Milky Way

For 26 thousands of years, concludes a long series, and 13 thousand years, a small loop. And 13,000 years ago, the most advanced civilization of the Earth – Atlantis disappeared under the water. The current cycle is different from previous ones in that both must occur in several cycles of the Earth, the solar system, in our constellation of the Pleiades are close to us in the spirit of stellar systems, Sirius and Orion, our Milky Way galaxy and our universe. Power of Love and Light Cosmos are trying to humanity without a huge loss, moved into a new cycle. The transition is inevitable, no one has the right to cancel, then – which is scheduled to God. The only way to explain to mankind that it prepare for the transition, increased love, get rid of dark ballast. A force under the influence of power – Darkness, trying to mankind remains forever in the dark, and served them: as an energy source. Especially our planet operates secret government, which is subject to this force. The emergence of many teachers in different parts of the world – North America – Drunvalo Melhesidek, South America – Jose Arguelles, Africa – Theun Murez, Asia – Satyan Baba, Bulent Chorak, Australia – , Europe – Oris emergence of various societies and schools to help mankind to realize that waiting for him, as it should behave in difficult moments, how should it be free from the influence of darkness and seek the Light. The forces of darkness by advertising illusory material world is pushing humanity towards hoarding and consumerism and increasing fear in the hearts of the people to keep humanity in a sturdy leash, so that it performs for them the role of supplier low-frequency vibration.