President Law

Bulbs away from Villanueva Fuentes municipal explained that it has been the own mayor who has submitted his resignation to Mayor Ana Botella. Last week, bottle He said that he was confident in his team and denied a resounding to dismiss anyone, appealing to the presumption of innocence to justify its decision. So far, the consistory has denied any responsibility by action or omission in the deaths of the four girls. Therefore, the resignation of Calvo is a setback to the arguments used so far by bottle and his team. However, his departure serves the Mayor to protect his right hand, Miguel Angel Villanueva.

Vice-Mayor has admitted knowing to personally Miguel Angel Flores, organizer of the concert which ended in tragedy and accused in the case. He also confirmed that he had held several of their birthday celebrations at the premises of the employer. Flores had already contracted with the area of economy on numerous occasions and Villanueva is responsible for this area. In addition, the councilman Flores’s brother, Jose Maria, married last year. The doubts of the case Tuesday, judge visited the Madrid Arena to try to reconstruct the events the last November 1. Until now, City Hall has admitted that the Pavilion has no operating license, which fails to comply with the safety regulations in force and that had structural deficiencies. As President of Madrid Espacios y Congresos, Pedro Calvo had been commissioned to argue that the licence is not required under article 151 of the Act 9/2001 of the soil of the community of Madrid and the article 4.e of the Municipal Ordinance of processing of urban development licenses. According to the Unified Trade Union of police (SUP), the shows law of the community of Madrid and the law of sport (Madrid Arena is a sports arena multi-purpose) make it compulsory. In fact, MEyC tried to obtain this permit in 2010, but the Department of urbanism was denied for not complying with the law.

Congresswoman Nancy Obregon

Us am aprista, nor agree with many things that this Government is doing, I have no intention of taking sides by the Government. But I’m doing me some time ago the following question, which I believe has a logical explanation. All the money that was used to make scandalous extortion and illicit enrichments through Mr Montesinos in Fujimori’s Government. Can you be generating in this Government? Of course that Yes, what happens is that works are underway. And as I repeat I am not defending the Government, what happens is that I’m trying to be objective, and mention what I see.

I see that the large school units are recovering. Momentum is giving to the construction of the electric train. Through the Ministry of health, hospitals are being built. On the other hand (although slow), but the municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima, is carrying out works. Then we Peruvians that we are accustomed to seeing, all Governments steal money from the State coffers; (to not use a term more pejorative). We are satisfied at the end of these, with the reality of say they stole, but made works. Truth does not understand why the residents of the District of San Borja, are very upset by the construction of a hospital of the Ministry of health, on the grounds that the zoning does not correspond, for this type of buildings; If I see that there are many clinics in the same district. (I don’t want to mention their names, but they are known arto), won’t be, that there are vested interests, to prevent these works, necessary for a population with low economic resources? With this logic it would demolish all clinics that exist in the vicinity. Last night Rosa Maria Palacios, interviewed nationalist Congresswoman Nancy Obregon. Rosa Maria tells her: her former cohabitant is accused by their same employees of drug trafficking, and the judge already issued arrest warrant.

6 Nobel Prizes In Seville

The International Congress of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, which will be held in Seville from 4 to 9 September, will count with the presence of six Nobel laureates, who will be involved in the plenary sessions of this scientific event that will bring together up to 4,000 scientists in the city. For the first time this Convention one of the most important disciplines of Science today is celebrated in our country.6 Awards Nobel in Seville its frequency is every three years, and in the edition of 2006, in the Japanese city of Kyoto, was approved to perform in Seville the twenty-second edition. Takes over from Shanghai, China, in 2009. The European Federation of societies of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has made match those dates in Seville its annual Congress with the triennial of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. It is estimated that some four thousand scientists from around the world will meet in Fibes. Of them, six are Nobel and several hundred are top-level researchers in their specialties. Each of the six Nobel confirmed in the programme will be one of the 16 plenary sessions. The theme of the Congress is the simple molecule to systems biology.

Nobel Peace Prize

Between July 2004 and March/April 2008, we have been developing communications, denote whose titles, by pointing to the beginning of the present our internationality. Thus in successive chronological order we have generated, the following communications: towards a sketch of matrix sustainable transport, the energy and the communications ARGENTINAS; BY A DECONCENTRATION DEMOGRAPHIC ARGENTINA;Is Argentina ready for a global petrocolapso? ; SHORTAGES OF FUEL IN ARGENTINA CONYUNTURAL; The traction to animal blood in petrocolapso key;A contribution to the Argentine population deconcentration;BY ARGENTINA (ALMOST) WITHOUT CARS, NO PAVED ROADS AND NO PLASTICS. (IT’S THE ENERGY, STUPID @!); By a system of network dynamics of personal dignity;Possible impacts of climate change and the petrocolapso in Argentina; We continue to insist with the climate change and the petrocolapso;A Argentina conceived as network of ecological villages;Ecovillage and organized community; Traction to blood as a component to reinvent the Argentine energy matrix; Energy rationing, economic conversion and neorruralizacion(A meditation on the Argentinean case; Requiem for the American way of life; Retraining labor for a changing world.In the case of the respective links will not work titles listed above can be consulted on the website: in the above-mentioned communications, we have been emphasizing pre-proposals, as new information and knowledge, we were imposing of the aggravation of situations. The granting of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 to the Panel of experts of the UN climate change and Al Gore; the failure of the meeting in Bali of the framework Convention on climate change in December this year and the recent Conference on Eco cities: emblematizan to the multiple and simultaneous pronouncements about the seriousness of the issue. So it comes to question food capacity of the planet to the current planetary population, suggesting that that capacity already has been surpassed, in the same way as this exceeded the capacity of carbon dioxide tolerance.

Metropolitan Cathedral

In addition, free downloads on your mobile phone or mp3 you can perform with explanations on some of the most outstanding areas, which are easy to follow since the city is divided into blocks (130 m) why it is difficult to get lost. Eating is cheap even in the more luxurious restaurants since the entrees can cost between 30 and 40 ARS (between 5 and 7 euros), a third of what it costs in Europe or USA. It should take into account that in some charged the covered and that not in all restaurants support credit card to pay. But without a doubt Buenos Aires offers a good cuisine rich in agricultural products and unbeatable meat, although it is preferable to stay away from the city centre. The first important fact is that most of what can be seen in the streets errors later in the 19th century and is inspired by the European buildings.

Center is the first place of forced visit that you can traverse on foot, ranging from the neighborhood of Retiro to San Telmo and Puerto Madero and the Congress around you, in addition there are the majority of tourist offices where pick up free maps. It is imperative to approaching the 9 de julio Avenue or pedestrian streets Florida and Lavalle, which are eminently commercial and with hawkers and musicians who bring colour to the visit. Following with the ride is the Plaza de Mayo, which is known for its history and its monument in memory of the independence from Spain in 1810. Behind, the Casa Rosada (or the Presidential Palace), the classical Metropolitan Cathedral or the Museum of the Cabildo reminded the importance of a country with a very recent history. You can not leave the area without travel Puerto Madero, the less conventional neighborhood in which the old warehouses of the port have become cosy loft for offices and homes.