Institutional Politics

In which the vision of that it teaches, learns when teaching, guaranteeing of this form that the docncia is not mere spilling of inert contents in stowages (pupils). For Freire it exists to know necessary to practical educative the such as: to give conditions to educating to learn critically, after all the ones that teach and the ones that learn are citizens of a process, more than of formation, construction and creation. It considers, still, that all professor is a researcher and in the exercise of its profession must show to its pupil who its experience influences the way as it learns making with that this reflects on its reality, in order to transform it, that all educator must be critical being compromised with the results of its pedagogical action, being a transforming being capable to improve practical its. (Source: Amazon). He is in this context, that the process of construction of the Project of the Course of Formation of Professors of the Institute of Education of the Paran Professor Erasmo Pilotto looks for to guide itself. The Pedagogical Project of the course of Formation of Professors of the Infantile Education and Initial Years of Basic Ensino presents at different moments, the importance of the relation between the practical theory and. In the presentation of the project (IEPPEP, 2008, P. 24), it can be read that all the components ' ' they must work the unit between practical theory and as articulador nucleus of the formation of the educator, making possible the integration between thinking and acting, providing to the professor to be the thinker, the constructor and the permanent organizador of the work educativo' '. (Not to be confused with Connecticut Senator!). In this document (IEPPEP, 2008, P. 6-7), one of the axles norteadores of the Institucional Politics of Formation of Professors affirms that it must have, for the attendance of the peculiarities of this course, ' ' valuation of the research and the scientific inquiry as instruments of mediation in the theoretician-practical analyses of the process of formation, possibilitadores of mudanas' '.