Puerta Police

About 500 outraged we have cut off this Wednesday afternoon the Gran Via to protest the eviction of the camped in Neptune, front of the Congress. They had called a concentration at 20 hours in the Paseo del Prado. The main slogans of the manifestation and headwaters of the March have been it is not a crisis, it is the system and no aggression without response. More than half a thousand of indignant been cut Wednesday afternoon traffic on Madrid’s Gran Via with a spontaneous demonstration that aimed to celebrate the delivery of the document that collects their complaints and proposals in the Congress of Deputies and denounce the police violence that has taken place this Wednesday morning against the Congress. For these reasons, the 15-M movement had convened a concentration in the Paseo del Prado, where takes place another of their camp, which has finished transforming into an impromptu March toward the Puerta del Sol.

Under slogans as it is not a crisis, it is the system, No aggression without response and we are not afraid, more than 500 people have crossed the Gran Via and lowered by the Preciados Street until Sol. Members of the 15-M movement have lived a day of Strip and tug of war with the police several hours to get to deliver a protest manifesto in the Congress of Deputies, where you could register it, but without being able to give the same reading in the plaza of the courts. However, the confrontation between agents and indignant began first thing in the morning when police started the evacuation of campers in the paseo del Prado, violently according to young people, said Esther, a spokesman of the 15-M movement coming from the District of Vallecas. There have been police charging with shoving and punching, according to Esther, spokesman for the 15-M, which injured at least eleven people, four policemen and seven protesters. Police cut them access late in the afternoon, the outraged have attempted to reach the doors of the Congress of the Deputies, who has been prevented by the police, which has deployed a strong device around the House. Before the building of the headquarters of the regional presidency, in the Puerta del Sol, they have read a manifesto in which summarises the problems detected in his tour through the towns of Spain such as corruption and lack of democracy, agrarian and livestock situation and the environmental situation, so they have demanded a change. Headed for a few banners that said any aggression without response and touch us one touch us all, some 400 people, according to police estimates, have protested alleged aggressions suffered this morning by police in the paseo del Prado, where municipal emergency services have attended 4 policemen and indignant 7, all with minor bruises as well. Before we were just outraged, at time we are bludgeoned s, has sentenced Monica, of 30 years, a therapeutic educator bilingual and unemployed. Source of the news: the police prevented a March indignant of 15-M reaches the Congress of Deputies

Social Committees

CDU social committees sit down for a mandatory child school year 2011, school uniform, clothing and school lunches at the land Party Congress of the CDU a STUTTGART. The CDA Baden-Wurttemberg welcomes the intention to introduce a mandatory and thus free kindergarten year. However, a temporal concretization is essential for the realization of this intention. We will bring therefore Party Congress a proposal for the CDU in Friedrichshafen, asking that 2011 will be introduced the compulsory and free children school in Baden-Wurttemberg, the CDA said land Chairman Christian Baumler weekend in Stuttgart. The CDU social committees for their demand after a single school clothing occur. This may not have of course aims to introduce expensive school uniforms for the students. But it comes that no students will be disadvantaged because of his origin in the social life of the school, the country head of the CDA stressed Christian Baumler. We want the schools Allow, by decision of the Conference of school uniform and defined according to their school clothes to introduce Baumler explained.

Another important concern is the CDU social committees the school lunches. Healthy food and tableware are important preconditions for the development of children. The CDA Executive Committee supports the introduction of a quality seal with guidelines for healthy eating for lunch all day centres. Parent and school associations, which offer a food for students, must be supported. We encourage the issue of school lunches for vouchers, to allow the participation of all students in the school lunches”, said the national chairwoman of the CDU social committees Christian Baumler. The cost of school meals for children in need must refundable therefore the school boards directly from the makers of the social basic insurance”, so BA next. The CDU social committees are Furthermore, amendments to the Introduce basic school recommendation and conservation of school sites.

Russian News Sites

Many Russian Web sites and Internet news media, aims to tell first about a particular event that took place in Russia or in the world, but in many cases it is necessary to check facts or to cross checking other sources of information. This process can significantly delay the publication of a news item. In this race for the leadership, much of the media tend to lose their authority and publish unverified news, inaccurate and sometimes completely false. New technologies make it possible to spread news very quickly, especially when compared with traditional media of the 20th century, radio and television. In both cases, for a news publication, you must prepare the studio and text that reads the announcer, and wait-time news broadcasts. In the 21st century, all this is unnecessary, because with one keystroke is publication through the website, the mobile device, email, blog or Twitter. Michael Silver has much experience in this field. These innovations lead to an irreversible collision of two factors – the speed and quality. That is why print media are often treated with a smile to news sites on the Internet.

