MPa Engine

The most important detail of the car – the engine. From its stable of independent life of the machine, its features. For the movement, namely for a car engine requires the use of fuel. To date, the following fuels: gasoline, diesel, gas, electricity. For most Russian cars characterized by the use of gasoline. Running the engine is based on heat and combustible fuel obtained on the basis of its mechanical energy rotating engine cylinders. Receipt of the same fuel provides gasoline pump. Benzonasos Vaz, like all the most gasoline pump on domestic cars with domestic engines is difragmentarnym.

Technical characteristics of the pump base model are: the fuel supply 60 l / h at a frequency of 2000 cycles swings per minute, the pressure created by 0,02-0,03 MPa. Benzonasos Vaz consists of the following main parts: Body, head of the body, head cover, diaphragm, piston and diaphragm spring, Double-arm lever mounted in the housing on the axis, three intake valve guide rods and springs, seeking to keep the valves closed; strainer lever manual pumping. Gasoline from the fuel tank passes through the pump to the carburetor, then starts the combustion of fuel and produce heat. Benzonasos Vaz Like all parts of the car needs constant technical monitoring and verification of stability of the equipment. In case of failure of the spare car problems to the operation of the vehicle. And only when they are elimination of possible normal traffic on the machine.

Czech Drivers License

The procedure is simple – so please handle this task without the help of outside organizations. Everything you need to take it: to come to the metro station Mustek in Prague (green line), go to the street Yugmanova 32, is the address of the Prague city council for registration of private vehicles and issuing driver's licenses. You must have: 1. A passport with a note of registration in the Czech Republic. 2.

Original driver's license issued in the country of permanent residence. 3. Application to the magistrate (forms and fill pattern can be found in the magistrates) filled with his own hand. 4. Provided that you do not need an accelerated replacement of rights replaced free of charge and within 14 working days you will need to come to the magistrate to get their new rights to sample the eu (for submission of documents shall be issued a certificate of acceptance of documents with the specified date acquire new rights).

5. If you need immediate replacement rights would need to hand the Magistracy to pay 500 crowns, and within two business days, the right sample the eu will be ready. Important note – to replace the law, issued to you at home you should apply to the Magistrate not later than 90 days from the date of the mark in your passport to the police for foreigners for permanent residence in the Czech Republic. In case of violation of this period, you have to pay a fine (amount depends on the number of days of delay and solutions Magistrate).


Any complaints of official representation of the auto industry Subaru in Russia were without consideration, although they were not 1-2, but the order of 10 pieces, all of them were written about warranty service and repair cars for insurance. All Produced work for money – were executed almost flawlessly, it was a couple of gripes, but they were quickly resolved. Why? Most likely paid for the blood can still be something to show car service, but about guarantees, the guys doing what they want – a complete mess. Subaru – high quality, if not higher, once bought a car Subaru rarely transplanted to a different brand. Unpleasant moments of communion with the staff In-service arose constantly, here's a couple that come to mind: 1. The brake pedal started to squeak already on the way home, just after buying a car, and 3 years of operation, futile attempts to eliminate staff in Skiri pedal so failed. Case there was a defective spring loaded, which does car service could not be replaced, and stupidly rubbed her grafitkoy. The problem with the pedal resolved within 5 minutes when I arrived at the "garage" service Subaru.

2. After a small Accident, gave the car to the paint on the hull. I pick up a car with a mate, such govyannoy painting with the influx, with the unwithdrawn until the end of the film, with a wry screwed details and other minor defects. Master of my mate seemed baby talk, and he politely took me to the director.