The social assistant consists today as an widely qualified professional to take care of to the multifaceted emergent social demands of the poverty and social exclusion, as well as of other diverse areas that consist while social matter. This professional, as well as the lawyer, is studious of laws and must search to spread out the concept of guarantee of rights to all how many of the social assistance to need, according to Federative Constitution of Brazil. More than what to know and to recognize the basic rights the life, the health, education, habitation, security and feeding, etc., the social assistant must abide constant it and uninterrupted search for the knowledge so that can apply them in efficient and efficient way in the institution, guaranteeing and accomplishing these rights reached for all through the Universal Declaration them Right Human beings. In the social political history of ocidente, the constitutions had evolved when recognizing the social rights, to the side of the rights individual civilians and politicians and when promoting the opening of the State to the effective participation of the people in its management and has controlled. In the current conjuncture, the social assistant if has detached as the professional most qualified to elaborate and to execute politics of social welfare, fitting the same to more good promote insertion of individuals, families and groups in the societies socioeconmica where they live, as well as looking ways to brighten up its mazelas, searching in the proper participants the solution or the minimizao of the social problems affect that them. The knowledge of this professional is based on the techniques acquired throughout its process of formation, enabling to this profession of legally based qualified form and so that it can make with that the individuals become more independent, safe and conscientious of its proper capacities, attitudes and rights..