New Year

Need to talk about only one. One question – one main idea. All that you say should be direct and obvious way to treat the main idea of your speech. Alas, in this speech of the president, we find no attempt to such structuring. Initially, the president said about the difficult last year – an understandable and even necessary theme New Year's address. But is this the main theme? – No. Next president assures us that we will succeed, and we will as strong as ever – it's a great theme for New Year's speech, but it is not development, breaking off with the second paragraph. Next thought – 65 Years of Victory, very shortly and submitted completely developed.

Next idea – That the country's success depends on each one of us. Next – a family holiday and parents, the next – that the government loves us. And then the wishes of happiness. What this statement? I wanted to tell the president? What he sought this speech? In our meticulously-rhetorical view, New Year's address failed precisely because it lacks the main idea. Granted, highlight it is not difficult. Example: The main idea would be one that "the success of Russia depends on each one of us." Then remake the first paragraph of the type "was a tough year, but rallied troubles us, we become closer to each other, and realize that only together, through the efforts of everyone, we can achieve success the country. " The second paragraph in the remake something like this: "Russia has always been a strong union of citizens, it is willing rush every single person has won, we are celebrating the attack." The third paragraph transform in the deployment of such a thought: "Now for the success of Russia does not need super-we need to start small – with our loved ones, let everyone start right now, because the New Year – a holiday home." A complete all like this: "Let the coming you could do it, because then we get and all, in Russia." As you can see all the highlights of the original speech are preserved, but they are linked to the main idea – the success of Russia depends on each one of us.

This idea will be easy to remember and reproduce, it will be remembered by the audience. In the current form of his New Year address President is doomed to oblivion. You, for example, long remembered for Dmitry Medvedev said as the night of January 1st? That's the thing. Each speech should be one main idea.