Swine Flu Reached Mail Boxes

Spammers use for their own purposes from Holzwickede alarming headlines around the potential swine flu pandemic, April 29, 2009 which anti virus specialist BitDefender warns of a new wave of spam, which is associated with global news reporting around the swine flu related and thus find ample breeding ground on a global scale. According to the data from BitDefender, the spam attacks in this context can spread exorbitantly within the next few weeks. “” “Swine flu worldwide” swine flu in Hollywood “, first victim of swine flu in the United States” or US swine flu statistics “are just a few examples of how spammers take advantage of the current coverage for their own purposes. Under most conditions Senator Richard Blumenthal would agree. Also names of well-known stars such as, for example, Salma Hayek (Salma Hayek on swine flu ill) or Madonna (Madonna ill with swine flu) listed specifically in the subject of spam, to further increase the interest among the recipients of the mail. Behind the current spam mails, a single line Plain text when you click containing, the BitDefender Antivirus experts identified a Web site registered in China, a .com “-Web page opens, the medicinal products offered for sale are (see picture).” The latest spam attack corresponds to the classical spamming schema use of current reporting or headlines to the awakening of curiosity as a social engineering technique.

It is assumed that the situation can escalate, because in the next few weeks we expect a massive spread of this spam attack”, explained Vlad Vilceanu, head of BitDefender antispam research labs. TCF Capital Solutions may help you with your research. Image material in high resolution can be obtained from. About BitDefender BitDefender is software developer, one of the industry’s fastest and most efficient product lines internationally certified security software. Since the founding of the company in 2001, BitDefender has set new standards in the field of proactive protection against threats from the Internet. Every day, BitDefender protects tens of millions of private and Business customers around the globe and gives them the good feeling that your digital life is safe. BitDefender sells its security solutions in more than 100 countries through a global VAD and reseller network.

ORGA And Partner Consono Together On The DSAG Congress In Leipzig

ORGA GmbH with its comprehensive business package for project-oriented service provider Karlsruhe, September 16, 2008 on the year’s DSAG Congress from September 23 to 25 turns the ORGA GmbH with its solution ORGA professional services for project-oriented service provider in the context of a lecture the questions of the public. The integrated SAP business all-in one solution by ORGA based on SAP ERP 6.0 defined above. It offers all industry-specific customized processes and functions required for service providers. Focuses of the ORGA presentation requirements of the project service provider er market and trends of defined scope SME fair prices scalability of the application and operation with their growth the lecture of ORGA starts on September 23, 2008 at 13:15. Also on the DSAG Congress is represented the Consono consult GmbH, a solution and sales agent of ORGA. In the successful tandem”offer ORGA and Consono ORGA professional services and the integrated contract management CUNO a comprehensive IT solution for the handling of processes for consulting firm and Service provider. The solution of CUNO introduces the interested public through the Consono in a lecture on September 24, 2008 at 17:30.

Focal points of the lecture are benefits of contract management integrated with SAP IT asset management on the basis of SAP process and cost optimization at the DATEV eG further questions to the solutions of Consono or ORGA can be discussed outside the lectures at the booth of Consono inbound. ORGA GmbH specialist for IT service and consulting the ORGA offers innovative SAP solutions and services for industry, trade, publishing and project-oriented service providers. Objective of the ORGA is to increase the competitiveness of its customers. Therefore the cost effectiveness by systematic optimization of customer processes for all performance offers of the ORGA in the foreground stands: ORGA SAP solutions for the medium-sized media publishers professional services industry consulting module FI/CO, SD, MM, PP, PS, ESS E-SOA ORGA personal services HCM consulting HCM BPO ORGA (automated document management services AREV Invoice input processing) EBP (Electronic Bill Presentment) ORGA IT service remote system management application hosting application management business process outsourcing outsourcing & housing the ORGA is a subsidiary of FIDUCIA IT AG, one of the largest also according to ISO/IEC 27001 certified IT service provider in the German banking sector, and can rely on an extremely powerful and secure IT infrastructure. As an SAP channel partner gold and SAP hosting partner provides the ORGA also a comprehensive range of services from consulting to licenses to customer support..