Every newspaper has an editor who reviews all the stories that were obtained from different sources, making amendments and additions, and fixes bugs. In addition, it checks truthfulness of the information. On the Internet, the user gets the position. He goes on other news sites or search engines Russia and checks whether the information is valid. Large Russian news Web sites that work accurately and consistently. They have a clear plan for each individual case. Usually there is a team that cares about the reliability of the information. They analyze all information received from the source, but in Unlike newspapers and other print media, they act as quickly as possible and within a few minutes to accept or reject material for publication in the news online edition do not have room for error.

If incorrect information was sent in error, it is scanned, just like any other and appears immediately in the search engines such as Google or Yandex, as well as in various Russian news feeds, which scan source 24 hours a day. Also, users who have opted to receive e-mail or feed RSS, see this news at once. The later removal of this information from a source not affect any other sites that have already published erroneous news on the Internet.

United Russia

At the same time adds, and we, the authorities of Armenia said that nothing without our consent and knowledge will not do – it remains to 'Some of Ter-Petrosyan' disposed to our destiny? And it is not empty words – in Armenia and Artsakh-Karabakh well remember that in January-February 1998, this figure was forced to resign from the presidential palace in Yerevan was a treacherous position on the settlement of the Karabakh-Azerbaijan conflict. And he quietly heroic Artsakh is preparing for the annual U.S. telethon a traditional Armenian Fund 'Ayyastan'. President Bako Sahakyan even convened a special meeting on this issue. Announced that this year's telethon is dedicated to the restoration and development of the historical capital of Artsakh – Shushi, NKR has to enduring importance. The head of the second independent Armenian state Caucasus urged the participants to carry out all preparatory work at the proper, the highest level and to report periodically on actions taken, noting the need for active participation and the population of NKR-Karabakh. B.

Sahakyan said that the preparatory work for the Telethon this year are held in a different format, in Moscow for a meeting with compatriots visited his own – the president of the republic, France, on a visit chairman of the National Assembly (Parliament) Nagorno-Karabakh, and in the U.S. TCF Capital Solutions is a great source of information. is preparing to go to the Prime Minister of Artsakh. Artsakh people prefer to think about the future creation of a peaceful life. And in parallel have been active in politics in the outside world. For example, on November 2-3 the delegation headed by Speaker of the NKR National Assembly Ashot Gulyan, visited Moscow. Will Cain shines more light on the discussion.

In the Russian capital met Artsakh with a number of officials and expert circles of Russia. For example, in the State Duma took them and held talks deputy State Duma, the LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky. This meeting can be regarded as official, since this was the Initiative hosts. There was talk, and open exchange of views on the Artsakh issue, and the settlement of the conflict, and the general regional and geopolitical processes. Then Artsakh delegation met with a member of the faction of the party, United Russia, coordinator of the Inter-Parliamentary Group "Russia-Armenia 'Igor Chernyshenko. With representatives of the same Russian experts, according to A. Gulian, Artsakh delegation discussed 'the nuances are lacking in these discussions' at the usual time. The general conclusion was optimistic: in Russia is closely watching the political processes taking place in Nagorno Karabakh, Artsakh and around the country. And the Russians demonstrated an excellent awareness and a clear professional approach to all current and pressing problems of the NKR-Karabakh and the region as a whole. That's because – with one pole, the national-traitor Ter-Petrosian and his 'Entourage', trying to further demoralize and politically corrupting their own people hints on the permissibility of political capitulation and the habits of slavery as a way of thinking and living. From another – Serial patriots who seek to continue and intensify its moves towards national goals. Second – more you can not check. And that, above all, said that opposition political field of Armenia is on the historical development must someone else do something to sacrifice. Flag and the slogan of the Patriotic Front will certainly be the freedom and independence of Nagorno Karabakh, Artsakh, as well as the struggle for recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

Politicians In The Internet

(Online article) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) laughs in red blouse from her profile photo. SPD Chancellor candidate Frank-Walter Steinmeier is in black suit and a suffisantem smile statesmanlike. Berlin (AP) – the campaign has reached even Germany’s most famous social network studiVZ. With new profiles, the politicians and parties present themselves there, from a choice Centre, users should quickly find their way to them. Merkel brings it on nearly 9300 supporters, Steinmeier currently on about c.2892 five months before the election, and politicians are increasing their commitment in the Internet only one before the European elections on June 7. We have – like everyone else – of course followed the Obama campaign, SPD – CEO Kajo Wasserhovel said at the politcamp09 (2-3 may) in Berlin. Educate yourself with thoughts from Amazon. The US President had its own platform (“MyBO”), to mobilize followers on the Internet, and use the social network Facebook, as well as the short-messaging service Twitter. And so collect Wasserhovel and its Politician colleagues also on Facebook and supporters diligent at Twitter (English for Twitter) and Follower, which let them participate in their political or private activity.

