Machiavelli And The Fall of Heaven

If Machiavelli were still alive would proudly and perhaps a bit of a surprise as his ideas have remained in force and immovable despite the passage of time and changes in policy, the economy and generally in all areas in which men interact in their daily lives. Italian writer best-known is that principle applied to the policy under which the end justifies the means. It follows from this dubious assumption that every action, every trick, every thought, hypocrisy and, of course, all unrighteousness is valid when a goal. Machiavelli did not just write this idea in a diary or in the pages of a newspaper, not even the points in a book of profuse circulation. His advice is given directly to the rulers and they, not idle, accept the gift and begin to make use of it. And not just implement it but they presented it as a generous and selfless legacy for all the rulers of all countries and all times. And those who have dedicated themselves to the exercise of statecraft have understood perfectly: the purposes, both personal and the party must be achieved at the cost of incurring even morally questionable and ethically indefensible.

A Machiavelli is related, and not without reason, evil, so treacherous and immoral. The strange thing is the fact that there was someone like him, but the incredible amount of fans it has in the world. For the same uses a lie to invade a country to win an election. It does not matter making up the most important figures of the economy to gain popular favor, to change the laws to their advantage. It does not matter in a campaign with money lawful to do with resources derived from dark. In short, Machiavelli continues to speak out loud and repeated over and over again the phrase which summarizes its principles: the end justifies the means. Who has read “The Prince” the best known of the nefarious adviser, summarized his ideas in two words: bad faith.

And this is precisely the recommended tool for anyone who wants to read and attend to their lessons. And what if there are people dedicated to putting into practice these valuable lessons for those who feel that the important thing is to get to power and hold onto him, no matter how or at whose expense. However, despite Machiavelli and probably his fault, ethics and morals do not go out of style. More than ever, politics and all other activities of daily living, men and women need not be bought or sold. Although the earth tremble. Even though the heavens fall.

Linguistics Literature

Thus, modernism proposed, exception made of Brazilian modernism, exotic images and musicality as a theme. At the same time, the evasion as a methodology. Chilean creationism, by proposing that the poet was a little God placed human beings beyond good and evil. Heirs of the Russian formalists and the Prague circle, first the structuralism in Linguistics and criticism, and then the concretism, in literature, aspired to make language an instrument of autonomy, regardless of the substance of the content of their achievements, the first, and the politico environment – social where occurs, the second. By this way, have arisen various readings pendulous between the form of the expression and the way of the content.

We think that these achievements that have taken place at moments such as those mentioned above will not ever appear in the context of our current reference. And this is due to that, we think, you represent the eternal speculation about the asepsis of art, referred to in our heading. However, as a new Phoenix, the creative phenomenon of our republics, as such, it has had in the narrative its best form of expression. And, almost always, has been linked to the conceptual. As cancellation of all the narrative of the Earth, comes the so-called Latin American boom in the 1960s.

In the 1980s, and as a manifestation of what sociology of literature called ideological vanguard, consolidates the Cuban revolution as a representation of a mode of different production the existing in our countries. This new reality becomes possible utopia in the political arena. And in regard to literature, undoubtedly, is born a new discourse. We don’t want to say that it is a direct consequence of the historical fact, because we caeriamos in determinism. But it is no less true that the creation of Casa de las Americas, in Havana, becomes important to spur the development of this new aesthetic code.

