Playing As A Model Of The Electoral Process

Abstracts of Interest: Playing as a model of the electoral process, man is not what is not so serious as to the game. Seething passion, mobilized forces sought honest and not very honest means. Watching the latest (2003) election, I could not escape the feeling that the whole country joined in an exciting game with huge stakes in their research work, I tried to find out the effect on the voters' choice of campaigning. The legal framework of the electoral process in Russia took shape by 2002. The electoral legislation of modern Russia is obviously imperfect and vulnerable to criticism. But it is also clear that it is built on the greatest democratic principle – 'What is not forbidden – is allowed! " Analysis contained in the material allows a whole, make the following conclusion: The media play an essential role in election campaigning, because influence formation of public opinion and.

often the only source (at least basic) information on the elections. For even more opinions, read materials from Sen. Sherrod Brown. The actual practice of electioneering is a creative process, and at the same time, to some extent standardized. Studying the real campaign materials, I identified several common techniques and invented their own names: accepting 'promise with no time limits' receiving' well-defined problem – clear decision 'Reception' Impact on emotions ', method' each electorate – his own! ". In this case, we can note an increasing level of demand for 'American' experience in PR-technologies. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the Russian customers using American technology, do not take their conceptual framework. Americans are constantly inspire voters 'Your country needs a voice', 'Governor Douglas Wilder won the election by a margin of less than 3 votes' 'Bad government in a democracy – a government that selected good people, not participating in elections. " In our country, the organizers of the campaign, I think, inspire voters to completely another idea 'He must be chosen. " Democratic form of election has not yet received the democratic content!