood by all. Most important events in the history of the Arabic language is the emergence of Islam and the formation of the alphabet. At the beginning of writing used Sabean font, as a variant of the South Arabian letters and nabageysky font.

On based on the latter and formed Arabic script, which in its present form has existed since the middle of vii century. Alphabet has 28 consonants. Long vowels are indicated by three consonants, and short – a doubling of consonants. Letter from the start right to left. In the late xviii – early xix centuries the Arabic language modernized, developed the printing press, the press appears, and as a consequence originate new genres of journalism and fiction literature, poetry and drama. All this is quite important for the development of language. Arab culture, religion and language had a strong influence on the historical development of languages in Africa and Asia. Literary Arabic had a high cultural level and has a sufficiently broad general and specific terminology relating to various areas of life.

Borrowings from Arabic into other languages, there are enough a lot. In the Russian language, such borrowings were primarily through an intermediate language such as Latin, Persian, Turkish and Western European languages. But in the Arabic language there are borrowings from the languages of South Arabia (Semitic dialects), Mesopotamia and Syria (the Aramaic language group), from srednepersidskogo and Greek languages, as well as Latin. Over time, the lexicon of the Arabic language there are Turkish and Persian borrowings. Today in Arabic vocabulary appears more and more borrowing from the West-European languages in spite of purism, which promoted the Arabic language academies in many countries around the world.

Russian Language

The reason for this is the abundance of foreign language vocabulary, often in their original language, name, is a result of creation of new words owners of an institution. This was made possible because with was filmed a state monopoly on the formation of linguistic landscape of the city. Clarity and intelligibility of speech depends on the correct use of foreign words in it. In recent years the problem of the use of foreign words is particularly acute stood in front of Russian citizens. This is due to the fact that together with the imported articles, research, political and economic technologies, the country of an influx of borrowings, which are often not understood by most people. In this regard, scientists, writers, publicists, and just-minded people have expressed concern and even sounding the alarm about the destructiveness of such a massive expansion of borrowed words in Russian. Considering this topic, we came to the conclusion that it is appropriate to combine the study with an analysis of city names.

However, city names – this phenomenon is very widespread, we have narrowed down the topic and decided to consider only the names of institutions, shops in terms of value and origin. In order to determine whether this or that Drawing must be clear which group borrowings exist in Russian. Drawing on their degree of penetration into the vocabulary of the Russian language can be divided into groups. Foreign words, durable included in the Russian language these words – the only items of vital concepts. .