The Museum

It has an Aquarium (with seals, penguins, sharks and tropical fish) and a draws a walk that resembles the environment of the subtropical jungle. Botanical Garden Park has 7 hectares and is home to 6000 plant species, a botanical library, three gardens (one French, one Roman and one Japanese) style, a herbarium, five greenhouses, a House of English style and 31 sculptures. The French landscape architect Carlos Thays, who created the plans for the most important areas of Buenos Aires, was who designed this park inaugurated in 1898. It has some copies of old trees, as tipas, Salta Cedars, ibira-puitas, chichitas, red quebrachos, carnivals and aguaribayes. It also has foreign as sequoias, magnolias, Oaks, bananas and ginkgoes species. Recoleta / Barrio Norte National Museum of fine arts the the MNBA collection is the most extensive in the country, and one of the most notorious of Latin America. The most important pieces are El Greco, Rodin, Goya, Renoir, Degas, Cezanne and Picasso among others. It is the most important Fine Arts Museum in the country, and it is among the most important in the world, Argentine art collection is the largest in the world. Argentine authors, there are works of Candido Lopez, Spilimbergo, Pueyrredon, Fader, Quinquela Martin, Xul Solar, Berni, Alonso, de la Vega, Gorriarena, Segui and many others. The Museum has a photographic salon, one of Andean pre-Columbian art, two terraces of sculptures and a library with more than 150000 copies. Cemetery of the Recoleta this was the first public cemetery in the city, today it is the most elegant and aristocratic. In its almost 6 hectares is the resting place of founding fathers, Presidents, politicians, soldiers, scientists, artists and celebrities. Monserrat / San Nicolas Obelisk the Obelisk recalls on each of its sides a Buenos Aires historical fact: the first Foundation of 1536; the second and final of 1580; the date on which the national flag was hoisted for the first time in the city in 1812 (at the Church of St.


He wants to feel his love, treat it carefully and kindly. Therefore, the word "no" in conjunction with the appropriate facial expressions and tone of voice calls in his rejection of any act or thing. The development orientation in the adult speech given at the end of the first year to establish links between word and action, a way of behavior. Such linkages facilitate the development child social behavior. "Tell Aunt 'goodbye' – mother says the kid, and he waved his hand.

– "Say thank you" – and he tilts his head. So, in its infancy on the basis of establishing a link between word and action there are the first forms of moral behavior. Moral development in early childhood development in early childhood distance considerably extends the scope of interaction between the baby with the world. Compli nyayutsya behaviors child, and an increasing range of access GOVERNMENTAL baby items. It is increasingly included in the joint nuyu with adult activities, in particular household.

At the same time expands the scope of manifestations of self-sufficiency. Pro came forth changes the child's life make it necessary to introduce more complex moral rules. For example, the pro is the ability to wait, if the teacher is busy with other re Benko, carefully turn with the toys, clean them on a month then ask toys and share them with other children, not the top thief greenery, throw garbage only intended those reported for this place. In addition to the words "may" and "impossible" there is a new regulator torus toddler behavior – the word "should." Submitting to him, the child may resist your desires, to overcome the reluctance. Requirements for the kid (from 1 year to 2 years), must necessarily be manageable and positively colored HN. Pushing them to consider the child's wishes and do not infringe on its interests, the growing desire for self-sufficient sion.

Natural Act

More than one fifth of the world’s plant species are in danger of extinction according to a new study by the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, London. The red list of the ertado of the plants for the first time reflects the true scope of the threat to more than 380,000 species of plants identified throughout the world. The study took five years to complete and was made the Royal Botanical Gardens and Museum of Natural history in London based on their files in which have around 13 million specimens of plants, together with the data of the International Union for the conservation of nature (IUCN). The report says that human activities 81% are much higher than the 19% natural threats to plants and biological diversity. This danger is driven by agriculture, logging, plantations and livestock. This step probably we will stay very promptly only with the idea of the existence of plants and probably only thing we have on hand are drawings of flowers for coloring and remember that once filled the planet of bright green with a beautiful mixture of colors. Returning to the topic, the overwhelming amount of degradation of plants poncentaje is happening specifically in the rainforests where the abundance of them has always been a common denominator.

In this aspect up to beautiful plants such as the Astromelia or the types of poppy can be disadvantaged and be defeated by extinction. It is not only the world in development or in the Western world, who are primarily responsible for this future catastrophe, we are all inhabitants of the planet who should not act sustainably, alcontrario must learn to act in reverse, in combination with nature and trying to act in a sustainable way. We have to take drastic measures to stop this and we need to understand more about how to use resources in the nature without affecting them. Plants are the basis of biodiversity and its importance in times of climatic uncertainty, economic and political has been overlooked for too long.