Technical Devices

Examination of industrial safety of hazardous industrial facilities and other industries regulated by the Federal Law on "industrial safety at hazardous industrial facilities." Examination of industrial safety is subjected documentation, technical devices and the doctrine of the industrial enterprise security and verification of competence of personnel working on special equipment. One of the most important types of industrial safety – checking the status of technical devices. This examination is carried out only in accordance with statutory rules, regulations and requirements. Also examination of industrial safety of technical devices applied in the following cases: – if the end of the estimated useful life of equipment, or in excess of the calculated loads – in the case lack of technical passport device, and in the absence of data on the lifetime of a technical device in the documentation at the time of its immediate operation for over 20 years – in the case of design changes equipment during the repair work – in case of violation of the regulations of the equipment – at the request of rtn. Examination of industrial safety of technical devices involves the following steps: – Preliminary stage – the direct examination of the object – to work with technical documentation – technical testing devices – an analysis of the results of activities (testing, inspection and documentation) – Preparation pre-trial detention – reporting, expert opinion. Expert examination of industrial safety of technical devices will minimize the occurrence of emergency situations, work-related equipment..