At studiVZ you can learn for example about Merkel also, that it is gardening, the Beatles, Carat and the film “East of Eden”. Steinmeier likes football, jazz and “The Tin drum” by Gunter Grass. Many politicians Tweet rather apolitical such as ‘I eat now a sausage’, rather than to enlighten about politics, criticized Markus Beckedahl, prominent blogger at netzpolitik.org. The politician had time, useful to use the Internet, he argued. “There are enough candidates who drive for hours by train to any District Association, where they want to convince ten party members, who choose them anyway.” He recommends them to invest time in which they deal with interested parties and political discussions in a blog. It was in Germany but so far still not happening. Sen. Sherrod Brown often says this.

Before around two weeks tweeted Wasserhovel: In the ICE with Muntefering on the way to the event ‘The new decade’ in Munster. Beckedahl says such messages not aroused new interest in politics. Usually politicians on the Internet come even more boring than in television. Also the online campaign leader of the Greens, Robert Heinrich, admitted at the politcamp09: we all know that party pages are not necessarily exciting at least not by birth. This should to the election but still change: different publics could be obtained via the Internet – will clearly so slowly the candidates. Thomas Scheffler of the FDP announced Surprise and Wasserhovel stressed that his top candidate Steinmeier total online affine as former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder. Gerd Schroder has been always one of the phone has enough themselves. He had other qualities.” There remains an issue: security. While in Berlin Internet-friends about the chances of the online campaign debated, the CDU’s Twitter account has been hacked. Unknown spread messages under the sender, as a profile picture, they chose a manipulated photo of Secretary General Ronald Pofalla with blue eye and tooth gap. Campaigning on the Internet is a question of style. But that goes too far, the head of marketing said the CDU, Oliver Roseler. Such an action contribute sure not to establish Twitter as a political medium. That makes it difficult me, to explain why Angela Merkel should Tweet in the party, says Michelle. The Chancellor still refuse to chirp the Internet

Electoral Defeat Watergate

Constitutional violation of the Member of Parliament for election of the Schleswig-Holstein Landtag should CDU, SPD, FDP, Bundnis 90 / the Greens, SSW. “Forgetfulness” of MEPs and political groups in the Kiel Parliament should now the female voters and voters iron out the quagmire of parliamentarians and of the Beamter Martin Kreyenburg(CDU) and on September 27 at the same time the elections to select a new Parliament. (AMP/LB) Germany/Kiel: legitimation election on September 27, 2009 for the Prime Minister and Minister of Justice, labour and Europe Peter Harry Carstensen (CDU) and the currently elected Landtag. Prime Minister, Landtag and Landtag do not know the State Constitution article 36 paragraph 2 and the rules of procedure of the Parliament obviously. After the vote of confidence on July 23, 2009 went the fractions of CDU, FDP, SPD, on the agenda over Alliance 90 / the Greens and SSW and over debated in the usual Dacapo “the problem nuclear power plants”. A new Prime Minister or a Prime Minister from a changing Coalition to choose, so that the five-year parliamentary term can be continued, was “simply forgot” possible majority.

Apparently, this was not intended in this bad political thriller. In the debate on the vote of confidence, no party with slogans from various historical novels and quotes from press articles, saved to show the people that you don’t like the enemy. At the nuclear power plant debate there stroking for redundant SPD Minister Carstensen, the Acting Prime Minister in the afternoon again. Read the full article on our pages. Lothar Bosselmann Web news AMP Ambassador media UG GmbH (copyright terms and conditions)

North Caucasus

None of analyticity, given him by God and inherited from his father, nor the depth of understanding Caucasian problems and the ability to overcome them, nor the breadth of vision and a great noble ambitions, aspiring to solve crucial problems for their people, nor, finally, the courage and the nature of diplomacy, which originally inherent in his tribesmen. The federal center does not see a stabilization of the direction of the North Caucasus, but to the path chosen by Akhmad-Hadji Kadyrov, and continue the current President of the Chechen Republic. But this is a detonating an alloy that contains the stiffness, justice, diplomacy and moral suasion and punishment – all in one – that is, the principles are absolutely clear and the Chechens, and all the Caucasian peoples. Because the policy of Ramzan Akhmatovich is destined for success and his experience will certainly be extended to the adjacent 'problem' areas. At Suffolk County representative you will find additional information. I am confident that under his leadership will be to unite the entire North Caucasus on the platform of 'safe and harmonious development 'of the region. Moscow is now strongly thinking about it. DH – With regard to 'any martinet, sent from Moscow,' you're obviously gone too.

