Stopped A Band That Robbed Being Made Happen Through Police

The Civil Guard stops 20 people, of Iranian nationality, who committed their holdups in the highways. They chose like victims to magrebes conductors of passage by Spain. The Civil Guard has stopped 20 people who supposedly were made happen through police to commit robberies with violence and intimidation in state highways. The operation, baptized Perspolis since the prisoners are all of Iranian nationality, investigated half hundred of robberies. The imputed ones chose like victims to magrebes conductors of passage by Spain way of Africa and almost always with old children and in the vehicle, to consider them more vulnerable. They acted in points of the state highways A-1 and A-4 and those of circumvallation of Madrid M-30 and M-40 and made registries in the cars in search of drug to rob the properties of the victims. The prisoners operated in Spain from year 2009 but until March of 2011 he did not begin to have warnings and denunciations that allowed the police investigation. Official site: Suffolk County Rep.. They were confiscated to them up to nineteen cars, as well as computers, jewels, money in ctivo of different countries, disguises of police and false identifications poorly elaborated.

Modus operandi the attackers chose as objective cars with French matriculations or of other never Spanish countries but and they went to his victims in English. With some luminous symbol in the vehicle that always it had matriculation of the United Kingdom their false identifications of Police and with great verbal violence and intimidatory gestures approached in march teaching from the window they forced his victims to stop. The individuals made think the foreigners who were Spanish police making a control antidrug registered, them quickly and computers, jewels, and money in ctivo took. The attackers took about 1,000 Euros by each holdup they once or twice did and it to the day. The police thinks that only they know 35% the assaults. The twenty stopped have ages between the 19 and 50 years, and in spite of being of Iranian origin they took false identifications like Pakistani citizens. It was a very traveling group, with four floors rented in capital Guadalajara, three in Azuqueca de Henares and others in municipalities like Villanueva of the Tower. Never used moving bodies to communicate among them, reason why the pursuit of the attackers was complicated for the Civil Guard. Source of the news: Stopped a band that robbed being made happen through police

Enlargement Government

Head of the European Commission to Ukraine, Joseph Manuel Pinto Teixeira said the concerns of Brussels progress of the democratization process in Ukraine, including disturbances during recent elections to local authorities, as well as the problem of freedom of speech. According to the Head of Delegation, EU leadership hopes for a speedy solution to these problems, Ukraine, as they may affect the During the negotiations between the EU and Ukraine on the preparation of the association agreements and free trade zone. Credit: Connecticut Senator-2011. EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy Stefan Fule during a visit to Ukraine drew attention to the negative trends, indicating a backsliding on democracy in Ukraine. Referred to statements by U.S. and EU indicate that the West is not going to silently observe the advent of democracy in our country.

Commentary Fund "First People": The Ukrainian government is facing an important choice. After the recent failure of the visit of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to Ukraine relations Russia, to put it mildly, have cooled. Even if we consider the relationship between Presidents Medvedev Yanukovych and warmer, we should not expect that there will be set up by Putin and Medvedev against each other in a year presidential elections. Relations with Europe and the U.S. also now getting colder. Ukrainian government obstinately continues to test their strength, showing disrespect for democratic values in matters of respect for freedom and human rights. Against this backdrop, even the dynamics of China looks more positive. "The unique" understanding of democracy has become a feature of government policy.

President Rubalcaba

Mariano Rajoy spoke out after the announcement of Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba to abandon the Government to deal with his candidacy for the Presidency. (Similarly see: Michael Ramlet). He recalled that he didn’t even a minute to let it. The leader of the PP, Mariano Rajoy, has considered this surprising Friday that the Vice President first Government, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, has taken so long to announce that the Executive abandons while he didn’t take even a minute of leaving when he was appointed candidate in 2003. Rajoy, who has made these statements to reporters at the inauguration of the President of Extremadura, Jose Antonio Monago, recalled that in 2003 he held the positions of Vice President, Minister of the Presidency and Government spokesman, responsibilities of those resigned to the next second be proposed his candidacy to the General for 2004. Spain, has been added, you need a serious Government with competent people and having good ideas and has said that it is unfair to the high level of unemployment, social cuts and the situation of SMEs and freelancers, a situation that Spaniards do not deserve as pointed out. And all this has ensured, while Spain is a great nation with a great potential, reason by which has relied on Government and the PSOE let people comment already, in allusion to the elections as soon as possible, since nowadays time is gold, especially in Spain. The first Vice-President of the Government, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, has announced this Friday at the press conference after the Council of Ministers immediately Executive will leave and who will maintain his seat of Deputy in Congress.