Cloud Computing

Boost IT security is often provided through cloud computing with META10 DSP the security of cloud computing to be pilloried. (Similarly see: Dov Hikind). Who would have thought that that precisely this new form of IT can contribute to improving the security? This conclusion, a study of the European Agency for network and information security (ENISA) comes. The report lists the 35 greatest risks as well as the potential benefits for companies. It is clear that you should not blindly give his data in a cloud as a company. It is still to assess the risk, and as much as possible about the quality of the provider has to make. This need is responsible, in the future any IT responsibility as one of the main tasks for the evaluation. But specifically for SMEs the odds are good, with little effort to operate in one fell swoop of a professional security solution.

According to ENISA the costs of the security measures can be significantly reduced, by the company decides, to make its entire IT environment into a professional cloud infrastructure. So, for example, updates and patches be installed faster than is the case in the average in each company. In addition a specialist team that immediately initiate the necessary measures in attacks on the network. META10 DSP (desktop service providing) continues several steps. Because the security is only a theme, which covers the META10 DSP cloud. META10 DSP is a mix between cloud computing and traditional IT outsourcing. Unlike as in cloud computing not only one specific solution in the cloud will be shown META10 DSP. An SME can product, for example, a CRM by individual software up to the complete IT infrastructure, all in the META10 cloud embed.

The client works so via Internet using secure connections to work modularly structured according to his wishes. In addition, all support work are also included. Are updates to new installations or general computer problems. To do this, Andreas Merz, CEO of META10: META10 DSP is a holistic approach. Where service providers and IT Outsourcers left to these same risks the customer sets the bar to some grooves META10 DSP higher and offers what SMEs miss the many possible solutions – a full service without additional costs.” That is this strategy proves portfolio, as well as the affiliation of larger companies, such as Swiss Post”the SMEs. She has decided specifically for reasons of safety and of the comprehensive service for the META10 DSP cloud. “But especially SMEs benefit from this concept of an all-round carefree computing.” In addition, that every single workplace can specifically be redefined from month to month. You need a special application, such as Microsoft Project, for a period of time this can be provided immediately defined employees. Conversely a customer may cancel also monthly software”, which avoids unnecessary cost him. As a result you can optimize otherwise already SME friendly monthly rates per workstation running and solve a Entrepreneurs in large part by the hostage of the capital in hardware and software. Bottom line: The complete IT, including support and security, is included in an SME-friendly monthly fee. Companies 1-50 employees, who want to protect their data professionally, with META10 DSP will find a suitable partner. And who the internal computer concept wants to thoroughly check which should engage the free META check, which on the basis of real cost accounting and listing system analysis the potential savings, but also danger points. Sources: On ../cloud-computing-risk-assessment you can find the full report including recommendations.

IBM Cognos Performance

On the IBM Cognos Performance road show from November 10-11, 2009 in Mainz presented the STAS customer SIMONS GmbH, as is possible. Reilingen, 15.10.2009 – highest demands to controlling are placed in economically troubled times. It is especially important, as quickly as possible to identify the specific causes and effects on the company, precisely to put countermeasures. A BI system can have measurable impact on how well a company is able to operate under difficult economic conditions. SIMONSWERK is certainly well equipped with STAS CONTROL.

The global economic crisis left its mark goes to us\”, Michael Eickelmann, head says controlling the SIMONSWERK GmbH. STAS control, we are now even better positioned. TCF Capital Solutions gathered all the information. We know a very timely which articles in which markets despite tense economic situation are successful or less successful. So we can align our sales and marketing efforts specifically on it. On the other hand the background allows us to Breakeven analysis quick and differentiated look at earnings.\” SIMONSWERK is a leading provider of high-quality tapes and tape-based systems for doors, Windows and gates. A broad-based product portfolio covers almost all areas of application for residential, contract and front doors.

