Raque Silva Martins

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The periods of training of Brazil in its majority are a shame; with very I suffocate we obtain you enter the University, searching the illusion to obtain something better, but when we come across in them with the reality, we fall of the horse as well as the Apstolo Pablo, want to suck our souls for R$ 4,99 for the moment, we live far and badly in they give 02 tickets to them of bus says, me: As we will pay the monthly fee of the college, our particle of hope was the ENEM, that if it transformed into ours frustration, disorganized Government, that shame, still says that the young that makes civil disturbances, hundreds of people with more than 50 accumulated springs of life, do not have the capacity to organize something so simple. Nor always the voice of the experience has reason, because what we see in our Government they are ‘ ‘ velhos’ ‘ tired (I do not know of what), enfilades to spend the money that was pra to be the nossoaumento of wage, ‘ ‘ gordos’ ‘ of in such a way not making nothing, ‘ ‘ If promises emagrecesse, would have corpses in governo’.

Arrived the hour of youth to take account of what it is our really, if does not want in giving chance to them, goes arranclas of them, force and vigor we have of surplus, we arrived or better he passed of the hour of us in them to join youth, against this dirt and podrido, we go to take our place nor qe either to the force, with the force of our voice, with the force of our vote, still of in time, seno to think about us, who will think? It thinks, it reflects, it reacts, one joins it me and we go to reivndicar our place, we go to protest with descncia, we go to show they as that if fz and with who is the power. Not aguento I more..

FIDURA Private Equity Funds: Successful Exit

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US semiconductor producer Maxim acquires portfolio companies of SensorDynamics – high yield for fund investors Munich, FIDURA Vermogensbildungs-and hedge funds July 19, 2011 – the two Munich-based private equity and return plus ethics have FIDURA Fund together with other investors that Grazer Sensorikunternehmen SensorDynamics AG on the US semiconductor manufacturer Maxim sold. The purchase price amounted to 164 million $ including the assumption of liabilities. This means that the enterprise value (Enterprise value) end of 2007 more than fivefold since the entry of FIDURA. After less than four years duration and thus was sold much faster than originally planned. FIDURA fund companies achieved high double-digit returns for their investors, composed exclusively of private normal investors through the transaction. Instrumental for the acquisition was for Maxim the leadership from SensorDynamics for inertial MEMS sensors, automotive smart key semiconductor solutions, the leading position in the fast growing energy harvesting market as well as the unique fail safe automotive Know-How including access to many key customers of the automotive industry. We see ourselves in our positive assessment, we have gained after intense scrutiny at the beginning of our involvement on SensorDynamics, confirmed”, as Klaus Ragotzky, Managing Director of the emission House FIDURA. The successful sale of SensorDynamics provides the proof of the correctness of our strategy, growth, technologically leading companies to participate in us, which at the same time have a comparatively manageable risk potential”, so Ragotzky next.

Herbert Gartner, CFO and founder of SensorDynamics, adds: for high-tech companies is important to have strong investors with confidence in the business idea and the management on board. “For us, our investors were crucial partners for the Unternehmensauf-and developing.” About FIDURA private equity fund FIDURA private equity funds invest in high-growth and innovative medium-sized companies. FIDURA munksjo deliberately no roof Fund. As a result an optimal portfolio composition and a favorable cost structure for the investors.

ENA Company

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To reach the nineties, now under the direction of Miguel Iglesias dancer, his largest creative source came from Lidice Nunez, although figures such as Jorge Abril and Isidro Rolando also developed a significant work. This choreographer dominated the scene dance company for almost a decade, until the advent of new generations of graduates of ENA, who brought the improntu creative to other areas already in the late 20th century and early years of the 21st, not to mention creative collaborations of outsiders as Jan time, Samir Akika, artists Joaquin Sabate and the own Mats Ek seconded by his wifeSpanish ballerina Anna lagoon. Today George Cespedes, Osnel Delgado and Julio Cesar Iglesias (son of the director of the company) are responsible for continuing the legacy of Ramiro from a contemporary discourse, using the resources that facilitates global and digital era today for the benefit of the Mise en scene. Countless are the prizes that earned the company over its almost fifty-two years of existence. Collective prizes and prizes individual, both for the choreographers who have worked on it during all that time, as for many of the dancers who have participated in his works. However, in their lines there is someone who has not been sufficiently recognised. It’s the first dancers and Maitre of modern dance, Luis Roblejo Rivas.

