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Once upon which was in an old country, long ago an event occurred terrible and extraordinary. In those old days, there was a longstanding belief that said that, faced with difficult situations, the ancient knowledge, advocated the creation of a ritual. On such occasions, ceremonial, was due to launch a holy book into the air, and falling, without looking, make a point the finger at random, and what is beginning to read from him was the prediction of the problem and its subsequent resolution . It had been for centuries, until once, in an evil hour, began with a "Chapter 18." And we have an affair. Because that was the indication, could not read more, and goes to church tradition, and no more wax than it burns. The High Priests, the Supreme Law administrators on behalf of the eminent leaders, they could not agree.

There was no case law that relates the above article with the question that pertained. Whichever way you were, and more convoluted that regardless of their thoughtful musings, failed in finding the solution. "May I say to make it look … it's best to call a guard … and if you put it upside down …" And if metaphysical disquisitions here, and if yon Byzantine discussions on, it was increasingly tangled Hank. And time, inexorable, with indifferent disdain, life was slipping down, like a carriage decorated with two mules campanilleros. Urged a compromise, because the disillusionment among the populace by the ability of its leaders, the outcome was unpredictable.


Any complaints of official representation of the auto industry Subaru in Russia were without consideration, although they were not 1-2, but the order of 10 pieces, all of them were written about warranty service and repair cars for insurance. All Produced work for money – were executed almost flawlessly, it was a couple of gripes, but they were quickly resolved. Why? Most likely paid for the blood can still be something to show car service, but about guarantees, the guys doing what they want – a complete mess. Subaru – high quality, if not higher, once bought a car Subaru rarely transplanted to a different brand. Unpleasant moments of communion with the staff In-service arose constantly, here's a couple that come to mind: 1. The brake pedal started to squeak already on the way home, just after buying a car, and 3 years of operation, futile attempts to eliminate staff in Skiri pedal so failed. Case there was a defective spring loaded, which does car service could not be replaced, and stupidly rubbed her grafitkoy. The problem with the pedal resolved within 5 minutes when I arrived at the "garage" service Subaru.

2. After a small Accident, gave the car to the paint on the hull. I pick up a car with a mate, such govyannoy painting with the influx, with the unwithdrawn until the end of the film, with a wry screwed details and other minor defects. Master of my mate seemed baby talk, and he politely took me to the director.

The Integral

Involvement can only be performed by the owner of the principal or the person entitled to dispose of it, respecting the rights acquired by third parties. Accessories can be unique rights. The passenger use of an asset to the economic purpose of another does not give you the quality of attachment. The temporary separation of the accessory to serve the economic purpose of another good, not as deleted. Article 889 .- The Integral parts and accessory parts of a property and its accessories remain the status thereof, unless the law or the contract allows differentiation or separation. Fruits and products PART III Article 890 .- Notion of fruits are fruits that produces a renewable profits well, without altering or decrease their substance. Article 891 .- Types of fruits Fruits are natural, industrial and civil. They are natural fruits that come from the right, without human intervention.

Industrial fruits are those produced by the well, by human intervention. Civil fruits which are good results from a legal relationship. Article 892 .- Concept of industrial and civil fruits natural fruits, industrial and civil belong to the owner, producer and owner of the right respectively, without prejudice to the rights acquired. Natural fruits are collected when collecting, industrialists when obtained and civilians when collected. Article 893 .- Computation of industrial and civil fruits In calculating industrial and civil fruits, are reduced costs and disbursements made to obtain them. Article 894 .- Concept of the profits products are non-renewable products that are extracted from a well.

Soviet Union

However, Why – that shamefully hushed up, the laws they write winners – the elite, which soon will of destiny than his own personal merit was in power. And there is no doubt that the laws they write for themselves, according to most of the their clan purpose than the interests of society as a whole. However, not all that easy. Live in a society and be free from its vices possible. Accusing those who are in power, we forget that they too are a product of our society and what we accepted as the cause of what is happening, just a consequence of what we do not always guess. Pointless to fight the troubles that arise naturally. They occur again. Must eliminate the cause rather than consequence.