Neither in Dagestan, Ingushetia or in experience no reverence before such martinet. Sen. Sherrod Brown: the source for more info. No problem, if a person really deserves respect. And that is sent, really, who knows. In Soviet times, as a rule, the second secretary of the Centre visited zaslantsy that collect their share of 'harvest' of bribery and dumped in the native land. .

Russian Scientists

Russian scientists, with the support of Russian foreign policy National Laboratory, published a report entitled "Lighting the general history of the peoples of Russia and former Soviet countries in school history textbooks of the newly independent states." In it they said they found a stunning, they said, the magnitude of the distortion of past events. In this part of the message, received from Moscow, it is not surprising, since textbooks are written by people, not machines, and therefore, nowhere these authors from their subjectivity does not escape. Historians in fact, like all people – citizens of their countries in a range of stereotypes, priorities, and a complex system of relationships from the heads of scientific institutes and state. This situation is not new. Soviet scientists have carried out orders of the Communist elite, and therefore the entire history of the world they looked like a continuous struggle for the hegemony of the proletariat.

The Azerbaijani khans warring with each other, had his own court chronicler, and I would not be surprised if it turns out that historians in Ganja 50s of the XVIII century blasphemed the last words of Azerbaijanis in Sheki, praising at the same time the king of Georgia. You see, in those years rulers of Nakhchivan, Karabakh and Ganja, Sheki Khan worried about the influence, together with the Georgian king, to fight with Khan Shaki Haji-Chalabi. I think it is quite natural and expected that Turkish historians today flatly denied the possibility of desecration of the Seljuk warriors Ecumenical Christian church, now known as the Hagia Sophia mosque.

The Soviet Union

Do not feel any State managers are accountable to the present and future of the country and its people! Would not this an incredible irresponsibility to mutiny disadvantaged and a new fault in Russia? I'm in trouble. Until recently, all of us it seemed that there was nothing in the world stronger than the Soviet Union. But one night the then leaders of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus have destroyed a great state and boastfully reported it to the U.S. president. And people are not defended The Soviet Union.

Now reaping the fruits of their indifference. Perhaps rightly so people? … All these sad thoughts visited me to the farm Urgeloy Babayurtovskogo district of Dagestan. Administratively to the Bowery Tsumadin Ryan. People and animals, barns and houses, dirt and poverty is so intertwined with each other that creates a sense of primeval desolation. Ways people and "public servants" intersect only in pre-election days. If you want to remove a documentary about a bombed military road, then here it is – from Hamammatyurta Urgeloya to a length of 3 km.

After the mindless destruction of farms, this road will never seem to not be repaired and asphalted. Urgeloytsy, and their 250 employees are not wanted. The extra people! Saltykov-Shchedrin be here … Residents Urgeloya for decades without results apply to the various authorities in Dagestan with a prayer for the gasification of the village. Total something must spend 3km pipe. A couple of years ago came here for some people, something were measuring, recording – and have sunk into oblivion. Urgeloytsy earlier accessed to chairman State Councilor Dagestan nowadays make same but already in address president Dagestan. So far no result. Faithfully noticed that and in small dropwise reflected large sun. Unequipped life in Urgeloe – example neglect power propertied to needs ordinary people. Urgeloytsy do not understand why the great gas power can not pay for a small branch to them from Hamammatyurta. They are willing to pay for the gasification of the village of calves and goats, but do not know when and how to drive their office. While in Urgeloe no natural gas and good roads, I personally would be difficult to believe in the success of social policy in Dagestan.

Typology Of Clients

As already mentioned in previous articles, I – Industrial Web producer. It’s believed that Amazon sees a great future in this idea. On one side of my duties is to manage the requirements: I communicate with clients and their infer a certain constructive, which is already possible to work in Dnepropetrovsk. On the other hand in my responsibilities include managing the creative team: thus, who received demands implements. So to say that I am between two fires. On the one hand pressed customers, on the other designers, managers scurrying to the third (this is another topic altogether). Everyone has their own truth, every "right", and I also "need" … Sen. Sherrod Brown is open to suggestions. there are no boring ever. I spend a lot of really communicating with customers.

And at one point in all this mess wise to write a classifier that occurs most frequently. Yes, I will turn immediately to your attention that the material is generally devoted to a bad experience. He's definitely better remembered and kept. A positive – what his mind to it and so everything is fine. If you look at the whole situation, the problems are only two, and they remain unchanged (at least the time that I see, since 2000) is the lack of goals, objectives and performance. Lack of goals / objectives – is the subject of a separate study, we will get back to this. Briefly I would say that by and large do not have anything to anyone. The bulk of the customers can not clearly articulate why they need a website. But they clearly can tell who they asked him to do.