National Federation

The National Federation of associations of Ecuadorians in Spain FENADEE will take place at the XII Congress of associations of Ecuadorians in Spain Huelva.Hotel Monte Conquero, hotel chosen by this FENADEE Association born in Seville on 25 and 26 October 2003, with the participation of 26 Ecuadorian associations. Since then has been this National Congress in different cities: Seville, Toledo, Navarre, Madrid, Totana, Granada, Madrid, Cordoba, Torrejon de Ardoz, Alicante and Benidorm. Hotel Monte Conquero, one of the best located in the city, hotels in Huelva will be hosting numerous participants of this event, which will be held at the Casa Colon in the city. The choice of Huelva as headquarters of the same is due, according to its participant, because it is a meeting point of different cultures and civilizations and bridge between Spain and America, which makes having an important Americanist feeling. The discovery of America and the relations between the province and the lands on the other side of the ocean are, and have been always, something present in the collective memory of the Huelva. The proposed dates for its realization are coincident with this commemoration, on 15 and 16 October 2011. The National Congress of associations of Ecuadorians in Spain, constitutes the annual event expected by these associations by allowing, in addition to topics of general interest to the Latin American immigrant community, the coordination, the exchange of ideas, opinions, the establishment of partnerships and work with them in the associative movement in Spain.

Valencian Community

When we began a journey always there is an issue of paramount importance, which will be the best place to stay?, therefore, in this article we will focus on showing some of the best hotels in the important city of Valencia, Spain and also give some recommendations to know which is the best option to choose. The city of Valencia is the third largest city of Spain and eighth in all of Europe, has an endless number of places such as clubs, restaurants and cultural sites, which make it an excellent choice for tourists, not to mention the festivals like the fair in July or the day of the Valencian Community, which are some of the most important events of all Spain. Other events such as the National Congress of Astronautics and the international kite festival, also make the city a site worth visiting. The warm weather and the Valencian Beach, make this city the second most visited of Spain in during holiday season, therefore it is good to make a quick choice of the hotel where we We are going to stay, rather than flood completely. Hotels are an important point in the city of Valencia, so this being a tourist town, its largely must maintain high standards hotel, in order to meet the needs of visitors. Because of this some good observations which should be made to get a good hotel are: location: this plays a fundamental role, because it allows the guest to be near the representative places like the beach and cultural centres; not to mention that this increases the tourist experience. Services: a hotel providing the services established, more some others such as package tours or excursions, make this an excellent choice.

Gastronomy: find a hotel that can offer us the ability to represent not only the cuisine of Valencia, but also the world gastronomy, make these good choices for hosting us. Attention: a hotel care is instrumental in the decision to host us, because this must be attentive, timely and effective, not to mention that bilingual. Although there are many more factors that must be taken into account when choosing a hotel, these may be the most important. It is worth mentioning that other essential service that should have a hotel in the city of Valencia is the pool, because the warm weather makes this service a good choice to spend free time. Some hotels in Valencia that fill all the requirements mentioned above are: Hotel Eurostars gran Valencia. Hotel Agh Canet.

Hotel Astoria palace. Hotel Consul del mar. Hotel Valencia center. Hotel Venice. Hotel Barcelo premium Valencia. Hotel Husa reina Victoria. While in Valencia are many more hotels, these can be the most representative and most conveniently located, whether on the beach or in a central area of the city. It is recommended that before staying at a hotel, the best advice that can be given is to know facilities via the Internet, in order to know if this completely filled our expectations. In conclusion, the city of Valencia is an excellent choice to go on vacation and even if here we find hotels as well trained as those already mentioned.