The world of dance is sometimes very misunderstood (and incomprehensible at the same time) and perhaps this is what has happened with this figure of Cuban modern and contemporary dance. Since his graduation from the national school of art in 1977 he participated in the vast majority of the dance repertoire of the company and despite this its importance and performance have been poorly evaluated, when not completely overlooked. Endowed with an impeccable technique, and despite his short stature he shone on stage by the passion that radiated your body in motion.

The Oil Drum Translated

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Also a managing member of EnTrust Securities is managing partner of EnTrust Capital
Gail the Actuary The Oil Drum Translated by Manuel Talens. Prologue and epilogue by Pedro Prieto and Manuel Talens. Prologue: The fallacy of the economic rescue translation to the article whose Castilian here today dates from April 30, 2007. The author, Gail the Actuary (alias of the actuarial Gail Tverberg), as published in the website The Oil Drum, we believe the best and most professional of all those engaged in studying the gradual exhaustion of fossil fuels and Nuclear on the planet and its likely impact on the global economic system.

The Achievement

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The inability to advance a comprehensive model in education has come from the same characteristics of modern thinking that we saw is fragmented in nature. So our challenge is to go from fragmented to comprehensive, inclusive and articulated models models. In education holistic, integrity is the achievement of the unity through diversity, the development process means greater integration through differentiation, pluralize, and integrate, integration of unity in diversity. For example, we currently have with concepts more integrals in various fields of education as intelligence, learning, knowledge, etc. Through having differentiated. Educators who requires our society urgently, are educators holistas, which considered that learning is a natural process and not a product that can be created on demand.

Teachers need to have more autonomy to design and establish educational environments appropriate to the needs of their students in particular. The mission that we have as educators will be Advisor and resource in training not only professional but also profoundly human, which train students so that they can live in the society of the interdependence and change. Educares them holistas must: v recognize and make creative use of Minks alternatives and multiple pathways of knowledge. v recognize spirituality as the principle and the formative force of implied order or transcendent reality. v Affirms that the process is as important as the product v consider learning at le context of family, school, community, global society and the cosmos.

(v) take into account the spiritual mystery of life and the universe in addition to empirical reality. Therefore the proposal presented to us the holistic model is a flexible, open and image in development that shows the integration of the different aspects of education as one as a whole holarquica, holistic education is the way for the evolution of consciousness until his omega point: spiritual awareness.

Ford Focus

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But if you believe the words of a very thorough Englishman, the streets of one of the southern cities of England demonstrate the ride of a powerful hatchback. Apparently this is one of the last test samples. However, vohmozhno is just another tuning package for the Ford Focus. Test-drive Ford Focus ST 2008 One of the features of the modern car market is its regionality. Despite the general globalization is still a lot of models, which are sold only on the individual continents. Or conversely, some countries are not available. This is especially significant for Ford Motor Company, because the model for Serer-American market is much different from European.

And the Ford Focus here is no exception. So for the experts from the online edition autoblog.com test-drive a new Ford Focus ST has the same unusual effect, as for us to ride on their familiar Ford Mustang. 2009 Ford Focus RS at the Paris Motor Show recently opened its doors to international motor show in Paris gave a lot of new products of the automobile world. But among the exhibited items were already familiar models. Certainly, one of the most interesting booth was the Ford Exposition Ford Focus RS.

