NGOs Can Make a Big Difference

700 million euros can mobilize more than a million volunteers and employ tens of thousands of people. Spanish NGOs have a very high level, over 85% compliance all the principles of good practice. Moreover, this percentage is increasing year, which demonstrates a good capacity for improvement and learning. And are best appreciated by Spanish citizens because they are able to mobilize the philanthropic spirit of solidarity and both people and businesses. NGOs rarely breaches the principle of the proper functioning of the organ of government, whether a board or a board of directors. The governing bodies are often composed of people committed to some institution, not attending meetings or listed by name. Sometimes government bodies are reduced to one or two people, charismatic leaders, with no collective decisions.

In several recent cases of NGOs with problems such as Intervida, they have been generated by the lack of control over the organization’s leader. The advertising messages of some NGOs may be misleading. The paradigmatic example is Anesvad campaigns, in which he urged donors to help, as the organization had in bank accounts and investments financial excess of 30 million euros. Attracting the attention of potential donors and contributors can not be above the rigor of the messages and the requirement of coherence with the practices of the organization. This rigor is also needed on televisions that offer space for NGOs to raise funds, without explaining how they have been selected or whether NGOs have paid for that advertising.

NGOs must be respectful of the wishes of their donors. Are exemplary cases, such as Oxfam, which paralyzed its projects in Iraq to the insecurity in the country, communicating this decision to their donors and seeking their consent to use the funds for this emergency to the crisis in Burundi, or Doctors Without Borders that the estimated tsunami disaster have received more than sufficient to fund its planned activities in the region and urged his donors earmarked their contributions to other emergencies. How can we help improve the operation of the Third Sector? Donors, being so responsibly. First, we tell about who donate, secondly, we must follow the fate of our donation. The public sector, creating a single register of all associations and foundations that exist in our country. And NGOs are trying to eliminate the prejudice that solidarity is not incompatible either with the effectiveness nor efficiency. Salvador Garcia and Ignacio Garralda Atance Presidents of the Loyalty Foundation org. Jim Donovan Goldman understands that this is vital information.