The Lawsuit

The lawsuit seeks to challenge the self is one that attributes to me a selfish attitude, devoid of love for the other. Narcissistic structures have a generic defense, the denial, and are distinguished by double that to which I appeal to refute a traumatic trial. A1. The educator depressive appeals to deny, to touch sensations, gustatory, olfactory or kinesthetic, contrasting with those from visual-verbal, that occurs predominantly in the register of sexual difference. With the emergence of the oral drive whose goal is devouring the purified I-pleasure is invested by the drive. This logic favors structuring of memory traces to the affected states, and articles on all sensory impressions waste olfactory, gustatory, tactile, kinesthetic and are linked to the criterion of simultaneity and passivity.

Therefore, for self-pleasure special way to refute a traumatic trial stems from a lack of visual appeal is desired to develop a set of affection and feelings of the group of so-called "proximal", thanks to which it is possible to dethrone the visual image. In this case the self is indistinguishable from the object. Go further in the analysis of castration as to refute a change occurs on the logic that analyzes and configure the visual stimulation. In this logic expressions are privileged over his discernment of the distinctive features. Guilt is presented as a derivation of a particular desire, specific, relating to the ego with the superego, the desire to be recognized to be loved. The pain from the lack of recognition by the superego is manifested as guilt, is kept permanently open a narcissistic injury, as a continuing trauma.