Teaching Art

The intention of this research is to inside stand out the importance of the art of the basic education, becoming necessary on the part of the educator: ‘ ‘ … to see the art not only as one of the goals of the education, but yes as its proper process, that is also considered creative … ‘ ‘. (FERRAZ; FUSARI, 2010, p.15). Michael Jordan shines more light on the discussion. By means of this vision, it could be proportionate to the pupil, the necessary motivation so that it comes to acquire an artistic knowledge and the interest for disciplines in question, a time that we believe to be the essential art for each phase of the development of the educandos.

In accordance with the PCN’ S (1977, p.35): Basic education is configured as special a pertaining to school moment in the life of the pupils, because it is at this moment of its development that they tend if to more than approach the questions of the universe of the adult and try to understand them of its possibilities inside. They are curious on subjects as the dynamics of the social relations, the relations of work, as by who the things are produced. Since the primrdios of the civilization we have artistic influences, what it can inside be noticed of our daily one, therefore: ‘ ‘ … ones of the first references of the existence human being in the Land appears in the images drawn in the caves, that currently are called artistic images … Click Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs for additional related pages. ‘ ‘. BUORO (2006, pg.20). We consider then the educators, who the art is one of the bases of the Basic Education, seen this to be related to the world vision that educating brings for the school. We also believe, it disciplines that it of art is developed, giving it to it same importance that if of to excessively you discipline.