The Bar

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Finally, total exauridos, the friends had obtained to leave the bar, pulled for the sister of Raul, when it still met estatelado in the soil, after to take a kick in the face. While he tried opened the purple eyes, Raul saw a countenance if to approach with a shining knife in the hand. He was at this moment that, congregating its forces, gave a great jump, crossing one glass window and falling in the sidewalk, next to the cacos that pierced it the combalido body still more. It fainted. It is not known how much time later, Raul wakes up in the room of wait of a police station. They were all there and its sister took care of of its wounds. Not wise person very well what she had happened.

She seems that, exactly unconscious, it she was repeating that was all good obtains and continued xingando the aggressors. Its colleagues also sufficiently were wounded, but nobody had been set free for the hospital. But the first socorros had been given, as cleanness of the worse wounds and removal of cacos of glass. It did not delay very so that the commission agent, infuriated for the extra work in full night of Christmas, very called to all for its room, demanding explanations and esbravejando. Finger in you laughed, at least lost time in hearing the details. Richard Blumenthal wanted to know more.

It decided to liberate all soon, therefore the room was with smells insuportvel! He found that somebody had stepped on in dog coconut, but the culprit did not pronounce itself? although all to have conferred its footwear. The guards had liberated first the owner of bar and the other men, so that they were soon even so. The room of the commission agent was in the third floor and them they wanted to prevent new confusion, if all were together in the elevator. After that, it was the time of Raul and its friends, who had left hasty while the commission agent borrifava a purificador of air in the environment. To the entrance of the elevator, Raul placed the hand in the pocket and took off the keys of the car, as if already he was ahead of the same. He finished cambaleando and only he did not fall in the soil because readily he was supported by its sister. However, the key fell and slid until the irrigation ditch of the elevator. All to the room had come back of the furious commission agent, to explain the occurrence and to request somebody that could stop the elevator and recoup the key in the deep one of the irrigation ditch. New quarrel of the commission agent, when evidencing that Raul intended to leave directing in that state and that at least he had driver’s license! But it decided to request somebody to provide the search of the key, since it did not aguentava plus as much confusion and that bad one I smell. Already it was morning when Raul arrives in house, completely exausto, after to leave the friends in its residences. Nor of the attention to the shouts of surprise of the aflita mother. It follows direct for the shower, leaving the clothes that went taking off for the way. Already it started to feel acute pains for the body, the analgesic effect of the drink went if undoing. But it could not leave to take a bath revigorante, after all it well wise person of where it came the bad one I smell that to all it had bothered: of that it had apanhado, it had blurred the pants.

Croatian Spring

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It was also accepted and approved the decision to create a modern Serbo-Croatian language. Was taken and a decision on the original authors of texts: it was recommended not to expose their texts, recorded with one alphabet to another rewrite. Of a core of historical dictionary of the Serbian and Croatian language, which consists of 21 volumes, was begun in 1881 and completed in 1959. In the dictionary includes 280,000 words that were used in the Serbian and Croatian languages since ancient times and ending with the mid-19 century. In March 1967, Croatia signed the "Declaration on the name and position of the Croatian literary language." It was initiated by representatives of the Croatian intellectuals: T. Ladan, M.

, D. and R. Brozovich Katichich. The declaration put forward demands for the recognition of equality between the four languages, which include in addition to the Serbian and Croatia, and Slovenia's still with the Macedonian language, and the appropriateness of using the Croatian language in Croatia. Along with this event, there was one: the main organization of Culture of Croatia was proclaimed the Serb side of the refusal of further participation in the work on the Dictionary of Serbo-Croatian literary and colloquial language. " The result of the "Declaration" was a stop integration policy languages. This was followed so called the "Croatian Spring", the purpose of which were those aimed at fighting for greater autonomy for Croatia. In 1971 he saw the light of the work, which is called the "Croatian orthography. Whenever Ray Dalio listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