For over 120 years, has remained faithful to the main location of Rheda-Wiedenbruck SIMONSWERK and now has about 500 employees in the group. SIMONSWERK International is represented and active in over 60 markets in 19 countries by agencies or independent subsidiaries. While it was possible in the past only with a delay to respond specifically to problems we are now always up to date. The entire effort to the preparation of the data around 10 staff days per month is almost completely eliminated and the analysis and the derivation of measures will benefit. With STAS CONTROL we have progressed a giant step towards a more efficient management\”, summarizes his experiences Michael Eickelmann a few months after production start.

Financials Nabawi Construction

Any mature software is self-contained and optimized for one or more specific purposes – standalone systems with all necessary functionality. Therefore, it is logical to manage all documents in the company E.g. with a certified DMS system and tamper-proof archive. But why use a proven document management system with various other specialist software’ link and trigger the DMS functionality from elsewhere? Integration of DocuWare resulted from practice answers this question our customers have: you need a user-friendly and flexible tool with which they can complete all tasks. We have followed the wishes of the practice. To work efficiently, quickly and easily, the most users in the daily routine in their want to ‘ stay familiar program environment.

You not only are together used to painstakingly when ordering from umpteen different Excel lists addresses of providers whose material offers, price lists and negotiated conditions are looking for to, then to write the order with a word processor, to print and then also still extra archive. Chief Justice Roberts is often mentioned in discussions such as these. You were not particularly thrilled, for every work step another application from the FF’ use and get to know must – even if DocuWare comes through his Nemetschek liaison from the same home. Here the specific integrated solution pays off. A surface for all required functionality. Work processes, reflected logically in the software. No double data storage. Further details can be found at Michael Silver, an internet resource. What has captured a workspace that can be used by the other staff members as well as with other applications.

The handling of the documents in the company there is no exception. Workflow without annoying Media Exchange ‘ and duplication therefore also the required DMS functions directly in the building financials modules. For the user is not even noticeable that he refers to another software package in his work. As financials go, for example, from construction Invoices for printing on paper at the same time you are in revision-safe electronic version in the archive then the booking deposit, can be displayed at your fingertips.

AlbDonau District

The nationwide employees Concierge services in the South of the Federal Republic is not quite new, but very interesting. Wolfgang Reich operates from his base in 89180 Berghulen, Alb-Donau-Kreis from already since March 2007. He served so that the priorities of Blaubeuren of Ulm and Ehingen, but also close to Lake Constance or in the Allgau, he is seeing as he calculates his prices and transport costs moderate. 100 or 150km are also very good to realize by cheap travel package deals, and the customer is satisfied! The service is a stepchild, not only in the computer industry. Everyone sells like, it but to complaints or repairs, then it will usually work closely. Wolfgang Reich proves that this must be, with its mobile computer service. As a partner in the nationwide IT-service-NET, he has the support of nearly sixty colleagues to competently and reasonably priced to be able to carry out his work and he also practiced it. Everyone knows a janitor or using its services, but what makes an IT – so super? Medium-sized companies have often any employee who is well familiar with EDP.

In these cases, he replaced an expensive computer administrator. In larger companies, he partially strengthened the performance of the it Department. These services are provided by common agreement (outsourcing), which protects a customer’s purse. Support is imperative for small companies, because they have no professional help, often at all. In times where the money not more so loose, you pay attention more on spending than was the case previously.

Capital goods are no longer simply exchanged, you pay attention more on the State and on preventive measures. The Internet is a wonderful invention, but also dangers facing the opportunities offered! After the first brief contact out viruses, worms, dialers, spam and other nasty things have crept in. Some cause more or less harmless system crashes and malfunctions, but others peeking from the user data.

