National Unity Day

The point here is not in the internal strife and external enemies – they only underline the main question that arises in front of people: we are together, or what? A whole or every man for himself? Wrong answer leads to disunity and destruction, the correct answer reveals a reliable way to solve problems. At first, it is difficult to believe, but that’s what happened when Pozharsky took the Kremlin in 1612. Exactly two hundred years, the unity of the newly confirmed its power, when the remnants of the Grand Army of Napoleon left Russia. People, who rallied for real, do not require even high-profile victory. Let this be a temporary unity in the face of external threats – but that’s what wrote the famous German military historian Clausewitz, a former officer in the Russian army in 1812: ‘Russian is rarely faster than the French, although they had to do a lot of easy cases, and when they managed to beat the enemy and they whenever its released. In all battles the French were victorious, the Russian gave them the opportunity to realize the impossible. But if we sum up, it turns out that the French army had ceased to exist, and the whole campaign Russian was a complete success.

” History itself proves that the union – is the remedy, the engine of the world, the people and between nations. However, the success of unity seemed to be a miracle and a thousand and four hundred and two hundred years ago. We still do not trust the drug, which is repeatedly tested by time. Why? Where does this skepticism sanctimonious guise of sanity? In this era of world torn by global issues. Ended centuries of war games, any conflict could cause the latest world and the economy and finances were intertwined so that they do not untwist. Evidence suggests that it alone will not cope – no person in the state, no state in the world. Land round, and no matter where to direct their arrows, they’ll come back again.

If not today, then tomorrow. Even sit on the sidelines does not work. On this and reminds us of November 4 – National Unity Day. The consolidation is now required in common to all mankind, globally. It is like a drug, prescribed to mankind from time immemorial and is still pending. It would seem that the crisis had much to teach people around the world, but real progress remains to be seen. For external declarations of common interest and cooperation of a half – the calculation on how to beat the other, but if they team up with someone, something against someone. In such circumstances, need a good example – an example of Pozharsky only converted into a modern format. No man, but the country should assume the role of unifying factor, showing others the benefits that can accrue from collaboration and consolidation. Day of National Unity despite its ambiguity, still poses a grain of truth in it a glimmer of the spark of consensus and ownership of all Earth’s inhabitants. I would like to wish today to become a Russian-obedinitelnitsey in hard world time, a guide through the crisis period. It does not matter what circumstances are against it. It’s always like that. You need only a little bit of optimism and faith.