In December

The most important thing at this time – it's concentration. We must calmly, seriously and work towards their own, doing things. Reason must prevail over the senses, it is desirable to keep emotions in control. If you are not convinced, visit Connecticut Senator. In preparation for the holidays can help you a great exposure, organizational skills, discipline and punctuality. These qualities are so important in December because for a long period – from 11 to 30 December – Mercury will go retro. This means that it is better to finish things, but do not start them, and exercise patience, because at this time are absolutely unavoidable small troubles and lining. For more information see Richard Blumenthal.

Probably in December might seem a little bleak and gloomy month, if our life was only in work, business, affairs and problems. But, thank God, there is love, entertainment, fun and pleasant surprises. December will be full of surprises in this regard. At the beginning of December, Venus enters the sign of Scorpio and will be visiting Mars and Pluto. Here, the planet makes the passion, frustration feelings, harshness and severity. This is a real explosion of emotions, experiences a rapid waterfall.

It is the state that experienced people in the state of the first strong love. In December, it is best not to engage in business, but really surrender to passion, forgetting about everything. For many, this will be a unique opportunity to experience the whole gamut of feelings and experiences associated with love and sex. Thanks to a strong Venus afford even the most insane fantasies and desires.

Komsomolskaya Pravda

Is not that evidence? There is no frustration and pain in the hearts of parents, once observed a heroin addiction their child. Now they are happy, rosy-cheeked nyanchaya grandchildren. No scandals and cries in the flats, where the father or husband before drinking. Now there is peace and love. These people have not committed hundreds of crimes, in search of money to the next dose, as it was before. On the contrary, they respect the law and love of his countrymen.

Confusion occurs when it comes to themselves evangelical churches. The website of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" video posted worship, churches ROSHVE alleged that shocked not only the uninitiated people, but the believers themselves. It's no secret that in any religion or denomination, there are separate organizations that go to extremes. They exist in Orthodoxy, and in Protestantism. On this site we found just such passages videonarezkoy worship from different churches that are not related to ROSHVE, which ends the sermon passage Chairman Bishop Sergei ROSHVE Ryakhovsky.

This video does not reflect the true picture of contemporary evangelical worship, which is no hysterical fall and crawl on the floor is not happening. This could make during the investigative journalism and author of the publication, at least coming to the Sunday service at the same address, where he interviewed the bishop Sergei Ryakhovsky. To clarify a bit, who are Protestants, we turn to history. Protestantism is one of the three major branches of Christianity. The emergence of this branch of the Reformation, which occurred in Europe in the XVI century, when the priest Martin Luther made his famous 95 Theses exposing the clergy in the Catholic Church selling indulgences (the forgiveness of sins for money).


The social assistant consists today as an widely qualified professional to take care of to the multifaceted emergent social demands of the poverty and social exclusion, as well as of other diverse areas that consist while social matter. This professional, as well as the lawyer, is studious of laws and must search to spread out the concept of guarantee of rights to all how many of the social assistance to need, according to Federative Constitution of Brazil. More than what to know and to recognize the basic rights the life, the health, education, habitation, security and feeding, etc., the social assistant must abide constant it and uninterrupted search for the knowledge so that can apply them in efficient and efficient way in the institution, guaranteeing and accomplishing these rights reached for all through the Universal Declaration them Right Human beings. In the social political history of ocidente, the constitutions had evolved when recognizing the social rights, to the side of the rights individual civilians and politicians and when promoting the opening of the State to the effective participation of the people in its management and has controlled. In the current conjuncture, the social assistant if has detached as the professional most qualified to elaborate and to execute politics of social welfare, fitting the same to more good promote insertion of individuals, families and groups in the societies socioeconmica where they live, as well as looking ways to brighten up its mazelas, searching in the proper participants the solution or the minimizao of the social problems affect that them. The knowledge of this professional is based on the techniques acquired throughout its process of formation, enabling to this profession of legally based qualified form and so that it can make with that the individuals become more independent, safe and conscientious of its proper capacities, attitudes and rights..

The Lawsuit

The lawsuit seeks to challenge the self is one that attributes to me a selfish attitude, devoid of love for the other. Narcissistic structures have a generic defense, the denial, and are distinguished by double that to which I appeal to refute a traumatic trial. A1. The educator depressive appeals to deny, to touch sensations, gustatory, olfactory or kinesthetic, contrasting with those from visual-verbal, that occurs predominantly in the register of sexual difference. With the emergence of the oral drive whose goal is devouring the purified I-pleasure is invested by the drive. This logic favors structuring of memory traces to the affected states, and articles on all sensory impressions waste olfactory, gustatory, tactile, kinesthetic and are linked to the criterion of simultaneity and passivity.

Therefore, for self-pleasure special way to refute a traumatic trial stems from a lack of visual appeal is desired to develop a set of affection and feelings of the group of so-called "proximal", thanks to which it is possible to dethrone the visual image. In this case the self is indistinguishable from the object. Go further in the analysis of castration as to refute a change occurs on the logic that analyzes and configure the visual stimulation. In this logic expressions are privileged over his discernment of the distinctive features. Guilt is presented as a derivation of a particular desire, specific, relating to the ego with the superego, the desire to be recognized to be loved. The pain from the lack of recognition by the superego is manifested as guilt, is kept permanently open a narcissistic injury, as a continuing trauma.

New Year

Need to talk about only one. One question – one main idea. All that you say should be direct and obvious way to treat the main idea of your speech. Alas, in this speech of the president, we find no attempt to such structuring. Initially, the president said about the difficult last year – an understandable and even necessary theme New Year's address. But is this the main theme? – No. Next president assures us that we will succeed, and we will as strong as ever – it's a great theme for New Year's speech, but it is not development, breaking off with the second paragraph. Next thought – 65 Years of Victory, very shortly and submitted completely developed.

Next idea – That the country's success depends on each one of us. Next – a family holiday and parents, the next – that the government loves us. And then the wishes of happiness. What this statement? I wanted to tell the president? What he sought this speech? In our meticulously-rhetorical view, New Year's address failed precisely because it lacks the main idea. Granted, highlight it is not difficult. Example: The main idea would be one that "the success of Russia depends on each one of us." Then remake the first paragraph of the type "was a tough year, but rallied troubles us, we become closer to each other, and realize that only together, through the efforts of everyone, we can achieve success the country. " The second paragraph in the remake something like this: "Russia has always been a strong union of citizens, it is willing rush every single person has won, we are celebrating the attack." The third paragraph transform in the deployment of such a thought: "Now for the success of Russia does not need super-we need to start small – with our loved ones, let everyone start right now, because the New Year – a holiday home." A complete all like this: "Let the coming you could do it, because then we get and all, in Russia." As you can see all the highlights of the original speech are preserved, but they are linked to the main idea – the success of Russia depends on each one of us.

This idea will be easy to remember and reproduce, it will be remembered by the audience. In the current form of his New Year address President is doomed to oblivion. You, for example, long remembered for Dmitry Medvedev said as the night of January 1st? That's the thing. Each speech should be one main idea.