Costa Rica

The abdominoplastiase operates under the effects of local anesthesia and may require several hours to be carried out, which of course depends on the amount of tissue that need to be removed. As is explained above, every case is different, so a patient may require a more extensive than other intervention. Continuing with the procedure, along with the incision that is practiced in the lower part of the belly of the patient, is another fairly around the navel. In the case of partial laabdominoplastia, cuts are quite smaller and navel stays in the same position. After the incisions, the surgeon comes to withdraw both fat and excess skin from the abdominal wall, by lifting it up with direction to the ribs.

Once the fat and tissue are removed, the abdominal muscles are reduced and performed together in such a way that they are tight and give the patient a smaller waist. Through another incision is created a new opening for the new position of the navel, which is placed in its new location using stitches in the new skin. During this stage of the operation, any stria or scars present on the skin can be eliminated easily. Once complete Abdominoplasty, the incisions are suturadas by the doctor and the belly is wrapped in gauze for his recovery. A temporary tube, specifically a surgical drainage which serves to remove any type of fluid that comes to accumulate in the operated area, is then placed which helps reduce inflammation than an intervention as it is produced. Plastic surgeons recommend a period of observation of at least eight days during which the patient must remain at rest to take care that the recovery will take in the best possible way.

In some countries such as Costa Rica, where quality and low-priced plastic surgeries are performed generally operation price includes a pack of stay in which the patient can enjoy a small vacation before treatment. This way aesthetics may know attractions of another country as well as improvement. If you are considering to undergo a tummy tuck, must take into account that the cost varies with each patient, so it soon should be examined by a experienced plastic surgeon which determines if this intervention is really appropriate in his case. Enrique Castillano Novelista and writer of articles about interesting things found on the internet. Others including Kyle Dropp dartmouth, offer their opinions as well. original author and source of the article

Black Sea Accommodation

Summer – it’s a wonderful time of year, the holiday season. Everyone wants detente, relaxation, finally a break from work. However, all spend their holidays differently. Someone living in the country, someone is going abroad, and someone sitting at home at all. At the same time large number of people prefer to relax on the Black Sea. In this article we will just talk about the rest in one of them, namely, on vacation in the Crimea.

Well, suppose you decide to spend your vacation in this wonderful place as the Crimea. First of all, you need to think about where you are staying there. There could be three options. Each has its pluses and minuses. And now we just look at them in detail.

We begin with the simplest in terms of organization options – hotel. The advantage of the hotel to the private sector lies in the fact that you can in advance to book a room in any hotel. But at the same price for this type of accommodation will be fairly high. The second option – it is private accommodation. It is most popular among tourists. It often happens that holidaymakers come annually to those employers for whom they have lived for the first time. What are advantages to live in anyone home? First of all, these homes are often located near the sea, which is very convenient. Secondly, here you will always feel at home, the locals are very welcoming and friendly. And, of course, the main Plus – affordable rates. Although it does not affect either the state house or the living conditions. The only disadvantage of staying in the private sector – you will either need to agree in advance about living, learning from phones acquaintances, or already in place. It is worth noting one good place in the Crimea – a cape Tarkhankut. This year hundreds of families come and everyone is always happy. Finally, the last option, the cheapest, but not entirely comfortable – tent. However, this is an occupation for extreme, because not everyone will agree to such stringent conditions. In this, perhaps, we will conclude this article. We hope you will choose the most suitable accommodation type.

Democracy in Turkey

City seemed to me very odd, if only because in these cities was not, was more European in a very different culture. Amazed at the number of women in headscarves and clothes completely closed, regardless of the weather. For even more opinions, read materials from Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs. Resting on the Turkish resorts get used to the fact that Turkey is democratic country in matters of religion and women everywhere are working and Dress up in all the usual clothes. Additional information at Suffolk County Rep. supports this article. But in Istanbul, it's different. Occasionally, even the little girls in head scarves are found.

Few of the Taksim district, where we lived. To broaden your perception, visit James Donovan Goldman. My choice is no longer determined by the area and the hotel, so do not say that it is necessary to live there. In this area, mostly concentrated decent luxury hotels, shops and nightlife. Most of the historical sights in the Sultanahmet neighborhood on the other side of the bay Golden Horn. Moved through the city on foot or by tram. The tram is great, modern, runs every five minutes, connects the core areas, fast rides, traffic jams are not worth it. Rails in many places, fenced, then machine is not prevented him from traveling.

