The Integral

Involvement can only be performed by the owner of the principal or the person entitled to dispose of it, respecting the rights acquired by third parties. Accessories can be unique rights. The passenger use of an asset to the economic purpose of another does not give you the quality of attachment. The temporary separation of the accessory to serve the economic purpose of another good, not as deleted. Article 889 .- The Integral parts and accessory parts of a property and its accessories remain the status thereof, unless the law or the contract allows differentiation or separation. Fruits and products PART III Article 890 .- Notion of fruits are fruits that produces a renewable profits well, without altering or decrease their substance. Article 891 .- Types of fruits Fruits are natural, industrial and civil. They are natural fruits that come from the right, without human intervention.

Industrial fruits are those produced by the well, by human intervention. Civil fruits which are good results from a legal relationship. Article 892 .- Concept of industrial and civil fruits natural fruits, industrial and civil belong to the owner, producer and owner of the right respectively, without prejudice to the rights acquired. Natural fruits are collected when collecting, industrialists when obtained and civilians when collected. Article 893 .- Computation of industrial and civil fruits In calculating industrial and civil fruits, are reduced costs and disbursements made to obtain them. Article 894 .- Concept of the profits products are non-renewable products that are extracted from a well.