Explicit evil – there is often a consequence of the hidden evil, which we can not be avoided, because nothing about him know. The evolution of any organism, including social, united by a common law development, from which it follows that the sum of any, even well-organized, but not related to a single process, nothing but chaos: to try to manage that business is complex and unpromising. Hence it naturally follows the conclusion: "As long as everyone is for himself, while the interests of all members of society not be bound by the idea that they will unite and not divide, we should not wait for the desired changes. It does not matter, true or false our ideals, it is important that the qualities they brought up – true! Ideals may change, but quality, developed by them – remain. Is it because many of nostalgia for the Soviet Union, despite the fact that the idea of communism have failed, but the quality that instills the people of this idea, quite suit us! It's no secret that human behavior depends on the social environment that nurtured him. Purposefully changing environment can be likened to the gods and "sculpt" a person based on any scale of values.

What prevents us to get closer to the gods? The fact that mankind has long passed from the direct knowledge of the outside world to the knowledge of the world, mediated by the media – a world imagined, virtual, considering it a reality. People and entire nations view the world through the eyes of strangers. And if the mind was formed before life and religion, today – the press, Internet, cinema and theater. Remember what is happening now at the Bolshoi Theatre and you all will become clear! "There is nothing in the mind of man, which previously would not have been in his feelings" – once said Aristotle. Influencing human feelings, especially in its basest sense, any degenerate from a culture can make people forget about what is good and bad. That's the trouble that people have no gods formed habitat, and those who for one reason or another, came into power. And then – "on the thumb": live in society and be free from its vices impossible, even if you're in power.

Buenos Aires

This substitution was traumatic and costs remain highly visible, has not yet been weighted projections. to not dwell on considerations, we have been doing in previous communications (many of them available on the network), we want to emphasis on the possibilities opened up the philosophy that supports this Act 26 473. a We are aware that we painted in the recklessness when we promoted the accelerated minimizing the size of cars currently circulating in Argentina. Yet taken as positive aspects that pave roads, new highways are built and increased automotive production. a But the philosophy of this law, gives us hope to start inviting to consider, on all those who are diametrically opposed to our views on this subject, as well as with incandescent lamps, can be done with the motor. For example, prohibiting the importation of automotive engine components or parts that exceed a certain capacity (eg 750 cc).

It is understood that we refer to private vehicles, not commercial. This is complementary to the use of biofuels legislation already in place. And policies conducive to gradually currently transported by truck loads, tipping by energy efficiency reasons to rail and water transport, as indeed has been a major global trend even before the intensification of the ongoing crisis. a Recently a law was passed to promote the motorcycle industry, which is also compatible with existing measures or suggested. a I think it is necessary to enlarge on what we suggested the enactment of this Act 26 473. We believe that mark a path.

That reinforces some public policies already in place. a And the way that brand, you need something that is beyond public policies: decisions of the people. The multidimensional crisis, involves changes in our everyday cultures, attentive to our profiles of life (not only those of consumer and labor) were decanted along at least three generations that preceded us, by the availability of low-cost energy resources and by the absence of environmental constraints, THERE IS NOW, and disrupt the development of our everyday life. It is our fervent desire that many of our compatriots, may see in this fruit of the state of Argentine law, what we envision from what is now law, was only project. a Buenos Aires, January 21, 2009) a # I3545904I # l


Factory Strato is known for its "cosmic" kitchens of titanium. These cool gleaming masses bypasses the capricious fashion. The company has erected form, style and quality of its facilities in an absolute, because the acquisition of a kitchen – it is rather a capital investment, rather than spend it. It Italian factories succeeded in the production of traditional cuisines. Large tables, shelves and cabinets mass of miscellaneous utensils, carvings and decorative objects – a kitchen in itself creates a sense of a large noisy home, where it is always covered with a table and wait for visitors. On such a kitchen is impossible not to cook – she bought just for this! It is these – friendly and mental – produces the kitchen, for example, factory Francesco Molon. Today they are relevant as ever. This is due to the fact that currently in vogue vintage – antique wood, gilding and carving.

