Human Relationships

Human relationships – it's incredibly complex phenomenon. The man himself is a very unpredictable thing. It is believed that for women it is even more so than men. Women changeable mood, they guided by emotions more than men. It seems that it negates the possibility of at least some way to understand women, to predict their behavior.

But despite this, women's and men's nature as a subject many of the laws of psychology. Why do women understand each other, literally at a glance. This is because all women have similar values, attitudes, principles, and interests. But they are not always similar to those of men. In turn, men – better understand each other, rather than women. It was different laws Behavioral so much disconnect between men and women. For example, women are constantly accuse men of their dryness, men women – for being too emotional. But Despite this, we can not imagine it possible to separate their very existence.

Creators portal ARDOR (Advanced Russian Design Of Relationship) for 10 years studying the psychology of relations between the two sexes. It was written hundreds of articles on the subject were developed a variety of tactics, techniques of behavior in different communication situations – situations in dating, to strengthen relations, to establish family relationships. In these articles, we give advice to those who do not feel confident who do not know how to approach the opposite sex. Men often have no idea how to tie a woman acquaintance, I do not know how to decide on the first step. A woman making mistake after mistake push men away faster than they would like. For over 5 years administration portal provides training, graduates of which dates back several thousand people. Who and why you need this training? Specially organized training sessions we create for both men and women. But their main goal – to learn to communicate with the opposite sex. Especially popular are our training for men. Unsuccessful in personal relationships men acquire self-confidence. If before they were afraid to just walk, talk and get to know you liked a girl, but now it has become for them the easiest. Not only men, but women want to be successful in personal relationships. Most of them want to learn how to hold a man, as guided by a long and serious relationship that is not always true for men. And so, and others we provide the opportunity to develop relationships with the opposite sex in the desired direction. Naturally everyone can learn, but only if he will make every effort to this. We are on our website and in training can open all the secrets of the relationship between a man and a woman, but knowing it will be effective only if you're ready to change their beliefs and change yourself. — Dmitry Novikov, project manager ARDOR

Attracting a Man

Are you tired of being alone? You do not have enough love? But all attempts to find your other half did not bring the desired results? Then read this article. In it you'll learn how to attract a man in her life. Rules of attraction second half. 1. It all begins with love. If you do not love yourself, then neither of which love is not out of the question.

That's the way our universe and other people on an intuitive level, reflects the law of attraction with all your senses and emotions in relation to itself. And so you must first fall in love with himself, and only then you fall into someone else. 2.Opredelyaem their readiness for a new relationship. Often it happens that a man can not find love because he is not her ready. He can not let go of their past relationship. He is tied to them.

And in order to change this situation we must honestly look at yourself in the heart and to understand whether you're ready for a new relationship. Or maybe you live on dreams that your former spouse returned to you. Or, worse yet, you feel about the past elects negative emotions such as resentment or guilt. And these mental toxins fill your inner space. AND quite simply no room for love. What to do in this situation? If you find yourself in resentment and other negative emotions, you need to get rid of them. Need to forgive themselves and their former partners. To do this, you should draw on paper a list of all offenders and in turn let go of each. And only after that you will be able to attract a man, relieving himself in a place of love and passion. 3.Opredelyaemsya next thing we want you need to do to attract love is to agree upon what you want. You need to know what relationship you want and what qualities should have your favorite. How do I do? In order to write a description of their relations, take a notebook and a pen. And describe all that you consider important. Make a clear and detailed description of the dream. Write about the qualities of this man whom you intend to bring about your relationship with him, sharing pastime. And then come back as often as possible to their records. Read them every day for months, and then release his desire to cosmic expanses, turn away from him. 4.Ispolzuyte visualization. For attract men to use creative visualization techniques. It is fairly easy to use. Everything you need to do – it daily in a relaxed state to imagine that you have recorded in their notebook. Visualize how you will meet your chosen one. As you spend time with him. As he hugs and kisses you. Like gives you a gift … use visualization every day for at least a month. This will accelerate the fulfillment of a wish to several times 5.Pomnite that are only offset of our world is so constituted that, by using positive thinking without action, you are unlikely to succeed. And no matter what is at stake – health, wealth or love. Remember it always take the initiative and in everything. Be happy and loved.

The Completion

The child's eyes lit up interest, and he gladly offers its own toy baby. Clearly, in this case turned out to change the perception and evaluation of a child of the situation. Reframing helped make sense of possessiveness in the interest of research activity of the child. In this situation, reframing was used to expand the scope of child perception of the situation, but this technique can be used to help the parent to look at the most problematic situation outside the box. Example. I was standing at the stove, cook a little longer the soup.

And now for 5-7 minutes until the completion of this grand process, my son enters the kitchen. He wants to play with me and not him nothing to do with a full pot of boiling water and other dangers inherent in the kitchen. The first thing you want to do – is to explain to him that is dangerous to be here and it would be nice if I had waited 10 minutes in the room. But then I dawns. I want my child did not approach plate. But this result can be achieved by setting himself a different task: "Make it so that the child wanted to be outside the kitchen!" Just born a few options, which in turn is realized: for In order to escape he was interested, I suggest playing catch-up, it is interesting to sit quietly in the farthest room from the kitchen – hide and seek, so he became interested in the game, in which initially there is a need for solitude – the game "Put your things." All three proposals son gladly accept. Sometimes parents are very assertive, authoritative on the issue of nomination requirements for the child. This directiveness often provokes stubborn child there is a wide choice of mood and lack of decision-making by parents.

For example, when I taught a child to the pot, I ran into stubbornness. Even if he wanted to use the bathroom, it was worth taking him up to be attributed to the pot, he began to squirm and go on strike. So he defended his right to freedom of choice. Nothing to do but he is right to give. I used the method of Erickson's influence "Imaginary choice." As soon as I felt it's time I came to her son and said: "Jaroslaw, you want to pee: a toilet, bath or in a pot?" He said some of the options for a more desirable. The trick is that in a statement to install desire has been laid and there are several alternatives, one of which selects a child himself. This is just a few steps. In the arsenal of psychologists of their weight. Psychologists themselves are willing to share them, but they are often hinders the principle of "Do not knocking on closed doors. " A lot depends on the willingness of parents to obtain information, to move towards a more competent and informed parenting. The development of the practice of constructive ban will help parents enhance their behavioral flexibility to find more creative, less pressure on the child's trust, and give him more freedom. Such prohibitions or restrictions will not only develop the child's sense of responsibility for their own choices, but also contribute to the development of his personality as a whole.