Mines Energy

The Citizens Coalition for Aysen Life Reserve criticized the RN Members support Galilee and DC Paul Patrick Walker (who was nominated to the Upper House of the Aysen Region) gave to the article which states that "works to expand the backbone transmission system determined by the decree will have the essential character and will be of national interest. If it is required by other laws, it is understood that the obligation to execute such works have the quality of electrical service concessionaires, under the second constitutional draft law creating the Department of Energy. This was the only article rejected on 28 October, in a divided vote that much of the Alliance for Chile, with the votes of 12 Concertacion, mostly DC, supported it. The result was 48 votes in favor, 46 against (including Rep. Rene Alinco) and 4 abstentions, which did not allow its approval to add 50 votes these last two options.

"This Article is the focus of conflict because we know that if passed will be the green light for power companies, now mostly in the hands of transnationals, devastate the natural and cultural heritage of all Chileans, and especially our region, affecting thousands of people who would see how economic power, allied with the state, imposed without the possibility of counterbalancing "the coordinator said about the organization, Peter Hartmann, who noted that Walker's support and Galilee means that in practice" provide for our residents are helpless in the face of transnational power. " The leader called on the citizens and the thousands of ayseninos that are critical of the dams that are planned to impose on the Patagonia "to know who is for, indeed, support our people in the background and who are thinking about extra-regional interests" . After the rejection, the article went on to discussion at a Joint Commission composed of representatives Rene Aedo (RN who voted in favor), Marcos Espinosa (PRSD who voted against), Renan Fuentealba (who voted against PDC), Alejandro Garcia-Huidobro (UDI who voted in favor) and Antonio Leal (PDC who voted against) , to which must be added the senators appointed by the Senate. MINISTRY OF ENERGY The Act creating the Department of Energy states that this new institution will assume functions now located in the ministries of Mines and Economics, for example to establish parity prices contained in the stabilization funds oil prices and the powers the Ministry of Finance had allocated in gas and electricity, among other subjects. It also establishes that the Superintendency of Electricity and Fuel, the Chilean Commission of Nuclear Energy and the National Energy Commission will depend on the new Ministry of Energy, as well as the future Chilean Energy Efficiency Agency.