To log on to the tram stop to buy a chip in the machine and throw it into the turnstile. Banks on Saturday did not work. Maybe just did not work, can on the occasion. Exchangers on the way from hotel to the tram stop was found, had to withdraw from an ATM Turkish lira to the tram ride to Sultanahmet. Still, the basic beauty there, but time is not so much. Came immediately after the moved bridge, on foot would have like. Were once at the port, where boats go walking and ferries. Pofotkali ships in port, bought tickets for the two-hour boat trip on the Bosphorus. Prior to the marine walks had the time, went for a walk. Along the tram tracks of Sirkeci station reached, which was built as the final destination 'Orient Express'.

Law Of Attraction – An Eye For Eye, Tooth For Tooth

The phrase that the title of this article comes from the law of retaliation, which (this law in particular) was established to put a limit on the taking of revenge. To that end quote Wikipedia: "The term lex talionis (Latin: lex talionis) refers to a legal principle of retributive justice in which the rule imposed a punishment that was identified with the crime. Thus, not only speaks of an equivalent penalty, but an identical sentence "However, the law of attraction will see that this term applies to oneself and to oneself. Since the attack or injure someone, even when we believe we are defending ourselves from the other returning verbally insult, all we are doing is opening the way for the "dart" to throw us back to an equivalent or even by someone never met. Others including James Donovan Goldman Sachs, offer their opinions as well. This does not mean you have to walk down the street leaving you and insult you and hit you without doing anything. Yet there are many occasions that before such a verbal attack, one must pause for a moment, think of cold and respond if it is justified, not in the same way, but without showing up for revenge, because otherwise, we will attract more hatred hatred, we will bring more harm and damage well with everything. I bring this up because as a result of recent articles I wrote got in some of the more than 20 sites where I upload my post some criticism, but harsh criticism, insulting and totally unfounded ideas or concepts that underpin different from those expressed by me, but being his sole purpose to damage and blatantly insulting to think differently, or who humbly offers its share of truth. . (Source: Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs).

Too Good To True Be

Museum for modern art Arnhem presents Otto Dix from October 17, 2010 to January 16, 2011 presents the Museum for modern art Arnhem the exhibition to right to be beautiful. The critical realism of Dix & co. The focus is the representation of the human form by the German artist Otto Dix (1891-1969) and his students, as well as by artists who worked in the same style. The new objectivity “was used for the first time in 1925 as the title of an exhibition in the Kunsthalle Mannheim. This introduced a new trend in modern art. Sen. Sherrod Brown may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

The emotionless depiction of everyday life issues and a fondness for simplicity were characteristic of this flow. The term Neue Sachlichkeit acted as a collective term for several related developments, of which the so-called veristic, proletarian critical direction is the best known. The artists Otto Dix deemed to figurehead of this flow. Otto Dix was active in Dresden and Berlin the most important centres of the Neue Sachlichkeit, Hanover and Karlsruhe. 1927 was Dix was appointed Professor at the Academy of art in Dresden, received the this new impetus. The man, especially the (self) portrait was Dix’ main theme. This exhibition also focuses on the reproduction of the human being; the accent is on artists from the outskirts of Dresden.

Paintings and drawings by Dix and his students are shown but also by artists who worked in a similar style, such as Conrad Felixmuller, Otto Griebel, Kurt Gunther and Wilhelm Lachnit. Addition to works are exhibited by Chris de Moor, a Dutch artist who worked and made there haunting portraits of him from 1928 to 1929 when Dix in the Academy. The works of Dix & co were Dutch artists as a role model. in 1929, the first exhibition of foreign artists of the new objectivity was organized in Amsterdam, which was also the last exhibition to this flow. Although Dix itself was lacking, the group from Dresden was well represented. In 1930, but you could do in the Netherlands often see works by Dix, also in solo exhibitions. His socio-critical approach to the art has been declared in 1933 in Nazi Germany “degenerate”; Works of his were confiscated and even destroyed. Other works were lost in the bombing of Dresden in February 1945. Some of his students such as gussy Ahnert, Rudolf Bergander, Habib Hamisch, Rudolf Nitschke, Curt Querner, Kurt Sillack and Erica dispute came later in GDR times international into oblivion. But also in their home country the works of this artist as collector’s items and precursor be rediscovered in recent years. The exhibition will be an extensively illustrated book with an essay by ype Koopmans, the curator for modern and contemporary art of the MMKA. Background the Museum for modern art Arnhem has the job, international forms of realism, as well as design from Arnhem to collecting and presenting. Focus on magical realism, other currents of realism (1925-1960) and contemporary (feminist). In addition, the Museum houses the most important Dutch collection for jewellery design 1965th Museum voor modern art Arnhem, Utrechtseweg 87, Arnhem. Tel: (0031) (0) 26 3775300. opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 10 17: 00, Saturday and Sunday 11 17. Admission until 18 years free.