As expected, the hot hatchback has been spotted in the company’s green. This shade can be considered a modern version of Green, under whom were Ford cars in Le Mans in the 70s of the 20th century. Tuning package for Mountune Performance Ford Focus ST Mountune Performance Company presented its collection to enhance the capacity of Ford Focus ST. It includes an intercooler and air filter ProAlloy high capacity K & N. Installing this package increases engine output to 260 horsepower at 5,500 revolutions per minute. Torque vozrostaet to 400 Nm. The increased power affects the dynamics of the car. Ford Focus ST Service Mountune Performance 0.6 sekudny faster its standard counterpart in the sprint to 100 km / h. A little tuning will not affect the zvodoskoy guarantee. The cost of the entire set of Mountune Performance is $ 2,300.

So Paulo Cultural

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The term globalization engloba and demands that everything if adqe of form that if can take off advantage economic, and each time more the new if it makes necessary to the consumption, thus guaranteeing the compensatory maintenance of the cultural diversity, defended for pluralism with challenge to respect the different groups and cultures that compose the Brazilian and world-wide ethnic mosaic, stimulating the conviviality of the diverse groups and to make of this characteristic a factor of cultural enrichment. With it the differences are considered respecting, to become rich with them e, at the same time, to value the proper cultural and regional identity. Also to fight for a world where the respect to differences are to the base of a world vision each richer time for all. The wakening of the cultures bringing in its luggage curious a fantastic one that make possible the sensation of never finished, awakes in the marketing capitalism, an interest never before seen by these manifestations, either hour of the Amaznia to speak, and not more said being, and perhaps to extend through the globalization the existing multicultural wealth in it before the label globalization to all and entirely continues dictating the rhythm of some social pursuings in the attempt to use of ‘ ‘ innocence cultural’ ‘ as well as the Europeans they had made it with the inhabitants of the Amaznia in Brazil colony.

The Infinite Power Of The Mind

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The human being has infinite powers. The man enjoys unlimited powers to create all your experience in this wonderful universe. Human beings can create for your life whatever you want. The human being has created everything in his life. Many people have created for if same, wealth, power, beauty, Union with God, happiness, love, good relationships, inner peace, and many other beautiful and desirable things. Everything that people wish to obtain, can achieve this.

All. Without exception. People believe everything in his mind. The mind creates everything we see, what we feel, what we know, what we ignore. All. The mind builds everything good and destroys everything bad. Most people leave your mind to jump from idea into idea, from object to object.

Why it is said that the mind is like a monkey jumping from branch to branch. The majority of people are unable to concentrate on anything long enough to produce satisfactory results to their lives. Everything that people want can be obtained if it is dedicated enough time to learn about the powers of the mind, its endless capabilities and practicing the techniques needed to produce successes in all areas of our life. In the book, the power to transform our lives, Andrew Corentt, presents powerful techniques to achieve the unification of our being and be able to get everything that we want. Practicing these techniques, anyone can become whatever you want to, get anything they want and experience everything what you want. Exposed techniques unify our being and make it extremely powerful. Any person who practices these techniques will become powerful, magnetic, desirable, attractive, rich, slender and a long etcetera. The results not only arrive by powerful exposed techniques, but by the deep knowledge that the reader deployed along each of its pages. Reading the power to transform our lives, the life of the person who reads it, also will not only be transformed people’s lives will be transformed to its around and as a result a global change occurs.

Ramon Gallegos

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On the subject adds that the model of educational quality leads to nihilism, a loss of sense, learn to read without understanding what is read, learn math without knowing applying them. Being the quality is the concept main computer in the model reductionist subject-object, while sujeto-sujeto holistic concept computer is integrity in the relationship. Educational integrity is an inclusive proposal, with more human sense, with a view of the kosmos. The concept of integrity, in holistic education is used at two levels: as all of the kosmos and as a concept computer of educational subjectivity, by addressing the issue of educational evaluation, tells us that holistic education needs a global assessment where integrity and quality indicators are evaluated equally, with different methods on a global model considering all aspects, empirical data and criteria mental and spiritual, from the outside and from the inside target it and subjective it. In this holistic strategy, the reality and truth are two different things, the reality is the scope of the mental, and empirical data of the social construction of reality, the relative and temporary.