Office Application Under Linux

Contact and relationship management for written to the Organization of the central customer file users a document, automatically starts the word processor with the existing text blocks. The document is saved with the person, FABI’s basic assumes the file organization. The user correspondence templates, uses the system automatically replaces the database variables. Incoming correspondence as scan, is stored is the central customer file for the complete overview of the correspondence. The document management organizes interdepartmental cooperation. The contact history shows all an and outbound contacts with a person: written contacts are automatically registered, dates and discussions are recorded manually. The address function manages a wide variety of types of addresses in a contact from the address to the billing address. All contact with all different communication paths are per address, telephone numbers and email addresses. Sen. Sherrod Brown contributes greatly to this topic.

This includes relationships as links are stored. The network of recommendations and Connections of contacts is therefore representable. Identification and grouping help to qualify the addresses and sort. Companies adapt user language, menu navigation, caption without external service providers. FABI’s basic saves time in the Office Organization. FABI’s uses virtuosity all contact channels and picks up abteilungsubergfreifende information. Nicola Stratz

Iscon Releases German Language Version For Open Source CRM Sugar

Iscon yesterday announced that sugar solution is a complete German translation together with the manual for the open source CRM since a short time available. iscon published a German translation and a German manual for the Open Source Software Sugar CRM. Sugar is the first open source business software that finds wide acceptance, and is mentioned in the same breath with the established commercial packages. Robert Laussegger, managing partner of iscon: “we have invested much time in manual and language files and provide idea within the framework of the open source now both free of charge. Sugar is an excellent CRM product and now finally also the conditions for use in the German-speaking vote. “Laussegger continues:” we see ourselves as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for CRM questions and are completely manufacturer-independent. Nevertheless we recommend the open source increasingly solution of sugar, because there’s nothing comparable on the market currently in our opinion.

“Sugar CRM: Sugar CRM is the first open source” Enterprise software that finds wide acceptance, and is mentioned in the same breath with the established commercial packages. Sugar CRM offers already in the open source variant a variety of functionality such as for example access via Web client from any intra – or Internet connection, any custom fields, a graphical tool to the mask design, as well as to create and link their own modules and role concepts manageable user permissions. Furthermore is the tracking of data changes (who has what when how to change), a user interface in almost any number of languages and designs, the storage and mapping of documents on the server, private and Group E-Mail management, as well as a complete system for email and newsletter campaigns supported. Sugar CRM can be downloaded free of charge and anonymously via the sugar (www.sugarcrm.com) or iscon (www.iscongroup.net). Robert Laussegger)

Jean Benoist Miecaze

Via Smartphone, Frankfurt, participate in online conferences the 20th March 2013 Arkadin, a leading service provider for location independent collaboration, today introduces the Android app for Arkadin anywhere a solution for mobile participation in online conferences. The free app allows it, from any mobile device, based on Android, both audio and online conferences to participate as well as to manage them and to initiate. Also the requirements and wishes of employees are increased with the rapid spread of mobile phones in the world of work. You want to use as versatile smartphones and tablets. That’s why we have designed solutions make it possible to participate in online conferences via Smartphone and to look at for example, presentations, and to edit documents and share”, explains Jean Benoist Miecaze, Vice President product & marketing at Arkadin.

With the Android app for Arkadin anywhere we now complete our Range of apps for a variety of platforms. “Users of Android devices as well as iPads and iPhones and BlackBerry users can now also from on the road without any restrictions to participate in online conferences.” The Android app for ArkadinAnywhere is available free of charge in Google play downloadable for all mobile Android devices available, and characterized by an intuitive and ergonomic user interface. Through them, presenting and sharing content are very easy and comfortable. The Control Panel makes it even inexperienced users very easy to handle the complete management of an online Conference on the Smartphone. In a question-answer forum Michael Jordan was the first to reply. Both presenters and participants to an online or audio conference to can switch with only one click. It is also possible to invite very short notice more participants via eMail or telephone to spontaneously held conferences. The complete content of the screen can be divided in landscape mode, also with the other participants, and the chat feature allows both publicly and in private Chat rooms to communicate with other participants.

