Why Kailas

I long dream to visit Tibet. Namely, the famous Mount Kailas. -Why Kailas? Than this mountain is attractive to you? And he began an interesting and exciting story is about this famous place. My partner looked a lot academic programs and films about Tibet, read many books and he sometimes traveled to Tibet in his fantasies. Judging by the amount of information it collected that information for several years. My next question was, in my opinion, very logical: “You probably would like to visit this place.

How much does a trip there? And here I could not believe what he had heard: “I never learned the value of vouchers or a trip to Tibet. I believe it is very expensive pleasure, may 5000 dollars, may 10 000. -So you want to say that you spent hours watching tv, watching shows and movies about Tibet, have read a lot of different books on this subject, I have watched a million photos of Kailash, had weeks or even months in the library, studying this interesting topic for you, but you nirazu not asked about the cost of the tour in this famous place? Yes, this is so – without a shadow of doubt answered my companion. – I think it’s too expensive for me, so I do not even this issue. To hear the answer brought me back to reality. During our mini training ended and the threads were all exhausted at this we parted.

A few days later my partner called me and joyful voice shared with me his research: It turns out permit to Tibet is not so dear, is not hiding the joy shared my interlocutor. – The price varies from $ 1500 up to 3000, depending on the duration and degree of scientific expeditions. You see, I can go there! It’s available for me! Pleasant jitteriness embraced me, then my efforts were not wasted. Stone still got a shoe and podtalknul to action. Over the next hour, we discussed the options and details of the project. My partner has even made savings plan and described the details of this trip. I am sure that in October this year, he definitely will go to Tibet and visit Kailash! Think and you about their dreams and goals. Maybe you shared only a small step that can be done right now.

Milky Way

For 26 thousands of years, concludes a long series, and 13 thousand years, a small loop. And 13,000 years ago, the most advanced civilization of the Earth – Atlantis disappeared under the water. The current cycle is different from previous ones in that both must occur in several cycles of the Earth, the solar system, in our constellation of the Pleiades are close to us in the spirit of stellar systems, Sirius and Orion, our Milky Way galaxy and our universe. Power of Love and Light Cosmos are trying to humanity without a huge loss, moved into a new cycle. The transition is inevitable, no one has the right to cancel, then – which is scheduled to God. The only way to explain to mankind that it prepare for the transition, increased love, get rid of dark ballast. A force under the influence of power – Darkness, trying to mankind remains forever in the dark, and served them: as an energy source. Especially our planet operates secret government, which is subject to this force. The emergence of many teachers in different parts of the world – North America – Drunvalo Melhesidek, South America – Jose Arguelles, Africa – Theun Murez, Asia – Satyan Baba, Bulent Chorak, Australia – , Europe – Oris emergence of various societies and schools to help mankind to realize that waiting for him, as it should behave in difficult moments, how should it be free from the influence of darkness and seek the Light. The forces of darkness by advertising illusory material world is pushing humanity towards hoarding and consumerism and increasing fear in the hearts of the people to keep humanity in a sturdy leash, so that it performs for them the role of supplier low-frequency vibration.

Happy Mother’s Day

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY By: Atty. Zambrano Martin Astudillo From the appearance of life on the planet does not have but two major theories that attempt on the one hand, from the dogmatic, uncompromising vision deeply idealistic, and, secondly, from the rhetoric of scientific logic – identify materials, “holding that human life was as peculiar as diverse origins. This open debate between dissimilar abysmally theories has allowed men and women, common and easy-on this planet only if we understand or confuse us to die in these ambivalence almost indecipherable. So we have to be human, according to creationism, as the result of a clay sculpture molded in the likeness of God and stemmed to life with the breath or breath of the Almighty, the appearance of animals in the face of the earth had a different connotation, whereas the Scientific theory of evolution, our kinship with one hominid species like the chimpanzee or ape that evolved the current single, is the man. So we are, it seems, with all due respect, “a true animal suits or political, social and emotional on stage existential unquestionably intelligent beings but little reflective. But anyway, before the intellectual initiative lead me to theorize about whether the chicken-egg preceded the final, as a body player, I must emphasize the single greatest forerunner of all the species known and unknown-hop apart from creationism and evolution-in this globe, mother.

The mother, as we all know and recognize but few appreciate, is the most perfect of nature-for instance existential God or the evolutionary leap to life pre and post-biotic-and thanks to her, all known species, especially man have been multiplying in the world. Unfortunately diminished by a decaying historical philosophy pro-macho women, from conception cosmogonist or divine, as a mother is an invaluable and priceless human being special, doubt. The great contribution of women matriarchal history of propagating human populations, primarily, from primitive cultures to the present-has been the cornerstone on which to settle moral and ethical precepts of the family in the world; the unique ontological and emotional sensitivity of women, as mother, has allowed mankind to advance and develop well in the different stages or sociopolitical and economic systems until now. She, on its own merits, has maintained with great zeal and safely, the vast responsibility assigned by their biological nature and emotional in favor of good morals and good living perfectible civilized society that we long to experience every day. Without their active social unit the family is unimaginable extremes unexpected collapse. Thanks to her, all forms of human socialization is also purposeful productive, thanks to it the common culture, artistic and intellectual blends new, positive, spontaneous socializing having been informed perspective on emotional development and the various positive expressions of human being. Our undying gratitude and support not only the mother but the woman as such, for the pro-macho culture uproot traditional patriarchal society and assigned its rightful space on their own. Happy Mother’s Day.

Luis Kesley

Collective democratic decision issues such as distribution of profits and investment policies. Not hard to see that none of the above principles are fully compatible with the monopoly of the employer-owner of the corporation. Not hard note that these principles can seamlessly fit only in the form of ownership, where primary production collectives are owners of their use of means of production. That is the modern scientific research on improving the economic efficiency of large corporations have developed institutional policies that require the transition to a form of ownership, where: the appearance of a condominium now replaced by a true condominium used by a group of means of production, the appearance of democracy is replaced by a truly equal Companion relationships between all members of the personnel, visibility absence of class antagonism is replaced by the destruction of the basis of antagonism – of private property and wage labor. And this form of ownership already exists. It is developed by American economist and lawyer Luis Kesley employee ownership, which is still quite far from perfect its internal organizational structure, and therefore not yet creates an equilibrium of the labor market, but which, however, even in this imperfect able to fairly compete successfully with private ownership. Fundamental studies of equilibrium of the labor market lead to similar conclusions: The means of production should belong to the primary production teams (brigades, divisions), which in large corporations are self-supporting, almost market relations.

Management Corporation selected a tiered system, phased competitive selection process, where workers are choosing only the first-level managers, who in turn choose the leaders of the second level, etc. Critical issues (including the cost of labor members of the team) leader any level to solve together with activists led by their team – 3-4 persons all recognized team of professionals. If we keep in mind the socialist society as a whole, the entire system of government should be formed similarly upward, forming a uniform pyramid of democracy, democracy and eliminating the infamous division of power in the federal-regional first-class and second-rate – the power of local government. The fact which political power can pull Russia out of the swamp into which dragged her by those who at the time of privatization to seize people by the means of production can be found in the article 'The main error of Marxism and ways to overcome them. "