Plastic Index

It is known for many years, the procedure to mix lime to him to a plastic clay, in order to lower its plasticity as well as to increase its capacity to support efforts. And also, during many years, a series of procedures has been standardized to carry out this incorporation, to manage to obtain a homogenous mixture as well as to establish some type of control that allows to verify results us. Also the great difficulties have been legendary that must when trying apply the procedures established in a certain work. Different procedures have been proven to obtain a uniform mixture of lime and clay. It has been tried for example, to disintegrate a plastic clay layer being used from agricultural plows, happening through motoconformadoras to the use of diverse machines with disgregadores drums of varied so large and designs.

Once disintegrated the clay layer, it has been tried to incorporate a certain percentage to him of lime, being followed diverse instructions or that they indicate that the lime is handled in coats and the content of them is distributed according to a grid previously drawn up and calculated to have a relation according to the percentage that will have to be applied, or by some other procedures that can include in bulk until the application of the lime. Already the value of its Limits of Consistency is perfectly known that the lime builds a favorable effect in the behavior of a plastic clay, when modifying (Limits of Atterberg). In infinity of taken tests I finish during the course of the time, has been that the value of the Liquid Limit of a plastic clay tends to be increased when this clay is mixed with lime. When taking place this increase in the value of the Plastic Limit, consequently logical, the Plastic Index will tend to fall of value, which as well means that the plastic behavior of the treated clay improves, for the generally looked for aims in the construction.

The Brazilian Language

Then they can be classified in deaf total blindness, deep deafness with visual, moderate residue or has taken with blindness, moderate with visual residue and light losses, auditory how much in such a way visual. types can be congenital blindness and acquired deafness, blindness and acquired deafness, congenital deafness and acquired blindness, low vision with deafness congenital or acquired and blindness and congenital deafness. The Brazilian Language of Signals possess elements of a formed grammar of the words or lexical item, set of words that the people of one determined language have to its disposal to express themselves, verbally or in writing that if structure from morphological, syntactic and semantic mechanisms. Also if it articulates through iconic signals, that are the gestures of easy understanding and through the arbitrary signals, these more than need a little knowledge the Language of Sinai.As sub-lexical structures also are part of the Language of Signals and is composed in five parameters: Configuration of the hands (CM), joint points (Par), that they are the places to where the configured predominant hand if approaches or happens; Movement (MV), the hands of the beeper represent object, while the space is area where if it carries through the movement; Face and/or corporal expression, component extremely important for any transmission in Lgua de Sinais; Not manual expressions.

The Language of Signals also possess a system of structure and formation of words as in the verbal languages, characterizing how much to the sort, time, degree and negation. The lexical or grammatical morphemes nor always form words equivalents to the Portuguese and are from its minimum units of signification that we will have the morphemes in Pounds. The prompt verbal aspect is distinguished for if bringing to an action or event occurred and finished in some clear-cut point, while the continuation verbal aspect of a continuity and if of the one another word. In Pounds the verbal times do not exist, the words come all in the infinitive, therefore the use of the corporal expression at this moment is very important, the signals also determine intensity and quantification. The method of incorporation of argument is very frequent had to the space characteristics and the words formed for derivation they are formed through the signals and not of the writing, the first words are constituted from its radicals which if bind to the affix or grammatical morphemes. The basic differences in Pound are: Words? signals that use the configuration of the deriving hands of the alphabet or numbers; Simple words? for they, do not have necessity of configuration of the hand to be deriving of the alphabet or of the numbers, but, they will have also to be made with its predominant hand and not to have Point of Joint arm and hand; Composed words? they are two more signal or combinations forming the word; Words of two different configurations? words carried through with two different movements; Words of equal movements; Sensible distinct signal and words; Delicatessens words in the graffiti and with the same signal; Phrases with only one signal.