Dmitry Medvedev

Dear fellow citizens to understand the meaning of this article, you must at least carefully and slowly read it through. I like it, at first reading a few years ago seemed too fantastic, a good fairy tale (Sleep is a dream). A leading source for info: Sen. Sherrod Brown. Then there were no crisis, oil cost $ 150 per barrel, with the cis countries were friends (if you can call it friendship), etc While the fruit of corruption, candid lizoblyudstvo, lined up the "vertical", the election either completely abolished or turned into a farce, from freedom of speech were "only the horns and legs and whatnot. I think that list is not required, and all so everyone understands. The crisis is now so bared all this bacchanal, which can be just appalled! Did We both wanted to live! What is the output of the current situation? Thoroughly corrupt bureaucracy for anything just so their power (feeder) will not give up until the shedding of blood. And so they are my people sticks hitting just for the fact that people want to say that we must uphold the constitution, that we must return to an honest election. In fragmented opposition, too, there are no chances. They will be separate, to forbid, to beat, sling mud with through the media – the "tools" Enough! Protests, clearly, will continue to grow.

Here's a way and wait for the 1917 We ili1993 year. Tell me, is what we want? This paper is written in plain, accessible language. So that we can understand everything from the smallest and old, people with any entity, any social situation. It concentrated solution of all our current problems of non-standard, but it is absolutely peaceful and accommodating manner. "Between the Lines" can be read on Elimination of corruption, the modernization, freedom of speech, religion, police, army, courts, prosecutors, poverty, drug abuse, the order in the country. No redistribution of property.

And all this in a fairly short time. People finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! Well, what else does it! Can confidently say that if the article appears in the media, it will support the majority of the population nor only of Russia but the entire post-Soviet space. And in place of Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, in the light of common sense, avoiding confrontation in the society, the conservation authority (a step below, but in the whole CIS), and respect themselves to support this appeal, Ivanovo, vp Ignore this Article – stupid because the situation could spiral out of control and accept the irreversible consequences, and the author of the article to "keep" outside politics, too silly because for so many years there was no sign of any Internet or in the media so deep, Forward-looking, filled with love for people programs. Everything is in our hands!

Attorney Counsel

Let's take a little analysis of the functioning of the existing judicial system. Typically, a preliminary investigation for serious allegations articles leading investigator, the public prosecutor at the trial as a prosecutor and the prosecutor oversees compliance with the law during the pre-trial and trial investigation. Forensics also obeys Prosecutor's Office. Is this combination of functions in one body, one of the potential sources of "protection of esprit de corps, and ultimately leads to corruption? It should be noted that a heavy object prosecution and the defense counsel invited the prosecutor, as the law requires when considering the serious charges bound by the presence of counsel. Naturally, the prosecutor invites convenient for counsel. Invited Attorney defender is' tame 'and' watching the prosecutor in his mouth "The judge is also not interested because of some of the accused to spoil relations with the prosecutor and, therefore, usually makes the sentence conform to the requirements prosecutor. Historical experience shows that rely on the availability of judges only the finest human qualities do not have One reason that contributes to making wrong decisions is the lack of court jurors. What kind of adversarial parties can say, if the case on charges of serious crimes does not address the jury? The adversarial principle, unfortunately, did not become a reality in the court proceedings and therefore the court takes the position until an independent arbitrator in the dispute equal parties. The introduction of trial by jury, as the most democratic form of justice, civilization and generated ensuring the independence and autonomy of the court, determined the need to increase real participation in judicial work, bringing in her everyday common sense and people's experience mercy and justice.

Machiavelli And The Fall of Heaven

If Machiavelli were still alive would proudly and perhaps a bit of a surprise as his ideas have remained in force and immovable despite the passage of time and changes in policy, the economy and generally in all areas in which men interact in their daily lives. Italian writer best-known is that principle applied to the policy under which the end justifies the means. It follows from this dubious assumption that every action, every trick, every thought, hypocrisy and, of course, all unrighteousness is valid when a goal. Machiavelli did not just write this idea in a diary or in the pages of a newspaper, not even the points in a book of profuse circulation. His advice is given directly to the rulers and they, not idle, accept the gift and begin to make use of it. And not just implement it but they presented it as a generous and selfless legacy for all the rulers of all countries and all times. And those who have dedicated themselves to the exercise of statecraft have understood perfectly: the purposes, both personal and the party must be achieved at the cost of incurring even morally questionable and ethically indefensible.

A Machiavelli is related, and not without reason, evil, so treacherous and immoral. The strange thing is the fact that there was someone like him, but the incredible amount of fans it has in the world. For the same uses a lie to invade a country to win an election. It does not matter making up the most important figures of the economy to gain popular favor, to change the laws to their advantage. It does not matter in a campaign with money lawful to do with resources derived from dark. In short, Machiavelli continues to speak out loud and repeated over and over again the phrase which summarizes its principles: the end justifies the means. Who has read “The Prince” the best known of the nefarious adviser, summarized his ideas in two words: bad faith.

