New Organizational Vision

Reflections administrative if the world exists and is not objectively solid and pre-existing prior to my arrival to the scene then what is? It seems that the best answer is to define it as a potential and not present until you or I look at it. In essence is a ghostly world that displays its solid existence every time one of us observes. All events in the world this potentially present, capable of being but not really seen or felt, until one of us really see it or Fred Allen Wolf not feel him is denying organizations at this present time, given the reality of competitive scenarios, presented earlier structures very different from the era, now requires capable managerswith administrative skills adapted to the new paradigms to the needs which demand the environment, to the understanding of the role that should play not only the technology, but the human factor committed to the mission, vision corporate social responsibility. Hence my insistence that the schools of Management must restructure its academic curriculum, provide knowledge suitable for this reality and prepare future administrators with that vision, proactive leadership, in order to properly interpret the needs of the environment where they operate. Margaret J. Wheatley (1994), Associate Professor of Management at Brigham Young University, as well as President of The Berkana and consultant for a wide variety of large companies, educational organizations emphasizes us, that we live in organizations designed from a Newtonian conception of the universe. We conduct businesses that must survive in the 21st century with paradigms and assumptions that come from the 17TH century physics, but science has changed and if we want to continue nurturing the contributions of knowledge, we must at least affirm our work in the science of our time-which I share and it is a great truth, that unfortunately have neglected, even in our postgraduate courses – La profesora Wheatley, gives us an extraordinary contribution in administrative science with knowledge from the theory of chaos, physical quantum and physical nuclear, in order to try to give answers to questions that are manifested in our here and now very dynamic, sometimes threatening, turbulent, but also full of opportunities, all depending on that mind strategist management professionals capable of understanding and managing the changes with the proper interpretation of the new paradigms and those who must give life.