JOSE BRECHNER step joy that produced the uprising in Cairo and Mr. Obama did not open his mouth to congratulate the other revolutionaries in Libya, Bahrain and Yemen. It is that newborn begins to realize his was. His speech in support of the mutiny in Egypt, inspired others. As usual Mr. Obama says or does any untimely idiocy and then don’t know how to correct the error. The rioters are not friends of the United States nor of him.

Not to be in the White House BO became smarter or changed their thoughts and nested sentiments of lifetime in your brain and your heart. Always thought the anointed one that will change the history of mankind and the changes are happening. Perhaps others are idiots and BO is reaching its goal. The pressure is big, is noticeable in las Canas they gushed him. On the one hand it is a revolutionary socialist Muslim pro, on the other hand it is the President of the most powerful Judeo-Christian capitalist country in the world, which is conservative in the political and economic although it can be very open to social change. Therefore happens that Mr. President, don’t know to measure the difference between the social and political, as it happens to the Liberals.

Liberals put all the vegetables in the same soup, but some can poison potion. Every country in the Middle East has its own characteristics. Egypt to Libya or Lebanon to Bahrain is not the same. Americans can also us seem much but we are not equal. The Peruvians aren’t as Bolivians, nor the Uruguayans and Argentines. You have to know the territory to realize. Mr. Obama doesn’t realize until they are explained and this always happens once commanded the savagery. The interests of the United States should take precedence over their wishes of a Socialist planet of friends twinned with Muslims good, not the bad, as the anointed says: there are a few.

North American Airport

What could be a humorous notice in local newspapers, comes to be the desperate attitude of a Government that makes water before so salient evidence of corruption in the entire governmental system. The news of pistachios, with the presentation of the same Minister of inside, then the situation of spies and intelligence agents telenovesca, sear lately what has happened to him or rather the large fortune of a former Mayor and former Minister of the regime, precisely in place has been discovered more visible in ORB, such as a North American airport. Even if you try to defend themselves, as the journalists say it, his defense is inconsistent. But let’s go to the Pisthacos, which is clearly a maneuver to try to hide the relations of the Government and all of its members with the illegal University Alas Peruanas.

The judiciary amparo it, and even the Constitutional Court which was infiltrated by corruption, of that way yet, and be felt obviously before the failures to all clear as more unconstitutional, only to encourage corruption. Well there they have taken as an example made by Alan Garcia, which I hope in a golden exile to offences they oversight by what should be processed. What did the Constitutional Court is to accelerate the process so that Fujimori mafia comes graceful of proven allegations of crimes committed during his reign and I say reign, therefore not ruled, the opposite had as I feud staff to our country. Therefore the amnesia that the population seems to me incongruous more dispossessed has to try to support a candidacy as the Keiko Fujimori that is the heiress of late 20th century corruption and of which she has benefited very ostentatiously not only her, his family, that is registered by the investigative journalists has been published very conscientiously, as the Republic the fact in the journal and blog from the uterus of marita, with costs it has spent the Congressman in his studies, the pampering their graceful brethren who have benefited the National Treasury and the contribution of all Peruvians.

Governments President

3 – His total support of the constitutional President of the Republic of Honduras, Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales, who must be restored, immediately and unconditionally in charge that the Honduran people freely conferred on him at the polls. 4 – That the use of force to overthrow a legally constituted Government is unacceptable. 5 – Which is indispensable to guarantee the physical integrity of the representatives of the media and freedom of expression. 6 – The taking of parental authority to the post of acting President of the Republic of Honduras held yesterday in the Congress of that country, lacks all legitimacy by virtue of that was the result of a coup d’etat. 7 – As the sole legitimate Government of the Republic of Honduras is the header for the constitutional President Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales elected by popular sovereignty through the ballot box, which we recognize as the sole diplomatic representative of Honduras to the personnel designated by the President Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales. 8 – Call upon the armed forces of that country which are subordinate to his commander in Chief, the President Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales 9 – before this grave situation that affects the sister Republic of Honduras, the mechanism requires the most absolute respect for human rights, and demand that the constitutional guarantees in that country are preserved. 10 – Create a Commission of presidential representatives to investigate crimes and violations of human rights by the coup leaders.

11 – Urge the extraordinary General Assembly of the Organization of American States that sesionara tomorrow, to take drastic solutions in order to restore democracy in Honduras and reinstall the constitutional President Manuel Zelaya Gonzalez Jose. The Heads of State and Government of the Rio Group, thank the President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega Saavedra, for their hospitality and the facilities granted to celebrate this second extraordinary summit meeting. In synthesis, the leaders felt that the events in Honduras are a flagrant violation to the international law and considered unacceptable the use of force to overthrow legitimate Governments.The Group statement adopted unanimously ignored all legitimacy on the Government of Roberto Micheletti, appointed by Congress to replace Zelaya, as result of a stroke of Estado.Los countries members of the Group announced that they only recognised as representatives of Honduras to diplomats appointed by Zelaya and urged the armed forces to be subordinated to this as its maximum head.