And this is precisely the recommended tool for anyone who wants to read and attend to their lessons. And what if there are people dedicated to putting into practice these valuable lessons for those who feel that the important thing is to get to power and hold onto him, no matter how or at whose expense. However, despite Machiavelli and probably his fault, ethics and morals do not go out of style. More than ever, politics and all other activities of daily living, men and women need not be bought or sold. Although the earth tremble. Even though the heavens fall.

Governments President

3 – His total support of the constitutional President of the Republic of Honduras, Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales, who must be restored, immediately and unconditionally in charge that the Honduran people freely conferred on him at the polls. 4 – That the use of force to overthrow a legally constituted Government is unacceptable. 5 – Which is indispensable to guarantee the physical integrity of the representatives of the media and freedom of expression. 6 – The taking of parental authority to the post of acting President of the Republic of Honduras held yesterday in the Congress of that country, lacks all legitimacy by virtue of that was the result of a coup d’etat. 7 – As the sole legitimate Government of the Republic of Honduras is the header for the constitutional President Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales elected by popular sovereignty through the ballot box, which we recognize as the sole diplomatic representative of Honduras to the personnel designated by the President Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales. 8 – Call upon the armed forces of that country which are subordinate to his commander in Chief, the President Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales 9 – before this grave situation that affects the sister Republic of Honduras, the mechanism requires the most absolute respect for human rights, and demand that the constitutional guarantees in that country are preserved. 10 – Create a Commission of presidential representatives to investigate crimes and violations of human rights by the coup leaders.

11 – Urge the extraordinary General Assembly of the Organization of American States that sesionara tomorrow, to take drastic solutions in order to restore democracy in Honduras and reinstall the constitutional President Manuel Zelaya Gonzalez Jose. The Heads of State and Government of the Rio Group, thank the President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega Saavedra, for their hospitality and the facilities granted to celebrate this second extraordinary summit meeting. In synthesis, the leaders felt that the events in Honduras are a flagrant violation to the international law and considered unacceptable the use of force to overthrow legitimate Governments.The Group statement adopted unanimously ignored all legitimacy on the Government of Roberto Micheletti, appointed by Congress to replace Zelaya, as result of a stroke of Estado.Los countries members of the Group announced that they only recognised as representatives of Honduras to diplomats appointed by Zelaya and urged the armed forces to be subordinated to this as its maximum head.

Soviet Union

However, Why – that shamefully hushed up, the laws they write winners – the elite, which soon will of destiny than his own personal merit was in power. And there is no doubt that the laws they write for themselves, according to most of the their clan purpose than the interests of society as a whole. However, not all that easy. Live in a society and be free from its vices possible. Accusing those who are in power, we forget that they too are a product of our society and what we accepted as the cause of what is happening, just a consequence of what we do not always guess. Pointless to fight the troubles that arise naturally. They occur again. Must eliminate the cause rather than consequence.

Explicit evil – there is often a consequence of the hidden evil, which we can not be avoided, because nothing about him know. The evolution of any organism, including social, united by a common law development, from which it follows that the sum of any, even well-organized, but not related to a single process, nothing but chaos: to try to manage that business is complex and unpromising. Hence it naturally follows the conclusion: "As long as everyone is for himself, while the interests of all members of society not be bound by the idea that they will unite and not divide, we should not wait for the desired changes. It does not matter, true or false our ideals, it is important that the qualities they brought up – true! Ideals may change, but quality, developed by them – remain. Is it because many of nostalgia for the Soviet Union, despite the fact that the idea of communism have failed, but the quality that instills the people of this idea, quite suit us! It's no secret that human behavior depends on the social environment that nurtured him. Purposefully changing environment can be likened to the gods and "sculpt" a person based on any scale of values.

What prevents us to get closer to the gods? The fact that mankind has long passed from the direct knowledge of the outside world to the knowledge of the world, mediated by the media – a world imagined, virtual, considering it a reality. People and entire nations view the world through the eyes of strangers. And if the mind was formed before life and religion, today – the press, Internet, cinema and theater. Remember what is happening now at the Bolshoi Theatre and you all will become clear! "There is nothing in the mind of man, which previously would not have been in his feelings" – once said Aristotle. Influencing human feelings, especially in its basest sense, any degenerate from a culture can make people forget about what is good and bad. That's the trouble that people have no gods formed habitat, and those who for one reason or another, came into power. And then – "on the thumb": live in society and be free from its vices impossible, even if you're in power.