Haber, how to begin to develop this article without saying that I'm criticizing another author. Since this is not my goal, but to ask the view from another perspective, in order to understand what others say so "simple", which eventually give food to the "beasts" always hungry for wanting to destroy the others try to build goodwill. Most must have seen articles, books and the "movie", where they show direct images with words or what can be achieved by the law of attraction. But in most of these cases I mention, to clarify the concept will eventually reduce it so that jumping to state the ingredients, the dessert directly over. And many feel initially blinded by the "dessert", which looks very appetizing and therefore want to eat all of it immediately. Then take the ingredients are mentioned, say abracadabra ….. and nothing happens.

Why nothing happens? Because they forgot that to make this magic is needed "Magic wand", which is none other than "proposed goals and action behind them", of which I have been talking in my previous articles. So when one reads these articles or books have to be objective and look at them calmly and without loosing sight of, because we begin to study this wonderful subject, but just stick with that look streamlined and start investigating as reading book put us ahead, to go figuring that little "truth" that each contains. And among all this literature we each get the larger truth that serves for our purposes. That way we will not be influenced by those "destroy everything" rightly say at first, movie or book that all they do is to create vague useless.


The branch of Xinavane was to drain the sugar and other products of the region that crosses. The way of iron of Limpopo was to drain mining and farming products of the Rodsia of the South. The branch of Salamanga to drain the raw material transport for the Cement plant of the Matola. A railway line from the port of Inhambane with linking to the Inharrime, the objectivo to serve the plantations of sugar of Mutamba was constructed. The line of Gaza was constructed from the edges of the Limpopo that served of fluvial port, in the city of Xai-Xai to the district of Manjacaze with the objectivo to drain the cashew chestnut. The idea was to bind it Inhambane to it, using to advantage the railway that left of Inharrime and went down until the o sea. The way-of-iron of Moambique Sul (CFM-S) explored the port of Maputo, the railway lines of Limpopo, Ressano Garci’a, and Goba. In this corridor, a total of 1062km of 740 railroads exists of which km (70%) are operational and 323km is not operational.

2,2 WAYS OF IRON OF the SIDE According to third congress of the FRELIMO (1976), the way-of-iron of the Side and its port, had been constructed by the company of Moambique, served to drain its products and of the English colnias of Austral Africa. The ways of iron of the Zambzia (Trans-zambzia) were for draining the tea, copra and the colonial monopolistas tobacco pertaining the company allowing the linking enters the port of the Side and the border of the Niassalndia (Malawi). More recently, the reasons that determine the construction of the ways of iron and the ports of Moambique not modify, are the Portuguese capitalist interests of the company or others, are they in Moambique or neighboring territory. Thus the ways of iron of Tete served to drain the coal of Moatize; The branch of Inhamitanga-Marromeu was to drain the sugar of Sena Suck; railroad linking between Quelimane and Mocuba, was to carry diligent and foods to the company established in low the Zambzia.