Federative Presidents

Before the end of the year and given the lack of response on the evolution of the study the Commission established for that purpose, as well as by the absence of explanations from the RFEC and its seventeen autonomous, referred a new email all them, similar to the rest of media, offering essential technical collaboration and encouragement and work needed to perform a work completeserious and objective. The response returned to shine by their absence, not looking theme to be managers of the seventeen regional federations which, ultimately, and above all in cases in which they would bring many years in Office, as many as this project, would be as responsible as the directors of the RFEC, passing through their hands, in the various assemblies and joints, all the movements that they perform. Finished the Christmas holidays, has been sent a new mail which reiterated the request, both the RFEC as the regional federations, so that they comply with their obligation to report on the development of the research and information that might have on the matter, thus preventing it elucubrase with data and false rumors, achieving offer information accurate, truthful and transparent, and to be reproached the lack of attention to the media and the apathy with which were actingindifferent towards the Federated hunters who, according to their charges, are due. Although it is true that in some federations their Chairmen moved tab, analyzing posture with your policies and assemblies to maintain and its future approach, waiting to know the results of the Commission to make decisions. This situation continued during the months of January and February, that the flag of the Federative Presidents (some involved by their positions and connoisseurs of the project on alternative to the lead ammunition) was silence, ignoring its main obligation to work, in this case, for informing Federated hunters. In this situation we have reached on March 8, the date on which the media we receive a press release from the RFEC which, it seems, should be the conclusions of the Federal Commission, as stated in the received e-mail, checking that the contents of a single folio is intended to convey the work of a Commission for three monthsresulting in a text superfluous, generalist, empty and that neither explains nor adds nothing, except for a reference to the technical and economic mismanagement of the project, situation that makes to be send again, in an email sent to all the Federal establishment, a new application that asks a note with information would be, deep and complete, as it demands all of the hunting sector.