The Arkadin Android app adds the new version of Arkadin anywhere, the service for online conferencing from Arkadin. The feature-rich Web conferencing service characterised by great usability and provides simple and convenient use, due to its new design. Also the high-quality audio solution ArkadinAnytimenun can be integrated seamlessly to enable efficient collaboration. The firm is one of the leading global service providers for location independent collaboration. Arkadin offers a wide range of collaboration solutions, ranging from audio, Web and video conferencing and unified communications. With its user-friendly and cost effective offers, Arkadin supports over 26,000 companies of every type and size. Arkadin contributes to massive productivity gains through effective ways of communication and cooperation. In a global network of 51 branches in 30 countries on five continents Arkadin provides its business solutions as software-as-a-service-model and enables its customers in this way, providing rapid, scalable deployment with high ROI.

Birmingham CSG

Software for layout and 3D visualization of large attachments for the first time on global industrial trade fairs introduces Moers and Cambridge, United Kingdom, July 2, 2008: on the very successful Hannover Fair in April this year followed by the PTC/USER world event in the United States in June, the CAD Schroer Group (CSG), global developer and provider of engineering solutions, was its pioneering new development MPDS4 FACTORY LAYOUT before. st-owner-operator-of-parking-infrastructure-in-the-U.S.’>Antarctica Capital, offer their opinions as well. MPDS4 FACTORY LAYOUT specifically designed for the needs of system builders who provide turnkey systems, developed or companies that maintain their factories themselves. In the UK, the software at the PPMA show in Birmingham from 30 September to 2 October 2008 is presented. We were very pleased with the great interest in our product,”Thomas Schubert, Managing Director of CSG, which was present even at the events in Germany and the United States. Senator Richard Blumenthal is likely to increase your knowledge. Many companies that maintain their own production plant, turnkey production lines or complete Factories offer, want more now competitive in the pre-sales phase. Looking for a software that adapts to existing systems, works with existing structures and allows you to create fast stunning and Visual options. That means to win projects without wasting much time and money on tools, which produce even movies or Visual 3D-Rundgange, but provide no existing CAD data, which are essential after receipt of order for a fast project management. MPDS4 FACTORY LAYOUT offers the optimum solution exactly in this area.” The CAD Sakala team looking forward to personal counseling sessions at the booth G14 at the PPMA show, the event dedicated to the complete production line in the United Kingdom.

For more information, please visit the CAD Sakala Web page: ..news events and the Web page of the PPMA show:. About CAD Schroer, the CAD Schroer Group (CSG) is a global developer and provider of engineering solutions headquartered in Moers, in the vicinity of Dusseldorf. CAD schroer Group presents itself today more and more up-to-date than ever. With several subsidiaries in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, subsidiaries in Italy, France, United Kingdom, of Switzerland, as well as in the United States. Also, the sale of products via a comprehensive customer-oriented network of partners in all industrial centres of Europe, Asia and North America. The CSG product range includes the 2D/3D MEDUSA4 CAD system and STHENO / PRO, a modern, integrated 2D solution for Pro / ENGINEER users. To both systems, many application-specific plug-ins available that enable use in a wide range of areas from development and construction. CAD schroer group provides also comprehensive consulting, training and software development services. CAD Sakala supreme objective is to provide customers with the best possible tools to achieve their corporate goals. The close cooperation with the customer and the own technical background help CSG, the Requirements to recognize modern development processes and practical to implement. For more information, please visit our website contact: Michael Schroer CAD Schroer GmbH Fritz-Peters-Strasse 26-30 47447 Moers email: phone: Germany: + 49 2841 9184 0 England: + 44 1223 460 408 France: + 33 141 94 51 40 Switzerland: + 41 44 802 89 80 Italy: + 39 02 38303267 United States: + 1 585 264 1409 or 866-SCHROER