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As we all izvesno press freedom is the right of people to express freely their thoughts orgumentirovat, outlook on life, through the newspapers. September 20, 2006 in Amsterdam, held a congress of linguists, who came to discuss the issue of freedom press its limitations, and social equality through its svobody.Sredi present were such people as izvesnye: D. Milton, John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, W. Weitling, Lenin, Marx, Hegel, J.-J. Rousseau, Hume, Ploton, Miles. The first provided According to D. Milton, who said that man is by nature free.

'Man is judged by his deeds and execute pristupnikov' Eat three main trends of our time is, firstly, moving the creative leadership of mankind from Europe European and West, where it was concentrated in the last five centuries, and secondly, prodolzhayuschayuschasya disintegration is still the predominant type of person chustvennogo, and thirdly, the emergence and gradual growth the first components of the new-integral-socio-cultural order, its values and the type lichnosti.Poetomu not fully agree with the opinion of Milton. After listening to the views of Milton, Locke supported his arguments and some were his orgumenty uchteny.V 1694 was canceled prior censorship Anglii.Ssylayas that God gave man reason, law and freedom of choice, the choice between sin and virtue, that man has stoichiometric experiences postoyanno.Milton biguet censorship, as harmful to the government, society and people, humbles her dignity institut.Po judgments of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke's' society can prosper only under Office of philosophers, judges, sages, trace moral law. " 'Total control over the expression of all thoughts, immoral, must be destroyed. "' Power is transmitted lish some of the natural needs words, in order to protect the fundamental rights: freedom of speech, property, freedom of conscience. "After these arguments have decided to express their point of view, J.-J. Rousseau and Hegel, G. (1712-1778) Rousseau in his treatise The Social Contract (1762). 'At the heart of every authority is an agreement.