Attorney Counsel

Let's take a little analysis of the functioning of the existing judicial system. Typically, a preliminary investigation for serious allegations articles leading investigator, the public prosecutor at the trial as a prosecutor and the prosecutor oversees compliance with the law during the pre-trial and trial investigation. Forensics also obeys Prosecutor's Office. Is this combination of functions in one body, one of the potential sources of "protection of esprit de corps, and ultimately leads to corruption? It should be noted that a heavy object prosecution and the defense counsel invited the prosecutor, as the law requires when considering the serious charges bound by the presence of counsel. Naturally, the prosecutor invites convenient for counsel. Invited Attorney defender is' tame 'and' watching the prosecutor in his mouth "The judge is also not interested because of some of the accused to spoil relations with the prosecutor and, therefore, usually makes the sentence conform to the requirements prosecutor. Historical experience shows that rely on the availability of judges only the finest human qualities do not have One reason that contributes to making wrong decisions is the lack of court jurors. What kind of adversarial parties can say, if the case on charges of serious crimes does not address the jury? The adversarial principle, unfortunately, did not become a reality in the court proceedings and therefore the court takes the position until an independent arbitrator in the dispute equal parties. The introduction of trial by jury, as the most democratic form of justice, civilization and generated ensuring the independence and autonomy of the court, determined the need to increase real participation in judicial work, bringing in her everyday common sense and people's experience mercy and justice.