Why Kailas

I long dream to visit Tibet. Namely, the famous Mount Kailas. -Why Kailas? Than this mountain is attractive to you? And he began an interesting and exciting story is about this famous place. My partner looked a lot academic programs and films about Tibet, read many books and he sometimes traveled to Tibet in his fantasies. Judging by the amount of information it collected that information for several years. My next question was, in my opinion, very logical: “You probably would like to visit this place.

How much does a trip there? And here I could not believe what he had heard: “I never learned the value of vouchers or a trip to Tibet. I believe it is very expensive pleasure, may 5000 dollars, may 10 000. -So you want to say that you spent hours watching tv, watching shows and movies about Tibet, have read a lot of different books on this subject, I have watched a million photos of Kailash, had weeks or even months in the library, studying this interesting topic for you, but you nirazu not asked about the cost of the tour in this famous place? Yes, this is so – without a shadow of doubt answered my companion. – I think it’s too expensive for me, so I do not even this issue. To hear the answer brought me back to reality. During our mini training ended and the threads were all exhausted at this we parted.

A few days later my partner called me and joyful voice shared with me his research: It turns out permit to Tibet is not so dear, is not hiding the joy shared my interlocutor. – The price varies from $ 1500 up to 3000, depending on the duration and degree of scientific expeditions. You see, I can go there! It’s available for me! Pleasant jitteriness embraced me, then my efforts were not wasted. Stone still got a shoe and podtalknul to action. Over the next hour, we discussed the options and details of the project. My partner has even made savings plan and described the details of this trip. I am sure that in October this year, he definitely will go to Tibet and visit Kailash! Think and you about their dreams and goals. Maybe you shared only a small step that can be done right now.