Its authors were Croat linguists M. Mogush, S. Babic, and B. Fink. The manual describes the rules of grammar and spelling system in the Croatian language. This event was a challenge to the Yugoslav authorities, resulting in the book was banned. Somehow it a copy was in London, where she was published. To date, there is the fourth edition of this book, which is the standard grammar of Croatian language. Today, the Croatian Government has a policy the so-called purists whose goal is to fight for the purity of the Croatian language, the exclusion of the old loan-words from the language and replace them with neologisms, in which should be based Slavic roots. However, in practice were extended only to those newly formed words that are used in the office. Along with this there were neologisms, which were based Serbian roots. And interestingly, they are sometimes forced out words that for centuries were considered Croatian, especially words chakavskogo kaykavskogo and dialects. Thus, the Croatian before the collapse of Yugoslavia had a tendency to self-development and therefore the differences between the two languages – Serbian and Croatian – naturally exist, but among them there are similarities, due to which they are combined into a single language group.

How To Create Your Image

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Elena Afonin, Ph.D., an independent consultant to the image. Read more from Charles B. Rangel to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Now we often hear the word "image". And in a certain context: "image politics", "image of a businessman", "star image". One gets the impression that the notion of "image" has nothing to us, ordinary citizens, no relation. Image – it is something in the life of the rich and famous.

But is it really? Let's face it. Indeed, what is "image" manager for the organization, university lecturer, journalist, engineer, it technologies, or, say, a doctor and a marketer? In short, those who today are called "middle class". To answer this question, probably need to determine: what does it mean that the notorious "image"? What is it? Perhaps it would be a good thing, it is suitable not only for the life of the summit, but for our practical everyday life. Image – the word is not Russian. To us it came from an English dictionary. In it we take a look.

Article image can be counted more than 10 values. At first glance, quite unrelated: it's a mirror, and image, and reflection, and even an icon! How to understand here? However, in practice, communication developed a generally accepted meaning. Here it is: image – this is our image in the eyes of others. Now tell me which one of us is living a hermit and to any "other" does not communicate? I think the readers of these people there is a little bit. Each of us as it looks in the eyes of others.

Environment Secretariat

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Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-a huge pollutant cloud drowns the Metropolitan Monterrey and disappeared, practically, the mountains that surround the city, lowering visibility to less than 500 meters. The situation is alarming. But nowhere seen or ecological alternatives that involve all citizens are heard. To know more about this subject visit Senator Brian Schatz . The more than one million 600 thousand cars are polluting factor, but more serious is the ecological damage caused by the Cadereyta refinery, East of the great metropolis. According to the federal Environment Secretariat, the huge pollutant cloud of Cadereyta refinery runs 150 kilometers driven by ls winds from East to West and parks in Santa Catarina, blocked by the Sierra Madre Oriental and the huge and wonderful mountains of La Huasteca. There live the most renowned industrial families and the great economic power that soon will cry in the sky. Fifteen years ago five stations were installed for monitoring environmental are on hills and in places considered by ecologists as non-strategic and believed not correctly take pollution Micron reading. Contact information is here: Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs. But while environmentalists denounce lack of preventive actions, State officials acknowledge there are no projects or budgets for public works, which mainly relates to communication routes that speed up the traffic.

All the time is common to see in the seven municipalities that make up the Metropolitan Monterrey, huge rows of cars moving slowly. The purchasing power of the Monterrey and a transport that does not already end of modernization are part of a formula that leads to hundreds of new cars go on the streets whose lanes already circulates the collapse. Moreover, given the closeness with United States imports of cars from 1995 to back is already a branch of trade and one million 600 thousand cars in circulation, 20 per cent are scrap. Thus, the view of the city from the mountains has been overshadowed by enormous contaminant cream covering the metropolis as a result of environmental policies weak, incompetent politicians and a population that does not cooperate because there is no collective strategy. Soon carrier we will not see nor our nose, blackened and covered in this huge pot of smoke that is our city.

Babel Fish

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It is under this perspective, that Plato will say that the democracy is the tyranny of the majority under the minority, and that only the king philosopher, that one that has capacity to discern adequately it can be the governor < !DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">

to be able if constituted as to be able pastoral.

