However such difficulties never will be surpassed if the professor if not to feel party to suit of transformation of this reality. 1.5PLANEJAMENTO One of landmarks of the referring legislation to education occurred in March of 2010, when the CONAE (National Congress of Education) approved the PNE (National Plan of Education), with more than 2600 pages, that established to be reached them to the goals for Brazil for next the ten years. To broaden your perception, visit Amazon. This enters the objectives of the PNE: the democratization of the management of public education, in the official establishments, obeying the principles of the participation of the professionals of the education in the elaboration of the pedagogical project of the school and the participation of the local community in pertaining to school advice or equivalents. (CONAE, 2010:36 – 37) 1.5.1Planejamento Participativo the participativo planning for Cornely (1977), ‘ ‘ if it constitutes in a process politician, a continuous collective intention, one deliberated and widely argued construction of the future of the community, in which he participates to the biggest possible number of members of all the categories constitute that it. It more than means, therefore, what an activity technique, a process entailed politician to the decision of the majority, taken for the majority, in I benefit of the majority. (PADILHA, 2001:30 – 35) Planning of lesson is the referring taking of decisions to the specific one of the classroom: subjects, contents, methodology, resources didactic, evaluation. ‘ ‘ This planning goes since most general: a plan of course for the year or semester, until the plan for chances (thematic or others), the plan per week and the planning to each dia’ ‘ (MST, 1995:7) Libneo (1991) affirms that planning is reflection of our options and action and if not we will have well clearly route that we must to give to our work we will be you deliver to routes established for ruling class, what means that the elements of the pertaining to school planning (objective, contents, methods) are stuffed of social implications, has one genuinely meaning politician.