Civil Arrest

A priori, a brief sketch of the legal device that deals with daexcepcionalidade the civil arrest. In a question-answer forum Sen. Sherrod Brown was the first to reply. The civil arrest is measured bonanza in our legal system, sendoadmitida only in two hypotheses, foreseen for art. 5, LXVII, of the MagnCarta of 1988: ' ' Art. 5. All are equal before the law, semdistino of any nature, guaranteeing themselves it the Brazilians and resident aosestrangeiros in the Country the inviolability of the right to the life, liberdade, to the equality, the security and the property, in the following terms: (…) LXVII. It will not have civil arrest for debt, saved the doresponsvel for the voluntary and inexcusable breach of contract of obligation alimentciae of the depositary infiel' ' Thus, it now fits to delimit which afinalidade of such measure, thus detaching its nature. The civil arrest in face of inadimplementoda obligation to pay alimony has coercitive and not punitive nature. Objective this arrest the obligatory fulfilment and its decreement must serfundamentada, having itself to analyze the possibility of its effectiveness.

The food installment aims at to satisfy vital asnecessidades of who cannot provide them. However, in many cases, motivadospelo revenge spirit, searching to reach former-wife (o) or friend (o), oalimentando leaves to fulfill with the obligation to pay alimony, forgetting it carterde necessity this obligation. On the other hand, feeding terdescumprido with the obligation in result of impossibility of the same can. Civil Apriso of the payer of alimony is justified, in view of the naturezada alimentary obligation and with the intention to assure the subsistence econseqentemente, the proper dignity and integrity of feeding. However, the decreement of the civil arrest of the payer of alimony requires recital. Ojurista, in special that one that it deals with the family law, must sharpened tersensibilidade, so that if it obtains, of sensible form, to guarantee adignidade of the person human being and, in this case in particular, being about prisocivil for food debt, is to salutar analysis of the possibility of pagamentodessa divides for feeding.

Hypnosis World

A woman who praised the creation of songs, poets composed poems about them, because they were war and collapsed states, and no matter what, just because a woman the world still sees the sun. We all have girlfriends, loved, mothers … Centuries passed and much has changed in the modern world, a woman living in a furious pace to the previous cases relating to housekeeping and child rearing added work and social activities, product promotion market and participation in the presidential race. If it is good to understand that happiness in this world is a very rare thing, I would even say that deficit, and glancing around, you can see how beautiful, smart, successful and accomplished women and Women can not find your happiness with a man. What is the problem here lies perhaps in the absence of real men who can become a brick wall for his woman, and probably all the fault of high demands, imposed on the men in our time, or is it binds you to fear, fear of love and break your heart, to say for sure is difficult, because of such reasons are thousands and thousands. I want to ask you, how do you imagine your beloved husband, the man whom you want to see next to each other, about someone you dream about? He is loving and gentle, passionate lover and loyal friend at the same time, can appreciate my concern and affection, he is an advocate for me and our future children, strong and honest, with a fun and sometimes you can just sit on the couch, arms around each other tightly, wrapped in a warm blanket and silence, words will not need us …


He wants to feel his love, treat it carefully and kindly. Therefore, the word "no" in conjunction with the appropriate facial expressions and tone of voice calls in his rejection of any act or thing. The development orientation in the adult speech given at the end of the first year to establish links between word and action, a way of behavior. Such linkages facilitate the development child social behavior. "Tell Aunt 'goodbye' – mother says the kid, and he waved his hand.

– "Say thank you" – and he tilts his head. So, in its infancy on the basis of establishing a link between word and action there are the first forms of moral behavior. Moral development in early childhood development in early childhood distance considerably extends the scope of interaction between the baby with the world. Compli nyayutsya behaviors child, and an increasing range of access GOVERNMENTAL baby items. It is increasingly included in the joint nuyu with adult activities, in particular household.

At the same time expands the scope of manifestations of self-sufficiency. Pro came forth changes the child's life make it necessary to introduce more complex moral rules. For example, the pro is the ability to wait, if the teacher is busy with other re Benko, carefully turn with the toys, clean them on a month then ask toys and share them with other children, not the top thief greenery, throw garbage only intended those reported for this place. In addition to the words "may" and "impossible" there is a new regulator torus toddler behavior – the word "should." Submitting to him, the child may resist your desires, to overcome the reluctance. Requirements for the kid (from 1 year to 2 years), must necessarily be manageable and positively colored HN. Pushing them to consider the child's wishes and do not infringe on its interests, the growing desire for self-sufficient sion.

Human Relationships

Human relationships – it's incredibly complex phenomenon. The man himself is a very unpredictable thing. It is believed that for women it is even more so than men. Women changeable mood, they guided by emotions more than men. It seems that it negates the possibility of at least some way to understand women, to predict their behavior.

But despite this, women's and men's nature as a subject many of the laws of psychology. Why do women understand each other, literally at a glance. This is because all women have similar values, attitudes, principles, and interests. But they are not always similar to those of men. In turn, men – better understand each other, rather than women. It was different laws Behavioral so much disconnect between men and women. For example, women are constantly accuse men of their dryness, men women – for being too emotional. But Despite this, we can not imagine it possible to separate their very existence.