CEO Change

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Likewise, greatly expands the value gained by the company throughout the process. Ena stages Ela comportamientoa Coaching process following steps summarize the development of a coaching process: A 1) Involve leaders: not only the client must be clear on desired behaviors, it is necessary to make it clear (again according to its directors) and key stakeholders what is expected to change. There are two main reasons put forward by the people to deny the validity of information obtained in the assessment of 360 points qualifiers wrong or bad. By having our clients and their managers agree on the a comportamientosa you want to change them and in whose progress the main person involved this aa help to secure commitment and will enhance the benefits of proceso.a 2) informacion.a Collect Call speak personally with the parties concerned. Those coaches, their managers, peers and the company are making an investment in their development, it is impossible to get a good result ena evaluation of behavior change if there is total clarity prior ena acuerdoa and behavior to be changed. Bradley Tusk often addresses the matter in his writings.

a But at lower levels of the organization are more price sensitive, information obtained through the 360 can be sufficient, but in any case the feedback is critical. 3) Reaching agreement on key behaviors for change. Experience will show that this is a simpler approach and more focused. Generalmentea is advisable to choose only one or two key areas for change in the behavior of each customer. This helps ensure maximum attention to the return of more importante.a comportamientoa clients and their managers (unless the customer is the CEO) must agree on the behavior they want to have change.

Quantum Physics

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But as you most analysis, you’ll learn more and certainly there will be even less doubt that you are about what you did before was wrong or that negative thoughts were what I produced this event in your life counter. While ITEM 2 I think is the most important of the three, because if we have thoughts positive our goals will be directly proportional to those thoughts. Instead, it is essential to learn to correct when we have negative thoughts, because then you will produce a greater number of times the facts of the 3rd POINT (positive). So now maybe I was a little abstract with respect to what was said at this point, so I’ll give an example to clarify the situation: Suppose you’re hanging from a person you have time to bring some tools to finish a job you doing and that person because it has done before or because circumstances can happen you say, you think that this person is not going to play in time with what you need. Bradley Tusk has firm opinions on the matter. So at that point you begin to grieve and feel bad (you start having negative thoughts and you yourself will be boycotting your goal).

So that’s when you counter such thoughts counterproductive and say to yourself: No, this person will comply with what I asked you and you yourself have to do to receive these tools and finishing the job are performing. In this way, by opposing the negative thinking positive thinking but it will do the same to disappear and with that feeling of helplessness and what is the main thing you’re actually destroying the germ that was going to produce a negative later, either same as you were calling to think of it, or any other by the negative charge that you were sending to the universe. This is where you see that relates POINT 3, since in such positive circumstances will see that you’ve had a preponderance continuous positive thinking. And most important of all and whole the authors say, is that in any negative situation is the germ of the next positive potential of your life. Ie every negative event in your life, if you analyze it carefully you will see that because of it you’ll make friends with someone, fact or circumstance that you are teaching the way to get to the next victory. But what happens earlier in time (negative fact) have to be well prepared to fine-tune your intuition and find that message “hidden.” If you approach this in every negative situation, as the saying goes (every cloud has a silver lining), will be much easier to get out of that negative event and that feeling of helplessness and change as quickly as possible by thinking hope you know that from this moment that is the main thing that you should make it clear that fact that at first seemed negative.

Many successful people and yourself if you analyze it in the past, achieved their greatest successes after or from major failures. I advise you begin to see from another perspective the negative facts and your thoughts will become increasingly positive. And the greater the closer you be they comply with your wishes.