Yes, and eventually a kitchen will only become better, becoming an integral part of the house. Production of German factories always renowned for its impeccable practicality and quality. Kitchens made in Germany, looks more solid and thoroughly, they do not have an Italian expression and energy bursts, they are first and foremost – functional units, flawlessly performing its job. Their designs more ponderous, and the colors reserved. Recognized leader of the German "" for many years the company bulthaup. Designers and engineers of this factories produce on their own formulation, "the architecture cuisine. Costed to the last detail design performed mostly made of steel, wood trim is used less frequently. Just take these dishes as a basis for future development of young designers – these architectural sites have already become classics.

The Germans were not typical embellishment, each element of the kitchen, or functional or multifunctional. The doors opened and closed soundlessly tools come from the niches and "grow" from the surface countertops, containers, slip on the runners. Each piece by itself is a jewel. And if the Italians minimalism only goes into purism, then the Germans have this transition has long been completed. Worthy objects of kitchen design produced many factories. For example: Poggen Pohl and Miele. They have form and function came together. Such models, with built-in ultra-modern equipment identified for respect and can not stand the hustle and negligence. They are able to set the tone of the interior of a home, but do not require urgent to learn to cook. In this case, guests are invited been easy then to give them opportunity to enjoy a fashionable masterpiece and earned reputation connoisseur subject design. And cooking dinner for 12 people does not necessarily, because even an open bottle of wine together with fresh bread will look on designer kitchen and luxury in harmony.

Pallet Truck

Pallet truck is widely used where necessary to quickly and easily produce a discharge or loading of goods, whether it's a small shop or large supermarket, a small warehouse or a huge warehouse complex. The main advantage of pallet trucks is in its simplicity of operation, which does not require special skills. The use of pallet trucks for loading-loading operations can significantly improve productivity and significantly simplifies the process of unloading or loading, reducing the physical load of workers. When choosing pallet trucks, you need to focus on a few factors: the conditions of production and the environment, the type of load (weight, size, packaging), the location of storage facilities (the distance between the shelves), the nature of the flooring. Depending on what floor in the warehouse indoors, you need to choose the truck with the wheels of a certain material.

The wheels are nylon, polyurethane, vulkalanovye or metal. The steering wheel can be made of nylon, polyurethane, vulkalana, metal or rubber. In rooms with hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, wood, etc., need to buy trucks with nylon, polyurethane and vulkalanovymi wheels. To move on the surface, which can be damaged (tile, linoleum surface with a polymer coating, etc.) must use polyurethane wheels or vulkalanovye, and to work in hot shops only need to use metal wheels. In Depending on the degree of flatness at which the truck is moved, it must be staffed with the appropriate number of forklift wheels.

If the surface is fairly smooth and has no such constraints as a nut, pits set into the floor rails, etc. flaws, it is possible to use single fork wheel, otherwise you must use double-wheel fork. Pallet trucks can be effectively operate in both open and in closed rooms, only a limited temperature regime. The minimum temperature at which the truck will be able to work normally – 35 C, but there is a truck, for which is the minimum temperature – 15 C.

European Union

RESIDENCY in lithuania as such in a literal sense, it does not exist. This is our common people with you term (we are so convenient to understand each other ) In reality, there is such a term as a residence permit for Republic of Lithuania – temporary and permanent. It is worth noting that the Permanent residence permit in lithuania immediately You do not get (unless, of course, not a person of Lithuanian descent – the law to help you ). Therefore, if you have promised this – make your conclusions and both 'legs' And even if you get a permit for temporary accommodation – not in a hurry to relax, enjoy it all year. And two months before the end of your document you will need to gather all the documents again and submit for consideration in the migration. It is worth bear in mind that when issuing the next one-year permit to take into account your activities in Lithuania, the law-abiding, the reality of living in the Republic of Lithuania – Yes, yes There is also another section of the law mentioning the conditions under which a valid permit to stay may be withdrawn or it may be denial of the next (Law to help you under 'Useful Information') In particular, if you do not plan to reside in Lithuania or stay in its territory (or at least the territory of the European Union) more than three months of the year – think about it, it (in the sense of resolution) do you want? because under such circumstances it is likely that follow you just can not give