Creators portal ARDOR (Advanced Russian Design Of Relationship) for 10 years studying the psychology of relations between the two sexes. It was written hundreds of articles on the subject were developed a variety of tactics, techniques of behavior in different communication situations – situations in dating, to strengthen relations, to establish family relationships. In these articles, we give advice to those who do not feel confident who do not know how to approach the opposite sex. Men often have no idea how to tie a woman acquaintance, I do not know how to decide on the first step. A woman making mistake after mistake push men away faster than they would like. For over 5 years administration portal provides training, graduates of which dates back several thousand people. Who and why you need this training? Specially organized training sessions we create for both men and women. But their main goal – to learn to communicate with the opposite sex. Especially popular are our training for men. Unsuccessful in personal relationships men acquire self-confidence. If before they were afraid to just walk, talk and get to know you liked a girl, but now it has become for them the easiest. Not only men, but women want to be successful in personal relationships. Most of them want to learn how to hold a man, as guided by a long and serious relationship that is not always true for men. And so, and others we provide the opportunity to develop relationships with the opposite sex in the desired direction. Naturally everyone can learn, but only if he will make every effort to this. We are on our website and in training can open all the secrets of the relationship between a man and a woman, but knowing it will be effective only if you're ready to change their beliefs and change yourself. — Dmitry Novikov, project manager ARDOR

The Completion

The child's eyes lit up interest, and he gladly offers its own toy baby. Clearly, in this case turned out to change the perception and evaluation of a child of the situation. Reframing helped make sense of possessiveness in the interest of research activity of the child. In this situation, reframing was used to expand the scope of child perception of the situation, but this technique can be used to help the parent to look at the most problematic situation outside the box. Example. I was standing at the stove, cook a little longer the soup.

And now for 5-7 minutes until the completion of this grand process, my son enters the kitchen. He wants to play with me and not him nothing to do with a full pot of boiling water and other dangers inherent in the kitchen. The first thing you want to do – is to explain to him that is dangerous to be here and it would be nice if I had waited 10 minutes in the room. But then I dawns. I want my child did not approach plate. But this result can be achieved by setting himself a different task: "Make it so that the child wanted to be outside the kitchen!" Just born a few options, which in turn is realized: for In order to escape he was interested, I suggest playing catch-up, it is interesting to sit quietly in the farthest room from the kitchen – hide and seek, so he became interested in the game, in which initially there is a need for solitude – the game "Put your things." All three proposals son gladly accept. Sometimes parents are very assertive, authoritative on the issue of nomination requirements for the child. This directiveness often provokes stubborn child there is a wide choice of mood and lack of decision-making by parents.

For example, when I taught a child to the pot, I ran into stubbornness. Even if he wanted to use the bathroom, it was worth taking him up to be attributed to the pot, he began to squirm and go on strike. So he defended his right to freedom of choice. Nothing to do but he is right to give. I used the method of Erickson's influence "Imaginary choice." As soon as I felt it's time I came to her son and said: "Jaroslaw, you want to pee: a toilet, bath or in a pot?" He said some of the options for a more desirable. The trick is that in a statement to install desire has been laid and there are several alternatives, one of which selects a child himself. This is just a few steps. In the arsenal of psychologists of their weight. Psychologists themselves are willing to share them, but they are often hinders the principle of "Do not knocking on closed doors. " A lot depends on the willingness of parents to obtain information, to move towards a more competent and informed parenting. The development of the practice of constructive ban will help parents enhance their behavioral flexibility to find more creative, less pressure on the child's trust, and give him more freedom. Such prohibitions or restrictions will not only develop the child's sense of responsibility for their own choices, but also contribute to the development of his personality as a whole.

Style and Business

Prams – the main segment of the broader market children's clothes. And in this segment has its own leaders, earned the confidence of parents and children. If we talk about the popular children's wheelchairs, it is impossible not to mention popular firm, as Peg perego, Shicco and Inglesina. Then to understand why their products are well known, it should at least know a little about the firms Chicco, Inglesina and Peg perego, about their history and formation. So clearly the principles will be seen lying on the basis of these companies. Prams Chicco – brand an Italian company formed in 1946. According to Russian Chicco is pronounced as "Kikko" because the combination of ch in Italian makes the "k". On this day children's products under the brand name Chicco has more than 4,000 products.

This products for babies and pregnant women, preschool children and mothers. By goods is the only major company to market children's products. The company Chicco has its own research center, with they cooperate known cosmetologists, dermatologists and pediatricians. TM Chicco over 10 years of trust in 130 countries. The company has advanced equipment and products, including baby strollers, certified accordance with the international model of quality – ISO 9000. Production Company Chicco always environmentally friendly. Italian Liviano Tomasi first fond build race cars, then started producing three-wheeled bicycles.

In 1963 Liviano Tomasi gathered pram for children L'Inglesina Baby, started assembling their 1-x strollers in the English style. This is a common buggy 'London', which even in the twenty-first century is a classic Style Inglesina. In the 70 years the company showed to the world community Inglesina stylish pram-revolutionary 'Apollo'. In the 80 years of the twentieth century and to this day Inglesina produced other children's products. The latest technology, aesthetics and attention to detail – some of the the main points of the philosophy of the corporation. Inglesina today – a leading company in Italy, known for its Inglesina strollers and has affiliates in 30 countries worldwide. Another Italian company – Peg Perego over 50 years known to parents throughout the world and all through their car seats, baby ctulchikam, recreational child kolyackam and Driving – modelyam avtomobiley, mototsiklov, tpitsiklov c elektpicheckim and mexanicheckim ppivodom. Innovation, safety children, attention to detail and an improved design – the distinctive features of strollers from Peg Perego. It turned out that it is in Italy and are successfully developing the company, to realize their prams around world. safety, comfort and functionality – their special features.