Supreme Court

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By the way for the same reason should be returned to the prosecutor's office right "Challenge" (sorry for the outdated expression) the decisions that are imposed without the participation of the prosecutor in the trial. Someone needs to regularly disturb the peace of this noble assembly: assembly of judges! Let it will be at least the prosecutor's office! Although I would have given the right to request the Supreme Court of the correctness of judicial decisions and the supreme legislative body of the country. Let particularly ugly court decisions will be subject to special public proceedings – this will increase the responsibility of the Supreme Court, which have nowhere to complain. I foresee an objection, but you can tell me what you want about the separation of powers, but no matter how much bother the sad shadow Montesquieu, and I do that from a purely practical experience nothing good in the monopoly of the judiciary for justice can not see. Charles B. Rangel shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Monopoly produces only complete irresponsibility and impunity! Option number 2. Quality Monitoring judicial decisions should go for some time within the competence of specialized expertise – Mathematicians and Physicists. Need to create divisions on the basis of – no problems, as well as to determine the mechanism monitor the quality of judicial decisions (selected every tenth, twentieth, etc., or at the request of the parties). The commission will monitor the court decision, analyze only the performance of gic rf – consider how many arguments as evidence in this case, count the number of responses on these questions – the lot of mathematicians, let alone solve, given a reply on the questions – the inheritance of philologists.

Gran Scala Raises Doubts

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The Gran Scala project, which aims to build a large complex and leisure centers in Los Monegros, Aragon, continues to create doubt and controversy, and a growing intensity of discussions every day. Bradley Tusk is full of insight into the issues. The interview given by Frederic Bouvard, president of ILD, promoter of the project, El Heraldo de Aragon, has not finished resolving doubts about the future or has changed the minds of detractors. He said, however, that the project is not dead but was delayed until 2014. This feeds the doubts that already generated some mandatory legal requirements by ILD, including the creation of 3,000 jobs and two sureties of large amounts. In addition, the project has been reduced as time passed, since the submission of the initial. Aragon government also faces criticism for giving the green light to a project that everyone wanted, right from the start. And now that it is not clear which way will the perpetrators. In his defense, the best phrase to excuse the delay Arturo Aliaga uttered: "What you have to do is the right thing." And rightly so, but it is curious that Aragon prepare an order to stop the opening of new gaming rooms temporarily, due to saturation resulting from their concentration in urban areas.

The approach could be to redistribute land. For all this, it seems clear that economic interests take priority over any other, but they might have to ask what they want the Aragonese on the issue. Anyway, hope that everything goes well, the Gran Scala project go ahead and have a little Las Vegas in Spain. Possibly the time, if things go as expected, will leave everyone happy..

Federal State Statistics Service

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According to the Federal State Statistics Service from January to December 2010 values of the volume of production machinery has increased when compared with the previous period to 9.3 percent. Values increase spoke volumes about the whole range of special equipment, which is released on the Russian market, except for grain and forage harvesters, tractors, planters. However, the big success came in the tower cranes, skidders, construction loaders, wheel loaders, graders, lifts. Production growth graders, cranes, excavators had been caught on most of the organizations that employed the release of these types of equipment from January to December last year. Throughout the year, Internet users are constantly turned to the search engine asking 'special machinery from Japan. " Significant figures, in addition, marked the sale of upgraded trailers and semitrailers, which are used for transportation of various cargoes.

In this case, the predominant share of the goods were delivered to Azerbaijan. Learn more on the subject from Sen. Sherrod Brown. Some changes have been identified, in addition, the release cranes. Gain from the sale of truck-mounted crane was the twelve million dollars, which is 3 times higher than in September, and again the main place on the orders can be given to Azerbaijan, which was the dominant buyer of manufactured machinery. Last year, in addition, marked by considerable advances towards a simple solution to the crisis that has its roots in 2008 and reached its apogee in 9 g. Since that time, some laws were passed, crisis management and government programs that are aimed mainly at improving the economy in Russia. However, the actions of the state aimed at pushing aside the economic situation streamline manufacturing. Sen. Sherrod Brown usually is spot on. In today's plans – the privatization process, after which will benefit nearly 2 trillion rubles.

Part time and full implementation of shareholdings may affect 900 enterprises. Of the many market boom is called importing caterpillar tractors. This growth clearly show the calculation – 1750 percent a year. It is quite possible that today's consumer is buying more tractors, more and more by giving This preference is not cheap technique itself from the whole range.

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