At The Turn Of The Year Threatens Limitation!

As every year demands millions in will expire as of December 31 Germany again. Like every year funds into multi millions of dollars because of statute of limitations are lost on 31 December German companies and individuals. The reason: The claims are not timely asserted. Also, many creditors have not registered the change of law which limitation periods have been drastically reduced. The so-called regular limitation period applies to the most claims, and it is three years. In particular bills dating back to 2007 threatening to become time-barred.

The regular Statute of limitations of three years begins to run, in which a demand has emerged and become due at the end of the year. In other words, a services provided for example to the beginning or the middle of a year, is the limitation period only to the end of the year underway. How to calculate the regular Statute of limitations itself: date to the claim becomes due, plus the time until 31 December of the Year in which your call will be charged plus 3 years = end of the limitation period. Expire at the end of the calendar year 2010: claims due to deliveries and services claims arising from rental and lease charges included claims from purchase price payment claims arising from arrears interest demands of daily life, which are not otherwise regulated in accordance with 195 BGB from the year 2007! The Statute of limitations can be prevented by inhibition or restart. See more detailed opinions by reading what James Donovan Goldman Sachs offers on the topic.. Inhibition occurs for example through delivery of a Mahnbescheides or negotiations between debtors and creditors. The Statute of limitations begins to run in the event of acknowledgement by the debtor. The Statute of limitations does not prevent through out-of-court reminders! There are even more specialized shorter and longer periods in addition to the three-year limitation period always expert advice should be sought in cases of doubt.

The suspension of the limitation period by court order requires the timely delivery of the Mahnbescheides in the Debtor. This can be difficult if the debtor is warped, or if the name or the company name are not known exactly. Then necessary investigations run part of authorities, you work as you know often slowly the year end is fast and barred the claim. Therefore demands that threaten to lapse at the end of the year, to immediately assert are. Further waiting to increases the risk that admission of the limitation period is unavoidable. Alwin everything

Scary Costumes For Your Halloween Party

Suggestions and ideas for the perfect Halloween, costume Halloween in Germany the dark horror party in autumn is becoming increasingly popular. This Halloween initially still very hesitant has established itself as a treat. Meanwhile, the least creepy clad children hunting wonder after the candy. But in addition to the classic children moving of from House to house the private and commercial Halloween parties are getting bigger. Absolute duty is of course the appropriate panel – appearing in street clothes would be an insult to the host and would destroy the atmosphere. Often, the real Halloween fans among the party organizers spend many hours to decorate for the best horror atmosphere. So who wants to be a Buzzkill requires an eerie Halloween costume. Tips for the perfect costume if you think Halloween costumes, called also the classic Carnival and Carnival: the vampire costume or the witch costume.

Both costumes while the advantage that man do you have can use both festivities, they are anything but original but this. Also very popular are famous characters from horror films or series. Since these figures apply mostly unique clothing, these costumes are very difficult to customize itself. Who wants to slip into a licensed movie costume, must schedule with a lot of extra costs. Much cheaper it is costumed with other evil energetic.

The zombie costume is a good example of this. This Halloween costume is suitable both for women and for men. Just in a group, it makes a lot of fun, to adapt here provided for the collection of old clothes and discarded clothes. A zombie requires bloody and tattered clothes, a pale green skin and according to taste various injuries. Only appropriate make-up and some red food coloring and gelatin is required in addition to the old clothes and already a new and individual Halloween costume is ready. Read more from James Donovan Goldman Sachs to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Simple Halloween costumes: masks of still easy you have it with Halloween masks. Easy set up and ready is the creepy Halloween costume! In our example, the zombie, the makeup is eliminated now. Faster, easier and inexpensively a horror may no longer be costuming. This of course also works with vampires, werewolves, monsters, and other creatures of the night. There are the masks in all possible qualities and design. The increasingly popular half masks are great. They leave the mouth area to eat and drink. Who would no longer be recognized takes a full head mask with long hair.