While the truth is the scope of being spiritual data. In such a way that in holistic education spiritual, mental, and empirical data are considered equally. Dr. Ramon Gallegos presents a comprehensive evaluation model that differentiates the educational integrity of educational quality, social individual where four different areas are evaluation criteria, devices and different data: System, culture, behavior and intent, are also defined as interobjetivo, intersubjective, objective and subjective of the educational field. Then we can say that education that humanity needs is the holistic education that integrate body, mind and spirit.

Thus learn and live are related, since as said Dr. Gallegos leave when you learn we die and we live when we are learning. On the other hand, Ramon Gallegos tells us that aactualmente humanity requires a new education to take her to a more comprehensive State, the alternative is the holistic education, this paradigm presents a framework for deep spiritual sense of life, your heart is spirituality and its objective the evolution of human consciousness to form integral human beingsOn the topic Add holistic education goes from basics to best, at the top, is a holarquica vision, is a hierarchy of development that look for the evolution of consciousness.

Department Factors

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Forest ecology studies the relationship between forest phytocoenosis () and the environment, forests and environment in a broader context. The object of ecology are also certain types of wood and non-plants and other forest organisms. Thus, forest ecology includes both -logic (forest and environment) and autekologicheskie (individual species and environment) aspects. Wood – a natural unity, part of which is and the environment. Therefore, Department of Environment and Forests here is somewhat arbitrary, but it is necessary for the gradual disclosure of forward and backward linkages that determine the vitality of the forest and the nature of the forest environment. In forest ecology can consider two aspects: 1 – the impact of environmental factors on the life of the forest, 2 – ecological importance and influence of the forest on the environment, as well as special education, his usual forest environment. In the second case in question: the the impact of the forest beyond the space occupied by woods ("the" impact of the forest) on the impact on its own environment within which he occupied the space.

Thus, forest ecology examines the role of environment in the life of the forest as a natural unity, part of which is this Wednesday. On the other hand, it examines the environmental changes taking place under the influence of the developing nature of unity, which is the forest. All variety of environmental factors determining the growth conditions of the forest, his life and development, can be reduced to several groups: I. Climatic factors, including radiation, teschyuvoy, water regimes, composition and movement of air, etc. ii. Edaphic and orographic factors (soil, soil, terrain features, slope and exposure of slopes). iii.Bioticheskie factors (animals, plants, microorganisms). iv.

Anthropogenic factors. V. Historical factors. Environmental factors influence both on the forest as a whole and its individual components. In nature, there exists a complex influence of environmental factors, shown in various combinations. Change in one factor implies change the other. For example, a change in altitude, exposure, slope angle causes changes in climate, soil and other factors. Changing the lighting conditions in the forest accompanied by a change and thermal regime. The same amount of rainfall in the northern boreal regions and in some southern steppe regions. However, in the first case it falls in the prevalence of low temperatures, high humidity air and soil, at a reduced evaporation of moisture, in the second – the reverse combination. Hence – the conditions and the possible existence of forest at the same rainfall. In one case, the arborist has to contend with excess moisture, with the threat of waterlogging in the other – to seek means of increasing the moisture control soil salinity, etc. Thus, the forest is under the complex, intertwined influence of various multilateral environmental factors. Formed under the influence of geological, climatic, soil, biotic factors, the forest, in turn, itself influenced by these factors, it creates inherent in a particular environment. Consequently, the forest, affecting the environment changing it, he feels the effects of changes of environment. This environment is increasingly important for humans, not only locally but also in a global context, if you remember about the forest as an essential part of the biosphere. Despite the long-term study of forest interactions with the environment in many countries, science has not solved a lot of forest ecology, which must be one of the important scientific basis for the issue of "Forest and Man."

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